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How dare you?

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2013 @ 3:27am by Jeffrey Tambleton & Phikic Suze

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Moonfleet base

Reg watched Phikic Suze walk past. She was in a foul mood by the look of her but that was standard demeanour for Suze. She was about to yell at someone; Reg wished it was him. He would have liked it to be whispered words of love but he’d settle for yelling if it meant he could spend time in her presence.

He turned away. He could feel his heart racing and knew there was nothing he could do about it. He longed to tell her how he felt but what would he say; what could he say that would convey his feelings?

Just then, Tembleton stepped through the doorway. Suze rounded on him. So, Reg thought, him. Why? He pulls all the women he wants. He’s even got that Orion hanging off his arm. What’s Suze see in him?

Tembleton walked over to Suze with a swagger Reg could not hope to emulate. He stood in a corner, ignored by both of them.

Suze glared at him. "Where's my artifact Tam, huh? Something tells me that you have lost it in a game of cards or sold it for a pittance. I'll curse you with the middle finger if you don't hand it over."

“Suze.... Suze.... Suze.... How can you think such things?” Tambleton asked. “When have I ever done you wrong?”

Suze poked him in the shoulder so hard that it knocked him slightly off balance. He rubbed his shoulder in pain, it was an old wound but Suze knew the exact spot were to hit, after all she was the cause of the injury.

"Oh what about Freatera 3?" she replied sarcastically. " You became involved in a plan to strip the sea city of Veneritia of its art treasures. You convinced the Veneritia council that their highly collectable works of art would be destroyed through floods and neglect if they did not act. I, meanwhile who had nothing to do with you and your cronies plot, if you remember, suddenly find out that I am a target for assassination. You then were nowhere to be seen and I still remain on their most wanted list."

“Well, yes, there was then. But other than that?”

"Granny's Attic warehouse on some hole in the wall starbase you took us to. The wild goose chase you led us on to find a rare ancient sword there before time ran out and the ex diplomat I almost married because of it."

She almost poked his shoulder again to cause him more pain but she'd save it for another time. She had got sick of Tam's hair brained ideas to get rich quick and they parted company at Moonfleet. Suze became Mac Mohune's assistant and Tam moved on.

“Picky, picky! So I messed you around a bit occasionally. I haven’t actually ever done you real harm though. The artefact is back in my quarters. You don’t think I’m so stupid as to be carrying it on me do you? That’s just asking for a mugging. Come on.” He held his hand out to her. “Let’s go fetch it shall we?”

Suze slapped his hand away. "Do I have to bring mistrust and suspicion into this? She glowered at him. Not that they would come anyway, she thought.

Tembleton's stride missed a beat for a moment but he quickly recovered.

Reg watched them go. Ah, but she’s a treasure, he thought. She rejected his hand. So lover-boy can’t win over someone as smart as Suze. She sees right through him. He sighed. He let the thought linger. Visions of Suze swam before his eyes. No, I will not think of her like that. Not Suze....

As Suze walked away with Tam, singing filled the air around them. She thought she recognised the song. She turned to see who it was but the crowd around them blocked her view and the fading voice left as quickly as it had come. It would stay in her mind though for a long time after.

The love song faded on Reg's lips as he brought it to its final dramatic end. He had sung it specially for Suze in the hope that she might hear him. Was it his imagination or did Suze really turn to look at him? Reg convinced himself that's just what she did do. He knew it was all he could wish for at the moment.

Money chinked into the hat at Reg's feet, compliments were paid to the singer, Reg nodded his thanks but his thoughts were elsewhere with a girl who didn't even know he existed.


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