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The Rashamon effect; Part 1

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2013 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Pirate Haven (SB 102); The Triangle

“Time ....... Reginald Fistinhand reporting.
I followed the said subjects known as Tambleton and Karin who from now on will be known as T and K.

“I went down to the Arcade in disguise and set up myself in an open area that was near a cross section. I had a good view of the stalls and shops. I could easily see Tand K who looked just like any other couple out for a walk and chatting amiably....”

Reg set himself up outside an Art shop and placed a cloth hat to the side of him. Despite his bulk, he wasn’t at all recognisable as one of Jones’s thugs; even his own mother would have trouble trying to identify him in a crowd. He had his ‘Busker's Licence’ if he happened to be asked any questions but so far his alter ego had remained a secret. The money he made busking would all help to pay off his debt. He picked up his guitar and started to play the first haunting few notes of Deh, vieni alla finestra, o mio Tesoro (Oh come to the window, beloved).

At first the crowd just carried on with their normal every day routine. No one heard the slight sound of a musical chord being struck on a guitar until the voice started to sing and they stopped what they were doing to listen. You could have heard a pin drop as Reg’s voice echoed around the Arcade. His voice rose and fell in such clear and crystal tones that even the most hardened of characters were thought to have stood still for a few minutes.

The last dying notes faded away as Reg brought the song to its end, there was applause and the sound of latinum dropping into the hat beside him. A small smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Tambleton looked across at the busker and smiled. He ambled over.

Have been spotted by T, heading towards me, repeat heading towards me. My cover could be blown, act casual and relax, I might just be able to.....

Tambleton dropped a strip of latinum into the cap. "Mozart?" he asked.

"No, no," answered the performer, appearing to be shy. "Erm... I mean yes, it is Mozart...from the opera Don Giovanni."

Cover not blown but noticed T take a piece of paper out of his pocket, read it and scrunch it up. He was about to throw it away and I was hoping to retrieve it. However I was unable to do so when K said something to him and T picked it back up and ripped the note to shreds. K attempted to walk quickly away but then stopped to let T catch up with her. They appear to be close but not that close as K refused to link his arm.

“T & K stopped to talk to someone. He was just one of the locals by the looks of him. He was tall, male, long dark hair. Clothes were a mis-match of various styles just like half the population here. Still, will check him out. He waved his arms about and pointed down the corridor and up. T seemed to know what he was talking about. I attempted to follow but, damn it all, they headed for the turbo lift. I tell you, I had to hurry....”

The lift doors were almost closed as Reg put his arm through. "Oh sorry," he mumbled, giving no explanation at all. His hair fell down the sides of his face. He watched the levels fall and wondered what floor it would stop at. Then Reg started to hum idly as if rehearsing for his next aria.

Tambleton cocked his head, concentrating. “I’ve heard that song before,” he mused. “My mother used to sing it to me as a child. Now, what is it...? Paul.... Paul.... Simon. Yes, that’s it, Paul Simon. Now for the song itself....” He hummed a few bars to himself until a grin spread across his face. “American Tune,” he said triumphantly.

He turned to the busker. “Paul Simon: American Tune,” he said, delighted at recognising one of the classics.

Reg shook his head. He didn't recognise the name but then his passion for music only covered classical and opera. He knew everything there was to know on those two subjects.

"I am not familiar with... Paul Simon," replied Reg quietly. "But this is Saint Matthews Passion by the great Johann Sebastian Bach, however Bach himself adapted it from an older hymn by Hans Leo Hassler called Mein G'müt ist mir verwirret. Oh sacred head now wounded is a Christian Passion hymn based on a Latin text written during the Middle Ages on Earth."

Reg stopped there, noticing the glassy eyed look from someone already bored with the subject.

“Oh,” Tambleton said, suddenly deflated. He turned away and shuffled a few half steps back towards Karin.

Before Reg could answer, the lift came to a stop. He shyly indicated for them to go first....

“T and K entered Bartex Printers. I watched from around the corner. They talked to the storekeeper and credits were handed over. They seemed happy enough. When they came out, they headed for the turbo lift again. I knew I'd arouse suspicion if I followed them once more. I had to find another way.

“I took a service lift thinking they might be going down. I stopped at every floor thinking that I couldn't be more than a few minutes behind them. I was lucky that it was only three. I could just see them in the distance but I got caught in the middle of a scuffle with about twenty Street Irregulars and I couldn't risk my cover being blown. I skirted round them though I found it very hard not to knock their stupid heads together. T and K were just ahead when the alarms went off and the Irregulars scattered. I got a really clear view of them then. Too clear in fact; they could've spotted me....”

Reg turned a corner and watched as the police turned up to sort out the problem. They talked to Tambleton and Karin for a few minutes but nothing untoward happened; Tambleton and Karin smiled, nodded and moved on....

“I noticed that they entered another turbo lift going down. It was crowded so I entered. I could just make out Tambleton and Karin but there was some tall people between me and them so I don't think they could see me.

“I followed them to the Arcade level. T handed K a stuffed toy that looked like a lion. I could be wrong. They've gone to a greasy spoon to buy something to eat, couldn't see what it was....”

Damn it some someone's in my way... that's better, now I can see. What's T smiling about and why doesn't K have that lion thing any more?

"Oi, are you going to have a go or not?" said an angry stall holder, cutting across Reg's thoughts. "Play on or move on. I need to make money and you're spoiling my trade just standing there."


Reg could have easily squashed the man under his boot but that would have only brought attention to himself. He looked at the prizes and saw something he liked. He felt the weight of the first dart in his hand, it was slightly off and if he threw it true the dart would miss its target. He had played enough darts in his life to know what a 'bad' dart felt like. Nothing would give him more pleasure than to aim the dart between the stall holder's eyes but reluctantly he threw it at the dart board instead.

The weighted darts found their target easily with Reg's expert throws. He won his prize; it looked a little like a simple Earth goldfish except this one had fangs. He tapped the clear plastic fish carrier with affection and cooed to his new found pet. Reg, who had never had a pet before, bonded instantly with the creature, who, following his fish instinct, was waiting for a time when he could take a bite out Reg's hand.

Reg picked up the plastic bag carrying the fish. "Its you and me now 'Mr Gold'." Reg told the fish "But before I take you home I just have to finish one little job first."

The goldfish didn't say anything, if it had Reg would have died of fright right then and there....

“I'm now following T and K up thirty two levels. They certainly are a busy pair. They are entering the offices of J. G. Hastings and Company. Brokers by the looks of it. I'll check them out a bit more.”

The level that Reg found himself in was bustling with people. There were a lot of offices here and Reg set himself up to sing once more. He placed his cloth cap next to him and Mr Gold inside it so as not to get cold.

"Step away from Mr Gold," he told two inquisitive Irregulars firmly when they came too close. "He doesn't like strangers."

The two Irregulars stepped back until Reg was satisfied they were at a sufficient distance. Reg then pulled himself up to his full height and prepared to sing.

This time it was to be one of his most favourite of songs, a duet he would sing with a recording of his own voice. It was Au fond du temple saint, commonly known as "The Pearl Fishers Duet", it was one of the best-known numbers in the Earth opera Les Pechurs de Peries. The opera told the story of how the vow of eternal friendship between two men is threatened by their love for the same woman.

Whether is was the beauty of the song or the attraction of the fish or both, Reg made a lot more money than he thought he would. If only, if only.... he thought.

He saw Tambleton and Karin leave the brokers out of the corner of his eye. This time they stayed on the same level. Reg walked silently through the crowd of well wishers who patted him on the back and thanked him for his music....

K and T are making their way from the brokers office to G'rath Ships Chandlers. They're not in there very long but T looks worried when he leaves. He's fine after a few moments and goes back to K. Wonder what happened in there? I think I'll go and find out.

Reg stood and looked in the window.

The shop changed its name from Emmer en Moeren - more commonly known as Bucket and Bolts - since I was last on this level. The window display was the same and about as appealing as a mouldy orange in a greengrocers.

An ancient bell rang on top of the door as I walked in. The place smelled of wax, varnish and something I couldn't quite recognise. I've placed Mr Gold on the long wooden counter that spans the entire length of the shop. There's a notice propped up on the side. This is what it said.

We supply every need for your ship. Your crew's food, ships maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, paint, rope, et cetera. G'raths offer a very high level of service including free delivery to your ship in dock here. We are here to help please; feel free to peruse your way around the shop. We don't charge for looking but we might for wasting our time.

They even claim to have the best, most outstanding and unparalleled duct tape this side of the quadrant; in numerous widths too! I hope it lives up to its name....

Reg looked around at the various items that G'raths had to offer. They seemed to have everything even down to candles stored in one of the many wooden drawers which filled the entire wall behind the counter.

Reg heard the whine of a door opening behind him and turned to see the owner of the shop.Thinking that he might have to buy something if he wanted information, Reg put his hand in his pocket.

"Are you G'rath?" Reg asked tentatively

"And who wants to know?" the surly owner replied. He was a grizzled old man with a weathered face. Reg thought he looked almost human but couldn't be quite certain. The over large ears gave him some indication that there was a possible strain of Ferengi in the mix.

"...My friends were here some minutes ago. Tambleton told me he forgot to add something to the list. Er...but I can't remember what he what was it?" Reg rubbed his forehead as if trying to remember. "If you let me see the list it will probably jog my memory."

Reg's attention was diverted to a tapping noise and looked to see G'rath indicating to the sign on the counter.

"Have you read this?" snapped G'rath

Reg nodded resisting the urge to strangle G'rath. "I'm sure there is something in your shop I need." replied Reg looking around. "I'll just peruse shall I?"

"You just do that, and then I'll see if I can find that list." said G'rath. He was leaning on the counter with his chin resting on his hand as he listened to reg clattering and banging around in the back of the shop.

"You break anything, you pay for it." he called out and got a mumbled reply from Reg. "Yeah, yeah yeah it's in the small print on the sign... you didn't see it? Well that's not my fault, you should have looked a lot closer or used some glasses." G'rath added the small script about 'you break you pay' to the bottom of the sign.

"Oh and another thing, I don't like the way your Vasser Raptor keeps looking at me."

"My what?" asked Reg looking from around a corner.

"You know, the Vasser Raptor." replied G'rath jerking his head to the fish. "Their more commonly known as..." Now he really did want to say a 'flesh eating fish' but somehow G'rath couldn't bring himself to say it. "...a cute little fish."

"You think my fish is cute?" Reg asked walking up to the counter. A rare small smile appeared at the corners of his mouth he was almost glowing with pride. Reg placed a rather large glass bowl on the counter and put Mr Gold inside it. "Hear that Mr Gold?" Reg crooned "Your a cute little fish."

"Oh he's cute alright." smirked G'rath "Now your going to need more than a glass bowl for Mr Gold you know. They like lots of interesting bits around them... just take a look at these things over here...."

I managed to see the list that Tambleton and Karin ordered at G'raths. There wasn't anything unusual about it, ships supplies nothing more. I've got a copy of it here. I added a toilet brush and a couple of other things I thought they might need.

Reg left the shop with more things than he had intended but at least Mr Gold would be happy enough. He'd go back home and get his new pet settled in and then report back to Cracky Jones.


OOC: G'rath is surly. S/he points to the bit in the sign about wasting time.

Reg says he was sent back in by Tembleton and Karin to get something more. He puts on a stupid face (not difficult; it comes naturally) and says he forgot what. He asks what they ordered.

G'rath is reluctant to divulge the information. S/he relents after Reg buys something. I'm thinking a glass bowl he can use as a fish bowl for Mr. Gold. It might take Reg some time to find it and realise the use he can turn it to. During this time, G'rath is making impatient noises and ostentatiously walking round, making sure Reg isn't about to pinch anything.

Reg puts the bag containing Mr. Gold into the bowl.

By the time Reg emerges, T and K are long gone.

For want of better option, Reg goes down to the accommodation levels. He figures from their clothing that they can afford decent but not luxury accommodation. He asks around but draws a blank.

Just as he's heading towards a turbolift, T & K emerge looking content. He ducks out of the way and nearly drops Mr. Gold.

T & K go into their accommodation. Seeing no obvious place from which to spy on them without being observed, Reg decides to report back to Cracky.


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