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Click whir whiz

Posted on Fri Apr 5th, 2013 @ 12:49am by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath
Edited on on Mon Apr 8th, 2013 @ 1:36am

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: DS12

Pardek stepped up to the machine. He entered his order. It clicked at him three times, then a near approximation of vitterine appeared. He took his meal and sat at a table off to himself. He took a bite. It tasted awful. He pulled out one of his sauces and lightly seasoned the food. Another taste, it was still horrible. He dumped more of the sauce on it. Finally, it was starting to taste edible. There had to be a better way....

Lissan walked into the near decent food hall on DS12. She had not been into this one before but it was close to where she was working and she was desperate for something to eat and drink.

Some of her human friends had called the Cafe' Parisienne, which she thought had a nice name, a greasy spoon. She had no idea what they meant by that but when the going gets tough, the tough fall back on coffee.

The decor had seen better days perhaps the stains on the wall were meant to be part of the theme. The furniture was free standing brown on brown. Empty white mugs as big as a Klingons' fist stood alongside various coloured containers and menus boasting the famous DS12 Fortress Breakfast, it seemed to consist of fried everything and if you bought one you could have the second half price.

Tinny music played in the background as Lissan wondered whether to order something from the replicator or at the bar. One look at the waiter told her otherwise, he or was it a she, Lissan couldn't tell from this distance, had just brought out a plateful of food.

There were only two people in the Cafe' Parisienne yet it still didn't stop the waiter shouting out.

"One DS12 Fortress Breakfast with toast and tea on the side." Lissan noticed he waited a minute longer before continuing. "C'mon lets be havin yer."

An old man, so Lissan thought, raised his hand and the waiter placed the food in front of him just as the old man tucked a napkin into the collar of his shirt. He started to eat as the waiter walked away mumbling.

Lissan chose the replicator but when her coffee came it looked no better than the bilge water she had cleaned out of sector 112b this morning. The sandwich was no better either and was beginning to wish she had never come in.

There was someone else there on their own obviously having the same problem with his food the way he was smothering it in one of the sauces.

Pardek looked up when Lissan walked into the cafe. He saw the Andorian with the yellow uniform and the lieutenant pips. He deduced that she would either be some sort of operations type or security. Either way, it would be worthwhile to cultivate her friendship. He cleared his throat.

Lissan turned slightly and saw the Romulan sitting on his own. She hadn't noticed him before about the station. He looked a little lost and maybe she could go over and just say hello. Lissan didn't crave the company of others and could be a recluse if she put her mind to it but she had made a few friends here on DS12. They were always telling her that she should mix with others more.

She put her coffee back on the replicator. She would wait till later for a decent beverage. She walked over to him unsure of what to say at first with out sounding too official.

"I'm Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath."

He stood up. He wondered if Lissan was being forward or if she had an agenda of her own. "I am Pardek. Would you like to join me, Lieutenant?" He pointed to the chair across from him.

I really should be else where, thought Lissan. Still section 12c can wait for its water pressure valve for a few minutes more. She gave in and sat down, what was a few more minutes anyway. Lissan was always told by her parents, when she was a little girl, never to talk to strangers. She was all grown up now but she still felt as if she was disobeying them.

She was carefully weighing up her options and looking at him intently, waiting for him to say something. The silence was awkward but Lissan was curious.

"Have you been on DS12 long?" she asked.

Pardek considered his answer for a moment before answering. "I have only been here a little while. My home was destroyed in the event. Fortunately for me, I was away on business. The freighter that I had contracted to haul my cargo got diverted and all the excess space was used up by the homeless. When we arrived here, my cargo and I were left along with the other Romulans. As a result, I set up shop in a small space down the promenade from here."

"You have a shop?" asked Lissan. "What do you sell?"

Pardek leaned forward. "Currently, I have an assortment of spices. I am working on expanding my inventory, but all I have at the moment are the spices that I had purchased before the event."

"I'll have to come and have a look. I like to cook when I have the time, but I've never used spices before. Mainly because I don't know which ones to use. There are so many." Her arms indicated the row of containers at the end of the table.

Pardek pointed at her sandwich. "Pretty bland." He picked up a couple of spice containers. "May I."

Lissan passed the sandwich over surely nothing could improve the taste. Who ever was chef at the establishment should be taken to the nearest airlock and spaced. How very different it could be if...

Pardek lifted the top piece of bread from her sandwich, then shook several different spices over the sandwich. Then, he squirted a touch of mustard onto the sandwich before putting the top back on it. "Now try it."

the sandwich didn't look any different after she had watched him sprinkle the spices on top of the cheese. The smell though was delicious and made her mouth water at the thought of eating it and then she bit into it and savored the taste of it as the added spices played havoc with her senses.

She didn't realise just how hungry she was, now if she could just get a decent cup of coffee.

"I would buy this place if I was you. I know a decent chef and with your spices, this place could be really great. I'd even fix the coffee machine for you."

Pardek arched an eyebrow. "I may line up some investors for the purchase." He paused for a moment, "What exactly is it that you do?"

"Chief of Operations" Lissan replied "If its broken, I fix it but there's no guarantee with the machinery around here. Things can break again. I suggest you buy new."

Pardek nodded, This woman would be a most useful asset. "I will endeavour to buy new as much as possible, but," He waved his arms around, "I will probably have to make do with what I can acquire cheaply for a bit."

"Just remember to tell Commander Harrison when you make an application for the place. I'm sure he will be pleased to know that someone will serve some decent food and coffee round here other than the fried everything they offer."


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