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Deltan Desires

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2013 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson
Edited on on Mon Apr 15th, 2013 @ 3:14am

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: USS Steadfast


Strolling into Sickbay, PO1 Jobar Rattei located O'Reily and proffered a skullcap-like device with straps in one of his delicate paws.

"Here ya go, Doc!" he squeaked, "The Commander said you'd be needing this."

"Hmm?" Nick pulled himself out of a trance and blinked at Rattei blankly for a second before spotting what it was he was holding . "Oh, yes, thank you. That will be useful against the Deltan."

"A Deltan, huh?" the rat-like Quartermaster chirped suggestively, "I hear the ones who serve in Starfleet have to swear a celibacy oath 'cause they're so good in bed they drive humans insane. That true?"

The Counselor chuckled taking the head piece from him. "It's not unheard of but you're quite right there are steps to be taken when entering a relationship with a Deltan. It's certainly something not to be taken lightly."

"I see." Rattei said, "Well, you need any help with her, you let me know. We Squea'kaar know how to deal with females who don't know their place!"

He inspected the headware again, "So, excuse me for asking, but this I presume I put this on her head...? How does it work?"

"It's a psi-shield." Rattei squeaked, "It's derived from filters used by many telepathic species when they have to deal with other races that have uncontrolled thought patterns, especially if the user is not well trained enough or even able to block other people's thoughts themselves. A simple one like this though isn't able to filter, only block. It works both ways too. They can't receive or send. Can be really uncomfortable for a highly telepathic race that uses it a lot in normal life. Betazoids, for example, freak out if you strap one of these onto them. They say it's like being dropped into a sensory deprivation tank. This here's a correctional model, with a locking chinstrap. You control it with this."

Nick gave the head-ware a wary look and promptly put it aside as the explanation continued.

Here Rattei produced a small device with several controls on it.

"This here's the locking control." he said, pointing, "You fit the strap tight enough to keep it from coming off and then press this, which engages the locks. You can set a code as well, if you like. These other controls are for the compliance system. Not pain, of course, that's against regs. It has two settings, controlled by this toggle. Down produces disorientation, confusion...dizziness and nausea if left on long enough. Up knocks 'em out cold, like they'd been hit with a phaser stun. Once you got the setting you want, you just hit the big red button."

The prospect of abusing another being into submission made the counselor feel nauseous. Carefully he took the controller, "Um, thanks," he said. "I hope we won't need to use these but thank for for dropping this by."

"No problem, Doc." the Squea'kaar replied, heading out the door, "Let me know if you need anything else."

"Yeah, a ticket out of here," Nick muttered to the closed door. "Somewhere far away from her."

With a sense of trepidation Counselor O'Reily made the journey to the secured quarters area of the ship and crossed to Sussaria's designated room. The corridor was void of security personnel since each prisoner was under observation by the ships computer and each door sealed with a code.

Tucking the skull cap under his arm Nick entered the code and entered hearing the door slide closed behind him.

Sussaria was lying on the lower bunk, naked and with her feet toward the hatch when it slid open. Seeing O'Reily, she slid out of the bunk and stood.

"Hello, Doctor...I've missed you," she purred.

Feeling his cheeks colour and his mouth dry, instantly Nick averted his gaze, "Hello, Sussaria. You look well recovered," he said, cringing slightly as he did so.

"I have been well cared for," the Deltan replied, rising from the bunk and taking a step toward O'Reily.

"I have something for you, and I'm afraid you'll not going to like it." He showed her the psi-sheild. "It's to...erm," he licked his lips. "to...erm...keep you to yourself."

"Keep myself?" she asked.

"It's a psi-sheild to keep you from affecting others aboard," the counselor replied gently.

"Oh couldn't possibly be so cruel!" Sussaria said, deep dark eyes welling with tears, "My people draw much of our base sensory input and emotional perceptions from our psi. We do not read minds, do not intrude on others, but only feel. Would you take away my feelings? Asking me to wear such a thing is the equivalent of placing a human in a sensory deprivation unit!"

Her voice had been rising as she spoke until she was openly crying.

"What have I done to deserve such harsh treatment, Doctor? Such cruelty? Have I not co-operated fully with this highly questionable confinement? Have I not done all that was asked?"

She spread her arms wide in supplication.

"What more do you want of me?"

Willing himself to look over her left ear instead of meeting her eye or looking southwards, Nick tried to explain though knew she'd be able to read more from him than he'd like.

"I'm sorry, Sussaria," Nick offered sincerely. "But this decision hasn't come from me. I only want to protect everyone aboard as best as I can."

"But how have I harmed anyone, Doctor?" she sobbed, "What have I done?"

"It's what might also happen," Nick said softly. "I don't think for a moment you would do anything but we need to be cautious. I promise you won't have to wear it for long; only until we return to the station."

"Doctor, I don't think you understand what you are suggesting!" Sussaria said, still crying but seeming to regain some control, "May I show you? Your Betazoid heritage will help you understand better if you feel it rather than merely hear about it. I promise I will do you no harm and stop the instant you say."

He regarded her carefully before replying, knowing this was a test of his trust as much as testing his loyalty to the uniform. His abilities too were in turmoil as her will began to overpower his; in her current state of undress his control was slipping into temptation along a dark, treacherous path with Rattei's warnings ringing in his ears.

Should he call for the officers help?

Another look at her tearful face made him instantly re-think. She was vulnerable and frightened, two emotions he was charged as Counselor to eradicate. Bravely hoping she couldn't see his hand shaking despite the knowledge she'd properly sense his unease the moment he'd reached her range, Nick placed the head ware on the vacant bunk.

"Alright, Sussaria," he said. "Show me."

Moving forward, wiping her eyes, Sussaria laid soft fingertips along O'Reily's temples, stroking the skin softly several times on each side before settling into specific spots. Holding his head lightly with her finger tips, she closed her eyes.

An initial warm tingling throughout the Counselor's body quickly subsided and was replaced with a terrible feeling of isolation. Resembling a heavy sedation or high degree of intoxication, O'Reily felt disconnected from the world around him, as though his body had been encased in gelatin. Along with the physical symptoms came an enormous wave of loneliness and depression, as though he was suddenly alone in the universe, utterly isolated and unable to make contact with another living being. He couldn't even feel her touch anymore.

He gasped involuntarily at the changes that left him feeling vulnerable, exposed and terribly lonely. He'd been prepared for something radical, having sensed her trepidation to the psi shield and listened to Rattei's explanation, but there were no words that could have prepared him for what actually followed. It felt as if he'd been plummeting into an icy pool which closed his senses to all life around him save for his own pain and suffering. It also bought on some uncomfortable memories he thought were long buried. It was no wonder Sussaria was so frightened of losing her essence in such a violating manner.

"Enough," he called weakly. "Enough, please."

"Of course, Doctor." Sussaria said. The sensations stopped immediately, but she left her fingers in place, stroking his face. "I'm sorry you had to go through that, but you had to understand."

The terrible sensations faded, and with a string of steady breaths feeling his heart thud against his rib cage, Nick's little world began to refocus. He could sense the ship's lifeforms again and the slight tremble of the wrap drive vibrating through the floor. "I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy," he rasped.

"They mean no harm, of course." she said, "But that device was designed by Vulcans, who carefully moderate their telepathy and emotions. They do not experience what I just showed you." She paused, then added, "You have been so kind to me, Doctor...I do not wish to see you sanctioned for your mercy. I have a suggestion, though it would require that you trust me which may seem odd from a prisoner."

His brow knitted despite her light pleasant touches, "What is it?"

"If you lend me a laser scalpel from your medical kit, I can disable the neural contacts. The device will still appear to be functional from the outside, but will not block my perceptions. Would you allow me to do this?"

He looked between her lovely eyes and the cursed device on the bunk thinking over the suggestion; "You promise not to affect or influence the crew, you'll stay in here until otherwise moved?" he questioned her.

"I promise, Doctor." she said, "To do otherwise would be to spit on your kindness!"

"Alright," he studied her face for another moment longer as if hunting for any sign of a lie. With a jerk he broke their tender contact in order for him to retrieve the scalpel from the case he'd bought in with him.

Carefully he extracted it and held it out to her but did not allow here to take it from him, "You do know what you'll doing right?" he questioned.

"Absolutely." she said confidently, "I am a skilled technician and have often had to use such improvised tools in my work."

"Be careful," he warned loosening his grip allowing her to remove the medical tool from his grasp.

Activating the scalpel, she stepped back and picked up the headpiece. The relay contacts were easy enough to find and she neatly burned them out in less than a minute. She deactivated the scalpel, set it on the bed and affixed the device to her head, activating it and locking the straps in place. Then she posed dramatically, arms spread wide and said, "How do I look, Doctor?"

"Irresistible," Nick heard himself purr. "A perfect example of beauty."

"Thank you, Doctor." Sussaria returned, stepping forward again, "I hope we will meet someday under circumstances when you will not feel obligated to resist." Arms twining around his neck, body molding to his at every point of contact, she kissed him long and deeply.

His cheeks coloured. "I should go. I'll come back later to check on you." He extracted himself from her warm embrace, clumsy picked up the med kit and with a slight wobble to his stride he departing after spinning to give her a board smile.



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