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Discussing Security

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2013 @ 11:36am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team

Just after leaving Harrison, Finn's comm badge beeped.

"Finn." he said

=^= "Skipper, this is Brin. Looks like we've been made. Just lost access to station systems 'an the computer's not accepting our codes. =^=

"Interesting..." Finn said, looking at his wrist chrono.

"You!" a voice barked from the other end of the corridor. "Stay right where you are!"

The voice belonged to a towering Klingon woman wearing a mix of Klingon and Starfleet uniforms. There was no mistaking the Ambassador and acting Chief of security, even if Finn hadn't spent the time memorizing her files. Haqtaj Matlh stood out like a Bolian in between Bi-nars. She strode across the floor closing the gap quickly, by her side a Vulcan in federation Security uniform.

'Here it comes.' Finn thought, mentally preparing himself. This would probably be one of the most critical moments of his mission. The Klingon presence on DS12 was it's most fundamental Security issue. Improper attention to this formerly backwater outpost had allowed it to develop an oddly intrusive position in the running of this Federation base. That would have to change, but the Klingon community here could also be the station's strongest defense. Or it's undoing, depending on how this confrontation went. Finn's extensive experience with Klingons, and this one in particular, had been a significant element in his being called out of retirement for this assignment. That had been almost a decade and a half ago however and he almost sixty years old. He hoped he was still up to Klingon etiquette.

Haqtaj jabbed the man's firearm with her finger. "No weaponry aloud in the station, except by authorized security details or occasions of Red Alert. Also, the commandeering of station equipment without clearance from Operations is a Security breach, And as chief of Security, I take that personally. You and your men are taking up space and resources that we don't have to spare, and antagonizing an already fragile system. I have seen to it that your little trick with codes won't work again. The station is now double encrypted with Federation and KDF security codes. You want something? You go through the correct channels."

Finn didn't hesitate. Feinting left, he then shifted the other way and brought up his right fist in a powerful hook to the side of her head, between the temple and ear. Placement was critical, because if he marked her face it would continuously humiliate her before her troops and undermine her authority until it healed. He had to hit her hard though, ring her bell loudly enough to establish dominance. Otherwise, he would likely be committing suicide.

"Haqtaj, daughter of Matlh. How dare you speak to me in that manner?" he roared in his best parade-ground bellow. "Have you gone mad? Have you forgotten me? Have you not read your Starfleet dispatches, which would have informed you of my coming, mission and authority? Clearly you have not, or you would not have so dared. So let me acquaint you with the realities of the situation. I have *complete* authority over this station and everyone aboard for the duration of my mission. I need clearance from *no one* for any action I deem necessary. I employed no 'trick', but Starfleet-issued priority codes which supersede your commander's, much less your own. To override them is a criminal offense."

He paused briefly for breath, then added, eyes flashing, "And should you ever dare to poke your finger at me as though I were some Ferengi in need of chastisement, you will very shortly thereafter see it hanging around my neck as a warning to others! I take *that* personally Haqtaj, daughter of Matlh!"

Haqtaj lifted her hand to her head. The Vulcan considered that he may need to shortly arrest the Chief of Security for murder, or at least GBH on a superior officer, but to his curious interest she smiled.

"I understand, Major," Haqtaj inclined her head slightly. "I see you have lost none of the fire you had at Chin'toka. May I, respectfully, suggest that the joint codes be maintained, but that a copy of the overrides be provided to you personally. In times of such political flux, codes of one empire may be compromised, but a cord of two threads is not easily broken."

Finn considered the request. He had some issues with it but nothing pressing and, with her having accepted his authority, a bit of generosity was in order.

"That will suffice for now." he said, "We will review security together over the next few days over the bottle of Bloodwine, 2314 vintage, I brought to celebrate the reunion of old battle comrades."

Haqtaj positively beamed. At LAST the Federation had sent a commander she could actually rely on. Here was the warrior spirit and command authority that her own people would be able to trust without sideways glances at her first.

"You do me honour, Michael of House Finn. The station is yours as are the Security details. However, my people are my responsibility, and I answer to the KDF and High Council on their behalf, and they answer to me. I offer their continued service to the station on that condition."

"For the moment, that will more than suffice." Finn said, "We are privileged to have warriors of House Matlh aiding in our defense. I have other duties to perform now, but we'll meet again later and discuss matters further. Meanwhile, please arrange to feed all the Security logs and feeds to my command post, provide those modified codes to myself and my two senior subordinates, Captain Vreigh and Gunnery Sergeant Chozar Brin and issue unrestricted authorizations to us to carry any weapons or equipment aboard this station or in it's jurisdiction at our discretion."

Reaching into a pocket, he handed her an encrypted datachip.

"This contains the particulars of my team and our mission. Qapla', Haqtaj!"

Haqtaj accepted the chip without word and let Finn pass on his way. She turned to the Vulcan who was watching the data-video recorder make a permenant record of the encounter.

"That," she said to him, "is how authority should be handled. That is how you talk to Klingons!"

"Indeed," was all the Vulcan gave in response.


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