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Bag Limit, Pt 2

Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2013 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team


=^= Rattei to Sickbay! Reading ten personnel on the vessel, all with stress/injury indicators in their life-signs. I'm beaming half each into the Science lab and Mess hall! Security standing by in each area!"

Stress, O'Reily mused with a touch for dark humour. I'll give you stress...

"Understood," he replied. Normally ten causalities wouldn't have caused any issues, nor broke sweat upon his brow,but here on the compact Steadfast nothing was that simply. The lack of space was his main issue and standing and six foot two he'd learned things that hard way, then there was the sheer issues of lack of personnel. At first he didn't believe he would be required to tend to wounded and would be used as a safety net. He wised that had been the case now as he hurried out of sickbay.

Instantly their raw emotions of anger, betrayal and pain struck him, numbing his body temporarily from processing what he needed to do next. A muted yell bought him out of the stupor, he flicked open his scanner and moved toward the nearest causality to begin triage. The human man who jaw was lined with heavy red hair clutched his left arm to his torso like a newborn, seeing Nick approach him he howled in mock agony for attention.

"You gotta help me," he cried. "It's going to fall off!"

Nick's eyes flashed briefly. "You'll live," he snapped summarizing his injures were relativity light. "Just stay put."

"You're not gonna help?" he man demanded suddenly pulling the counselor closer by his collar. "I won't let you go until you fix me."

Nick twisted in his grip. "Let go," he ordered flatly. "Or I'll have..."

Behind him the doors to the mess clunked open and two security officers arrived just in time. They'll arrival seemed to make the man see sense, his face paled and his grip softened. Quickly Nick retreated. "We need to triage them," he explained to the officers that drew close. "Get the walking wounded in here and make them comfortable. I'm going next door to the lab."

"Aye, Sir." one of the security team replied, and immediately began issuing instructions.

Changing locations seemed to be the best idea, the science lab contained an unconscious Ferengi bought on by head trauma, another human male was suffering from serve burns to his back that had signed away his scalp much to his dismay. Meanwhile the sole women in the room who species Nick couldn't quite pin point was suspiciously quiet, closer inspection bought to light a puncture wound to her lower torso.

"What's your name," he encouraged her to talk to keep her conscious.

The woman gave O'Reily a long look, then replied quietly, "Sussaria."

"Can you tell me what happened Sussaria?" he asked pressing a hypo to her neck.

"Our engines overloaded, producing a massive feedback loop. The captain had linked the shield capacitors into the system to provide more speed, so when the feedback loop started, they exploded along with the primary drive capacitors. Would have destroyed the ship if I hadn't thought to erect containment fields around them, which held just long enough to dampen the explosions."

"A close shave then," Nick nodded cleaning her wound. "You've been just as lucky," he continued removing a shrapnel fragment. "Nothing major has been damaged. How do you feel?"

Sussaria stretched slowly, arching her back like a cat. The tight fabric of her tunic rode up, displaying several extra centimeters of creamy white skin above the wound. "Things could be a lot worse." she said, fixing her liquid purple eyes on O'Reily's, "I feel a little light-headed...and my hearts are pounding."

Adjusting the setting for the regeneration tool Nick glanced at she stretched, then felt a uncontrollable urge to look her in the eye, instantly he felt himself being drawn into her unusual iris colour like they were drowning him. His finger slipped on the tool activating it. He flinched as the device stung his hand breaking their eye contact leaving him feeling oddly lonely and venerable, "Well I might be able to help your light-headedness" he retrieved another hypo from his kit but failed to ready it as he lifted his gaze. Instantly his cheeks coloured at the sight before him. She was naked, gloriously naked, so inappropriately. Nick was speechless and willed himself to turn away . "I..umm...umm," he muttered turning a deeper shade or read.

"That would be wonderful." she said, touching his hand, "Thank you."

He closed his eyes hoping the image would disappear. The warmth of her hand traveled up his arm, across his shoulders and down the other side and send a shiver rippling down his spine. He battled to control his breathing knowing instantly by the way she toyed with him she was a Deltan - the hairless scalp should have given it away instantly. That explained the nudity, he knew. Deltans had an unmatched ability to generate sexual attraction and arousal in humanoids, using a combination of pheromones and low-level telepathic suggestion. Many people, including the famous James T. Kirk, had reported perceiving them as naked when they were actually clothed. Reopening his eyes he was disappointed to see her clothes had not returned but in his best professional state he carried on pressing the hypo to her neck and returned to closing the wound.

"It's umm all part of the job," he continued to muttered not really concentrating on what he was saying since she was proving quite a distraction.

"And you do it so well." she purred.

"Thanks, I'm glad you think so." he smirked. Another body pressed closer as Nick continued to work, "Yes what is it can't you see I'm a little busy?" he snapped.

"Uhhh, yeah Doc I'm no medic, but this guy's plasma burn looks a little more serious than that little cut to me," one of the security officers from next door replied with trepidation.

"What," Nick snapped upright forgetting where he was momentarily. "Of yes, of course," he blinked feeling rather foolish. "Yes, umm thank you for the reminder, please help Sussaria into the mess."He turned back to her, "Excuse me I have others to attend to."

"I'm sure you will return to me when I need you, Doctor." Sussaria said. Then, placing an hand lightly on the Security Specialist's arm, she said, "You just tell me where to go and what to do, officer. I will cooperate *completely*..."

Nick watched the short exchange with mixed emotions, glad that she understood, anticipating their next encounter and the strangely, stabbing jealous of her touch on the other man's arm. "Good," he said throwing everything back into his case and stood quickly not trusting himself be restrain striking the assistant.



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