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Send In The Marines!

Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2013 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team


Once everyone was on their way, Major Finn pulled out a tricorder and, using the codes provided, linked his comm badge to the station network. They'd had to wait until they were aboard to do this because otherwise they would have popped up on the station's personnel tracking system, as he would now be doing. Not that it mattered now.

Tapping the badge, he called, =^= Major Micheal Finn, Marine Corps, calling Commander Harrison! =^=


=^= Commander, pursuant to Classified message Delta Foxtrot Four Zero One Six Three, sent two days ago by Rear Admiral Marcinko of Starfleet Special Operations, I need to speak with you in private, immediately. Where can we meet?"=^=

=^=I am on my way down to Dock 2 to see Doctor Delrisa at the temporary processing centre she’s set up. Meet me there when I am done.=^=

Really? Finn thought to himself, but all he said was =^= Finn out. =^=

Then he pulled out his secure PADD and entered in a security code as he spoke to the air.

"Computer, locate Doctor Delrisa. Identify nearest safe transport location to same and transport me there, setting arrival orientation to place the doctor 90 degrees in front of me. Execute."

=^= Site to site transport requires Station Ops authorization. =^=

"Override!" Finn barked and gave the priority code he had been issued for this assignment.

=^= Station Ops authorization overridden. Due to high transporter usage at this time, your request has been queued. Wait time approximately four standard minutes. =^=

"Oh Hell!" Finn snapped, "Override queue and execute immediately! And, until further notice, prioritize all of my requests over all other considerations...confirm!" and again gave his code.

=^= Order confirmed. Energizing. =^=

When he materialized on Deck 2, it was easy to locate the doctor, so he started toward her through the crowd, scanning visually for Harrsion, whose image he had memorized along with those of the other senior officers en-route. When he spotted the Lieutenant Commander moving toward the doctor, he quickly intercepted him.

"Commander...Major Finn," he said, maintaining a polite tone. The man was, after all, among his subordinates. "May I have a private word please on a matter of immediate concern?"

Harrison looked the man up and down. He saw someone utterly sure of himself; someone who was used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question. “As I said, Major, I am on my way to speaking with Commander Delrisa. When I have finished, I will join you.”

"I suggest you read this first, Commander." Finn said, offering the PADD with his authorization document open on the screen.

“I see. You have an important mission out here, that much is obvious. Major, we all have important missions. I am to lend you whatever assistance is necessary. I assure you that, to the extent that I can, I will do so. As you can imagine, our resources are stretched pretty thin right now. Now, I have business to attend to. As I said, I will see you after that has been attended to.”

Tucking the PADD, which Harrison had not taken but merely looked at, back under his arm, Finn collected his thoughts. He needed this man to remain effective in his command, so a public confrontation was not ideal. He could wait a few minutes.

=^= Lieutenant zh'Zarath to Commander Harrison.=^=

"Excuse me a moment please, Major."


=^=A Doctor Volos has arrived on the station, Commander and is requesting to speak to you.=^=

=^=I am rather busy at the moment, Lieutenant. Direct Doctor...Volos to Dock 2. Assign one of the Security personnel to escort him so that he does not get lost. Harrison out.=^=

^=Aye, sir. zh'Zarath out.=^=

"I am sorry, Major.... You were saying...?"

"I was saying, Commander, that you and I need to talk"

Harrison looked around. There was no obvious place available. For want of better, he lead the marine behind a stack of boxes; at least they would not be seen there. Privacy he could not guarantee; not at this short notice, not in these confined conditions.

“Yes, major.”

Proffering the PADD again, Finn began snapping out instructions.

"If you will give this order more than a cursory look Harrison, you will see that I have been assigned to assess and correct any flaws I find in the security of this region, including on this station. I have command-level authority over all Federation assets and ambassadorial authority to speak on behalf of the Federation to any and all non-Federation entities. This is a priority one mission and, as you can see, I have been given the command codes to back it up. My team is presently securing ore-storage module 17, which is presently unoccupied and modifying it to our needs for quarters, command and control, etc. As soon as the currently docked vessels in the corresponding docking modules have off-loaded, we will be securing it as well."

"What I need from you is for you to notify your staff of my authority and mission, then instruct them to render myself and my staff all assistance possible. Not all assistance that is convenient, nor all that they feel like rendering at the time, but all assistance possible and immediately. That goes for you as well, Harrison. When I tell you I need to speak to you immediately, that's what I mean. If you have difficulty with the word, I suggest you look it up. Anything else we need, we'll let you know."


“Questions, Major?” Harrison replied tersely. “No Major, I have no questions. I do have a few suggestions though. If you want the support of this facility you would do better to ask for it. My people will obey you explicitly; they are Starfleet and will behave in a manner that befits all that Starfleet stands for. It would behoove you to do likewise. For example, I do not take kindly to people taking over my facility and making use of it without so much as a by-your-leave. You did not announce your presence; you just marched in and took over. You might see that as appropriate behaviour and you would, no doubt, use your mission to justify your action. Let me remind you, Major, that such action might well be within the terms of your orders but it is a distinct breach of protocol. You used your command codes to override station systems and subvert them to your own ends. Station systems and procedures are in place for a reason; they are not there for you to take them over as you see fit.

“I have no doubt that the defence of this sector is important. Personally, I think myself and this facility are fully capable of attending to it but I can see why, in the wake of Hobus, Starfleet might think otherwise. However, as I said, our resources are stretched. Work with me, Major, and your mission will be performed quickly and efficiently. However, if you continue to go around me or behind my back then you will find your task to be much more difficult.

“By the way, my rank is Lieutenant Commander; you will kindly address me by it. You have not yet earned the right to address me by name.”

Finn laughed.

"Not that it matters much, Harrison, but regulations permit officers of the same rank to address each other by name. And, since my date of commission in grade predates yours by a considerable margin, I'd be the one to demand rank address and so on from you."

The Major's voice dripped with contempt as he continued relentlessly, indicating the PADD.

"Normally, you'd be senior in position to me but these orders override that, probably due to the kind of incompetence you're showing in this conversation. Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not, you work for me until my mission is completed. I don't have to ask for anything or persuade anyone here. You, and your staff will comply with my and my staff's instructions or you will be removed from your positions, period. Feel free to complain up the line if you'll just make removing you easier."

"Honestly, I'd just as soon keep you in command of this station, rather than toss the dice that an officer like you has prepared a suitable XO to take over. Continuity will be useful in getting things done promptly. Don't doubt for a moment however that, if I have to, I'll re-staff this entire station. And if you think I'm bluffing, by all means call it."

Finn shook his head sadly, his tone lowering to a meditative musing.

"You know, I served with both your father and your brother...both superb officers. I always wondered why your old man always changed the subject when your name came up. Now I know. Here's a thought: perhaps you'd do better if you stopped demanding respect based on your position and title and start actually earning it with your accomplishments."

"I've wasted enough of my time with you for now, Harrison. I have work to do and you have your instructions for now. Carry them out, and all that follow or face the consequences...period!"

And with that, Finn turned sharply on his heel and strode away.

So, Harrison thought. You hold me in contempt because I’m not like my father or my brother. Major Finn, I take that as a compliment. He watched the marine go. We’ll see who is the competent officer around here. We’ll see whose actions demand respect. It takes more to be an officer than to be a bully who can yell loudly.


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