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Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2013 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: USS Steadfast


Jar'Ho found waiting to be the hardest part. Klingon warriors found glory to be in battle, not sitting on the border waiting for something to happen. And on a Federation starship to boot. He had gotten engineering running ship shape and now was stuck waiting. He found a relatively open space and started going through his katas. Life may be slow on border patrol, but he would not let that translate into either him or his subordinates getting lazy.

"Burkeson to Engineering."

Jar'Ho stopped mid movement. He took a breath, before answering. "Go Ahead."

"Take half the shield capacitors offline and reroute as backup power for the warp coils, then charge them up. Do the same with the port side pulse phaser capacitor. Once they're charged, I want you to gradually energize the warp coils and hold them in an energized state. We're starting to see nibbles on the line up here and may shortly have to make a short-notice, high speed micro jump to hook him. Any questions?"

"No questions." Jar'Ho set to the task. It was good to have a task and an upcoming battle. Jar'Ho swung his batleth in anticipation. "It will be done."



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