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Of tantrums and how to handle them

Posted on Wed Mar 27th, 2013 @ 1:13pm by Jeffrey Tambleton & Phikic Suze

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Tambleton's quarters

Tambleton thought seriously about leading Suze into an ambush but rejected the idea. It was well known that Jones did not like the woman – who did? – but it was equally well known that did not take kindly to his minions being killed. No, right now, Jones was best kept on side. There was a lot of latinum to be made from the man and Tambleton was not about to see that slide past his fingers.

So he breathed deeply and kept going. That in itself was a bad mistake. The air around this part of Pirate’s Haven was putrid. Not that the air anywhere was particularly wholesome. For all it might have achieved, the new regime could not add improvements in air quality to the list.

It did not take long to walk to his quarters though there was a bit of a wait at the turbolift. A Bolian family got into the lift then held it waiting while their obnoxious child refused to join them. Tambleton felt like getting out and throwing the child in bodily but forebore. He was trying not to draw attention to himself while he still had a fortune in stolen artefacts in his possession.

Suze had not been so patient and glared first at the child and then at the parents. She was not in the mood for childish behaviour or for bad parenting and decided to take action.

She walked up behind the parents and gently but firmly began to push them out of the lift.

"....out you go. Your daughter is obviously distressed and needs you. No, don't thank me.... I insist.... You'll make a complaint? Well, I certainly will about your lack of parenting skills and total neglect of your daughter."

Suze didn't give them much of a chance to answer. "....yes, yes, I know. Now see that man over there in the blue? You can't miss him, complain to him. Bye, nice to meet you.... Oh, and have a good day."

The lift doors snapped shut behind her and she found Tam staring at her. "What?" she asked.

Tambleton realised his mouth was hanging open. He quickly closed it. He could not believe the sheer effrontery of the woman. She’d not given the couple a moment to think and she’d gotten them out of the turbolift with no time to protest. All the while, she’d neatly forestalled any complaints by positively encouraging them to lodge one.

Tambleton was beginning to see what Mohune saw in her and why he kept her around. Maybe.... If he could ease her out of Mohune’s sphere of influence. She could be an asset on the Honeysweet after all.

He turned his thoughts back from fantasy to the real world. He would have to be extra careful in handling her. He’d written her off as eccentric at best and a nut case in all probability. He’d envisaged playing her for a fool but now decided he should tread carefully. He rethought his plans for how to handle her and her goods.


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