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Making Heads or Tails

Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2009 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

It wasn't sudden.

The looks on some of the victims were such that one couldn't help but realize their deaths were prolonged long enough for emotions to color their faces. Put simply, their executioners took enough time for their victims to express fear. Some were relaxed and comparatively peaceful... but that was hypothermia and bloodloss.

"All but one accounted for," Diego ventured to Lake. "Is the missing person the same 'crackpot' you spoke of earlier?"

Mike arched an eyebrow "Most likely. I don't have visual records handy though."

"Please correct me if I'm wrong," Diego tried to venture, "but aren't observation posts like this one supposed to be cloaked from the monitored populace?"

"Thats the whole point. To have it off would violate the prime directive, but we don't have to worry; its all online and going." Mike couldn't help but shudder looking at the bodies that surrounded him. Talking about anything other than this horror that presented him made him a little better.

"...was it still going when we arrived?"

By all the gods, what a dreadful question.

Mike looked to Jack and coughed "I think I'm coming down with the flu." Mike noticed Diego's face slightly sour "Diego, don't worry, we cover these things. Lets... just get out of here while we still can, yeah?"

As the three moved away from the horrific scene Jack once again got back to business "Lake, do you think you could get one of these consoles working again? Maybe we can access the security logs and find out what these terrorists where after."

It needed to be asked, no matter how unwanted. "What makes you so sure it was terrorists?" Diego asked.

"Yal Tekorin has been linked to several terrorist activities over the years, even as far back as the Maquis. Stricking at an unarmed Federation observation post on a pre warp planet makes no sense except as an act of terror." Turning back to look at Mike Daniels noticed the distant look in his eye all to well, he wasn't a fighter and the carnage all around them was hard to ignore even for a veteran like himself "What's up?"

"Nothing." he signaled with the wave of his hand "Lets go do something. Getting one of those panels working again, anything to get us away from hole." Mike said, quickly getting in before his small group of Cronies could respond.

Mike walked down a short corridor and entered a small room on the left. He ripped a small panel open and waved a tool that emitted a blue beam. He then closed the hatch, powered it up and gave it a nice kick. It lit up, surprising Mike a little "Don't you love your multi-tasking awesomesauce tech guy?"

"How about using that awesomeness to find some useful information?" Was all Daniels would say to that little out burst "I think we should also do a survey of the site see if there's any other entrance ways we don't know about."

"You want a map?" Mike asked with a smart ass grin.

"A map would be nice," Diego inexplicably replied- inexplicably because his comment in the midst of the banter served little more than an attempt at disruption. "I have no knowledge of such structures- at all."

"Hang on, you are a member of Stafleet, right?" Mike asked, shoked.

"...would you believe I've only been in Starfleet for four months?"

Mike chuckled "I never would've picked it. You did go to the Academy, it wasn't a field commission?"

"Neither," he replied without sheepishism. "I took what they called an 'Equivalency' exam. I'm told it's for experienced people in certain scientific or medical fields who need to be given an officer's rank... though I don't recall ever requesting an Officer rank. I'd have been perfectly happy just being 'Doctor' Echevarria rather than 'Ensign'."

He broke out of that topic with a surprising thought. "This Yal Tekorin..." he ventured, turning towards Daniels, "how certain are you that his actions are entirely malicious?"

Taking a look around the surrounding area "I think all evidence points to yes".

"Is there a chance he could have been 'coerced' into giving the location of this place?"

"If you've got a theory don't hold it to your self" Daniels turned to fix Diego with a questioning gaze.

Diego shook his head emphatically. "Of course I know nothing of what happened here. I'm just asking; suppose Tekorin dared to 'escape' this facility and got caught by the locals on this planet. They would quickly figure out he's completely unlike them and they would behave exactly as any pre-warp civilization would; naked fear and hostiliy. It wouldn't take much torture or other kind of pressure to make Tekorin break and give up this location. Is that not possible sir?"

Mike piped up "Its not impossible, apparently the water around here can be used as a truth serum on humans. But what if this guy had a greater need for material items or wealth, like the average Joe a few centuries ago?"

"His psych evaulation showed no signs of that, but who knows no tests perfect" Daniels replied drue questioning looks from the two officers, it seemed like something he had personnel experiance with.

Mike started powering down areas of the Station "I really think we should get back to the Runabout. It'd be best if we came back here with Mason and Vos."

Daniels shock his head "Bad idea, better to stay here and secure the outpost and collect any evidence we can." It was at that moment the unmistakable whine of a transporter could be heard, zeroing in on the source of the sound Daniels picked up the materializing patterns of 3 people.


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