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Posted on Sat Feb 23rd, 2013 @ 12:40pm by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team


Harrison was satisfied that processing the refugees was going as smoothly as could be hoped for. Now to turn his attention to other matters.

=^=Harrison to Burkeson.=^=

[Bridge, USS Steadfast]

"Burkeson here, Commander."

=^=My compliments, Mister Burkeson. Have you any more information for us on those spatial anomalies you noticed?

"Nothing yet, Sir."

=^=I would like you to co-ordinate the mission. All reports are to be fed back through you. Most likely these anomalies arose from the hypernova but we need to be sure. We also need to know if they pose a danger. That could be to life but it could also be to sub-space travel or communications.=^=

"Sir, I appreciate your confidence in me but, with all due respect, one of the larger ships might be better suited for overall coordination. Steadfast's doing well managing herself. She's not really designed to manage a major, coordinated effort."

=^=I anticipate the Honshu and all the other ships will be devoted to data collection and analysis. I would appreciate having a central focus where the data can be transferred. It will make collation and further analysis on DS12 that much easier. As well, the Steadfast is best placed for moving around the sector at need. That puts you in a good position to follow up fleeting fluctuations.=^=

I also don’t appreciate having a cowboy like you out on the border, Harrison thought. Your type might have had a role during the Dominion War but those days are long gone. You’re just like my brother, getting yourself concerned in things that don’t concern you and inflaming already tense situations with your antics. Napier has Teflon skin to come out of it squeaky clean all the time but be damned if I am going to allow you to prejudice my chances of winning permanent command of this base by you going off half-cocked all the time. You can damn well have a role that will keep you nice and quiet.

Burkeson sighed. It was a ridiculous mis-allocation of resources...there was a damned Sovereign class nearby, for Sagan's sake! A ship designed for, among other things, the fleet flagship role. Better sensors, computers, communication, all ways superior to his little Defiant for the mission. Still, if only by virtue of a technicality of orders, Harrison was in charge. He really had no option short of mutiny.

'Hmmmm.....' he thought for a long moment then, 'No...not worth it!'

'Aye, Sir.' he said simply.

=^=On a different matter, have you noticed anything unusual along the Romulan side of the border?=^=

"Nothing yet, Sir. we're not currently in the best position for sensor coverage, but I have probes along the border that will alert us if anything turns up."

=^=Very well. Monitor the probes but contact me before taking any action.=^=

"Aye, Commander. Steadfast out."

Rolandson massaged his eyes. He hated this. *Hated* having his ship tied to a base instead of out there doing the kind of work it did best. True base defense was a classic role of Defiants, given thier short operational ranges, but innovative COs had done a lot of work in expanding the utility of the class in semi-independant operations since the War and that's what he wanted to be doing.

"OK Pat..." he said finally, any nibbles on our hook?"



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