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When is a wormhole not a wormhole?

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2013 @ 11:25am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Science lab 2

Jrez was not looking forward to this. Maschnost had contacted him, calling for a meeting of the science staff. He'd mentioned something about wormholes in the sector. That could only mean one thing, the conduit Haqtaj had dragged him through. He was definitely not looking forward to revisiting that incident.

Maschnost had, in his own inimitable fashion, talked a lot of technical stuff and theory which had gone over Jrez' head. If the new comer, Volos, was going to be involved in the meeting then Jrez might as well not attend. He could be standing ten decks up and it would still go over his head.

No, he was not looking forward to this at all.

Alex stepped through the doors to the science lab and took a quick glance around, spotting two figured he recognized. "Ah, right room." He said with a smile as he walked further inside. "Forgive me for being little late, I might have gotten a bit lost." He chuckled quietly.

Serge, a gangly blonde youth barely out of his teens, gave him an nervous smile. Unfortunately it came across more as a smile of displeasure than anything else. Alex could see that Jrez was already very uncomfortable. Perhaps the rumours about Serge being a Dragon were true.

"Thank you both for coming," Serge started, "I am beink asked for a complete report on the subspace corridor that is sitting dormant near the station. I am askink for both of your inwowlement because of your experience. Akina has had direct contact with the phenomena, and I beliewe Dr Wolos did a paper on the para-transient nature of wormholes."

Alex nodded in confirmation.

"So, what we are needink is as detailed a break down, scientifically, of the phenomena that we can produce. Then I need Chief Jrez to turn is eye to...erm... how am I sayink this? Provide an interpretation for non-science personnel. Unfortunately, you say parasympathetic nodal mode trawel to most people and they are lookink at you blankly. I am not good at explainink ewen simple concepts such as temporal dilation from high impulse trawel. The number of times I am beink asked why we can't produce engines to trawel above 0.25 C..."

Jrez could feel his eyes glazing over. “Lieutenant Maschnost...,” he prompted. “Serge....” he said more forcefully. “I’m happy to put all this into plain language but I have to be able to understand it first. So far, I haven’t understood a single word you’ve said. And it isn’t your accent. I do not know what you’re talking about!”

Serge looked pained. He looked to Volos. "You are followink, da?"

Alex smiled as he again gave a confirming nod. "Certainly, study and report on a potential wormhole that could possibly be laying dormant for the time being. Or any other number of possible phenomena." He added with a bit of a grin. "Do you have anything planned?" He asked curiously.

Serge ran his hand through his shock of yellow hair, "Well, let us be tryink from the beginink, since neither the Doctor or I were present. When was the opening to the corridor first observed?"

“I think Ambassador Haqtaj might be better able to tell you that,” Jrez replied. “She must have known of its existence because she dragged me through it. I’d have to look up the files to be sure but it was more than two years ago.” He scratched his head while he thought. "Near as I recall it was 28 months, but, for all I know, it could have been sitting there undetected for ages before that. It was, as I recall, a relatively quiet area of space.”

"And was a measurement of its size made? How big a wessel, or how many wessels would be able to pass simultaneously through the ewent?"

“We didn’t have time for measurements so your guess is as good as mine. We only took a shuttle; who’s to say what else could have squeezed in with us? Given a Borg cube came through it though, I’d say a lot more....”

"Now, your report said it was beink a Borg Transwarp Conduit, which you were able to access with a particular coded Tachyon emission burt? That was from the shuttle you and the Ambassador were usink?"

“That’s correct.”

"The readings you took were only from a shuttle class sensor array so they are beink sporadic and incomplete as far as I can tell. Not that it is your fault if the Station will not clear a larger research wessel. How is it that the Klingon Ambassador was beink inwolved in a scientific exploration? How did she get clearance?"

Jrez snorted. “The base didn’t clear a shuttle. Ambassador Haqtaj stole it. Some poor ensign felt the pointy end of Klingon brow ridges, I believe. I was, you understand, unconscious at the time. The Ambassador told me later she gave him what she called a Liverpool kiss

"Oh... well..." Serge was momentarily thrown. "Dr Wolos, have you had a chance to look over the data retrieved? What is your impresion?"

Volos shook his head. "I've not. I only got access to it once I arrived on the station yesterday but I was planning on doing that today, possibly over lunch." He added absently.

Serge sighed, "This is beink frustrating. We are hawink a potential threat outside our window and we are not hawing the tools to look at it, except through a glass darkly. Chief, what is beink the Science department's primary focus at the moment? Can we diwert resources to Dr Wolos to inwestigate the phenomena more closely?"

“I’ll write a report on journey through the wormhole,” Jrez said to Maschnost. “I’ll forward copies to Commander Harrison, Major Finn and yourself.”

"Good," Serge nodded, "And Wolok will be tryink to write a scientific brief for the Marines that uses as simple terms as possible. Do not worry owerly if it is prowink difficult. I am not thinking the will be reading more than the introduction. Meanwhile, I will be talking to Ambasador Matlh."

The last part was with a huge sigh. There was just no putting it off any more.


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