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Medical Update

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2013 @ 7:08am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Sickbay, USS Steadfast
Timeline: Shortly after "Bag Limit, Pt. 2"


"Hello Lieutenant." Burkeson said, as he entered sickbay, "I see we have a full house here" All four beds were occupied and a portable evacuation unit had been set up as well for an additional serious case.

"Yes, these are from the smuggling ship," Nick nodded in greeting making notes to the chart of the Ferengi whom he'd discovered was unconscious previously. "It's been quite a challenge but I'm pleased to say it's all under control now."

"Glad to hear it." Burkeson said, "By all accounts you did a fine job down here with a difficult situation. Thank you!"

"I don't deserve all the praise, sir, but thank you."

"The most praiseworthy rarely think they do." Burkeson said simply, adding, "We've still got the rest of the prisoners locked up in the mess hall, except for their captain and that on Andorian who put up such a fight, which pretty much takes up our cells." He sighed, then continued, "I can't really keep them in there tying up the only food replicators outside of my ready room for much longer, so I'm thinking of setting up a force pen in cargo bay two to hold them until we can hand them off to someone. Are there any specialized medical considerations we need to take into account with the ones that aren't already here?"

Yes, he'd heard about that Andorian who'd caused a ruckus and few black eyes among the crew Nick had also dealt with. "That sounds only fair sir considering our size. I will need to carry out some post examinations on a couple aside from these individuals just as per caution." he added giving Burkeson his full attention. "I would recommend we move the Deltan, Sussaria from the rest of both crews, she's... distracting"

"A Deltan?" Burkeson said, "Yes, I see what you mean. I'll have to have Rattei see if he can whip up a psi shield to fit to her. I doubt we have any countermeasures for the pheromones in our medical stores, but a filter mask should handle that. What's her medical condition?"

"She sustained a puncture wound and shrapnel damage to her lower torso and abdomen," the counselor explained. "I was able to extract the foreign bodies and seal the wound, aside from those they'll wasn't any other obvious wounds. She was lucky," he remarked dryly glancing over at those whom were still in a critical condition. "What's going to happen to them once they've been passed to the authority?"

"Depends on what comes out in the investigation." Burkeson said, "We're taking the ship under tow and will hand it over with the prisoners. It and it's logs will be examined in detail, they'll be interrogated and we'll see what comes out. Their captain will definitely be facing some serious time, as well as that Andorian for assaulting my crew. A couple of the others have records with outstanding charges, so things will be rough for them. The rest? Hard to say at this point."

The counselor sighed and shook his head slightly. "Still seems odd to me why smuggling is still classified as a crime, I mean there are much bigger things happening in the galaxy this seems, well almost trivial."

"Federation anti-smuggling laws are geared toward the control of dangerous, restricted technologies and substances, protecting developing cultures from being overwhelmed technologically and fighting the black market trades in cultural artifacts, slaves, etc. " Burkeson said, "It's not like we're enforcing restrictive tariffs, like in other cultures, although most of our treaties with our neighbors include clauses for detention and extradition of those who cross into our territory in violation of their laws, which drags us into a lot of things we otherwise wouldn't care about.".

"I understand that," Nick explained. "It's just puts things into perspective I suppose. I'm sorry if I spoke out of place sir."

Burkeson looked surprised, then chuckled, "I don't know what kind of officers you're used to serving under, Lieutenant, but you'll find that I consider very few things 'out of place'. You learn by asking questions and our systems get better as more question them. Never hesitate to bring up any doubts or concerns you have with me. In most cases, the worst you'll hear back is that it's not the right time and we'll revisit it later."

"Thank you sir, that's nice to know." Nick smiled. "Some CO's don't have the patience to hear much of anything I say unless they think it worth they'll time or is medically important. I guess I'm used to keeping my mouth shut most of the time I'm curious."

"You're a counselor by trade, are you not?"

"Yes," he replied. "One who feels as if they'll fighting a strong tide at times but otherwise yes"

"Well, then your superiors should be listening to you all the more." Burkeson said, "Nobody knows better than a Defiant CO how critical crew morale and mental states are to performance." He paused, thought a moment, then continued, "Which way is that tide trying to take you?"

Nick continued to smile: "Right now its smooth sailing."

"Well good!" Burkeson said, grinning, "Enjoy it while you can, Lieutenant. On this ship, and in this part of space in general, I don't think we're going to see much of that for a while."



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