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Setting Up

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2013 @ 11:10am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team


"Computer, locate and contact Lieutenant Serge Maschnost!" Finn barked. He could only hope that this newly f rocked XO would be more reasonable, or at least more direct-able, than this Harrison fellow. Finn hated officers like that. Pompous, arrogant children of privilege who'd grown up in a fantasy shell of a peaceful life built for them by people like him. Marines and Fleeters both...he'd worked with many fine Fleeter officers who understood the realities of the universe. The difference with the Corps is that there were fewer officers by far and none were ever permitted to sink into that peaceful illusion. It was hard, after all, to ignore the effects of the wind and rain when you were the main guy responsible for painting the house to keep it looking pretty.

The unparallelled nerve of that man, if the word could even be applied to the creature that commanded this junk heap! Harping about protocol and rank title while hundreds, soon to be thousands of barely controlled, loosely identified and largely un-vetted aliens streamed into his command and obstructing the work of probably the only officer aboard who could remedy that.

< Processing Station 3, DS 12 >

Serge was hiding. Not in one of the labs as was most often the case, but in the work flow of people. He knew he was supposed to be tracking down Haqtaj and introducing himself as the new commanding officer, but he was terrified of the prospect. He normally couldn't string three words together in the presence of plain women of his own species. The mere appearance of the female titan in leather was enough to send him running. The idea of giving her an order...

So he had surrounded himself with busy work helping in the evacuation processing. He was processing some paperwork for a very tired, and slightly ill looking man when his com pin chimed. He excused himself and moved away a little so he couldn't be heard.

"Da. Lt Maschnost here."

=^= Lieutenant, this is Major Michael Finn. Starfleet Marine Corps. If you check your dispatches you will find an authorization and description of my unit and mission. I've only just arrived on the station and met with your CO and now I'd like to liaise with you about getting things moving. Where can we meet privately?=^=

Serge looked around him desperately, "I am not beink at a terminal right now, Major. If you huv met with the Commander, I am beink sure all will is beink fine. There is lots of mowment down here at the moment. Thank you."

Serge winced. What the hell was that? He tried to run the sentances through his head again to see if they made any better sense a second time.

=^= We need to talk, Lieutenant, ASAP. =^=

"Yes, Major. I will meet you in..." he was about to say science Lab 3, his usual haunt when he realized that t was no longer his place "... my office?"

Oh, Fermat's Theorem, he had an office now.

= Understood. I'll be there in five minutes. Finn out. =^=

< XO's Office, DS 12 >

After a brief check of the directory, Finn headed for the XO's office. Arriving in four minutes, he keyed the entry signal. The door slid open but the office was empty. He took a quick look round to confirm, but it seemed it had not been occupied for weeks.

There was a noise behind him and a small blonde man still in his late teens appeared and slipped into the room past him.

"I am beink sorry, Major. I am not used to hawink to meet people."

"Well, we'll fix that in short order, Lieutenant." Finn barked, "You are Executive Officer of this facility, correct?"

"Da!" Serge barked back, just as ferociously, but out of sheer terror. "Are you hawink somethink to be sayink to the Executive Officer?"

"I do indeed, Lieutenant." Finn said, dropping a datachip on the desk, "The files on that chip outline my mission, a list of my team members and Starfleet's concerns for Security in the region. In your Starfleet dispatches, you'll find an authorization granting me authority over all Federation assets in this region, including this station. I've checked in with your CO but he's quite busy as you know and about to get busier. It'll be your job to make sure all requests by myself or my team are addressed quickly and completely. I'll be fairly busy myself so our primary liason to you will be my number-two, Captain Vreigh. *Any* instructions from *any* member of my team to *anyone* on this station are to be considered to have come directly from me unless I or Captain Vreigh say otherwise, clear?"

Serge grabbed up the data chip but frowned, "I am not sure I am understandink fully, sir. How is the rank structure to be followed? If you huv a marine priwate giwink me orders, are they acting with the authority of a Major, or still inside the rank structure? Also is this in all matters, as you are suggestink, or only in matters directly related to the mission outline as specified in these orders? How am I to be respondink for requests of classified information that the requestee is not hawink clearance for but you or the captain do? I am at breach of my authority to release it, but in breach of your orders not to. As well..."

Serge rattled of a stream of complications with the current system as if he had been considering the matter for days. In truth a few of the issues hadn't even occurred to Finn until they were mentioned. It was obvious that Serge was sharp, possibly to sharp, but at least he did not seem to be deliberately difficult, only thorough.

"I see your point." Finn said, nodding, "In Special Operations, we're accustomed to a looser interpretation of the rank structure. Leadership is often based on skills more than rank. For example, I wouldn't hesitate to serve under a Corporal as team leader for a mission where he was the logical choice."

He thought a moment, then continued, "Very well. For now, the order stands but I'll pass the word to try and send instructions to you and the other station personnel from the highest ranking person available. Odds are it won't come to you taking orders from a private. And, in non-emergency situations, you can always verify with myself, Captain Vreigh or my senior NCO, Gunnery Sergeant Chozar Brin. If problems occur, we'll address them as they come up."

Serge nodded.

"Now then..." Finn continued, "Since you are also Chief Science Officer, perhaps you can answer another question I've had. There are references in the reports to a possible subspace corridor entrance near the station, but few specifics. What can you tell me about that?"

"Ah, yes," Serge's face suddenly lit up. "I am not hawink examined it myself, and huv only read the briefest of outlines. Chief J'rez and Ambassador Haqtaj huv actually trawersed the corridor."

"What I can tell you is that it is apparently a stable corridor of approximately 3.2 tetrachocranes, give or take 0.3 tc. It is beink a magnitude 17 corridor with a triflux inwersive structure that awoids much of the grawinometric tesselation that a bi-linear induction might produce. We are hawink no reading on the equiwalence of the temporal wake but there is a suggested mitigation of chronal flux by reactive polarization of both apetures, which is beink inspired, in my opinion. If we could gleen the triquantam wavelengths used in its propigation we could set subspace communication ahead by a fact or 14.2. With the chronal stress mitigated and the grawinometrics stablisied, at least temporally, there is a..."

Serge looked at the Major's face, then swallowed.

"That was simply, sir. Er...."

He looked about for inspiration, not knowing how simple he needed to be.

"Are you beink familiar with Wormhole theory, Major?"

Finn showed a thin smile.

"Familiar is rather too strong a word, Lieutenant. Let's say I am...aware of it. I have a basic layman's understanding of what a wormhole is, but no real idea how they work."

"Well, it is beink like a wormhole... except nothink like it, in the same way as a door is beink like a window, but not. Erm... If a ship were to use the correct tachyon coded pulse it would open a gateway through subspace too... another place. In this case it was beink a planet in the Delta Quadrant. There is a large Borg facility there, with some sort of powerful weapon to guard the far end of the wormhole. I am understandink though, that some major event had killed all of the Borg while leawing the weapon unharmed. Ambassador Haqtaj was suggestink sendink a force through to secure the weapon site to guard the portal from the far end against further Borg incursions. The last I am hearink they were still arguink about whether it should be a Klingon initiatiw with Federation support, or Federation base with Klingon suport."

Finn's eyes widened. *That* had definitely not been in the reports he'd read. A sally port, basically, for a Borg force right in the middle of his new AO? He felt a headache coming on. That was not a conversation to have with this fellow, however.

"All right." he said, "That seems clear enough." Clear enough that he needed to talk to Haqtaj soon about this that is, he thought before continuing. "Now tell me this: is this a single wormhole channel like the Bajoran Wormhole that only opens in two places or is it something like the Borg Transwarp Conduits...or perhaps more like the Underspace network of subspace tunnels used by the Vaadwaur?"

He had a feeling he was going to regret asking, but probably not as much as he might come to regret not asking...

Serge grimaced, "We are not sure. There are only beink a small amount of readinks gathered by J'rez's shuttle. We are beliewink that it is beink created by the Borg, but as for it bifurication and parrallel nodal nature we are only speculating."

A blink.

"Er... We are not knowink for sure, sir."

"Well...we'd better find out, hadn't we?" Finn said grimly,"Thank you, Lieutenant. Good day."



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