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Heading Home

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2013 @ 8:52am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Transporter Room 1, USS Steadfast


"All teams aboard?" Burkeson asked as he stepped off the pad.

"Affirmative, Captain!" PO Rattei squeaked.

"Very well, Mr. Rattei, secure transporters and prepare to get underway. Also, please notify Chief Fraser and Lieutenant Jar'Ho that I'd like to meet both of them in my ready room in 30 minutes."

"Aye, Sir!"

Immediate business aside, Burkeson began pulling off his E-suit.

[19 minutes later, CO's Ready Room, USS Steadfast]

Burkeson entered his ready room after a quick shower and change. Leaving the door open and ordering a hot chocolate, he slid into the chair behind his desk and began reviewing the data on the Away mission.

Jar'Ho saw the open door and walked into the ready room. He visually scanned the room for any sort of danger before addressing Burkeson, "Captain, you called for me?"

"Yes, Jar'Ho, thanks for coming." Burkeson said, rising, "Can I get you a drink?"

He nodded, "Raktajino."

He saw the big form of Chief Fraser coming in behind the Klingon engineer, already carrying a steaming mug.

"All right gentlemen..." Burkeson said, returning to his seat and gesturing to the remaining seats, "I just wanted to do a brief-back on your operations on the smuggler ship. I've got the raw data, of course and will read your official reports but I'd like to hear your initial reports and anything you think should be a priority, particularly with relation to our towing of the ship back to DS12. Jar'Ho, why don't you lead off."

Jar'Ho grunted an acknowledgement. "Towing any vessel at warp speed is a challenge at the best of times. We should maintain an engineering team on the other ship in order to handle any challenges that may arise while in transit." Jar'Ho paused and took a sip of his raktajino. "Specifically, their phase coil alignment is particularly odd. If they get out of proper alignment, it could cause a cascade failure in the main reactor. If that happens, it could take itself and the Steadfast out."

"Hmmm..." Burkeson said, "I'm not entirely comfortable with keeping people on board her, though of course if we must, we must. Is it not possible to just keep the whole ship powered down and tow her dead, like an asteroid?"

Jar'Ho looked at him. "I thought the purpose for this salvage was to study the internal workings of this ship and it's power generation. If we power her down all the way, it would be like..." Jar'Ho paused as he tried to translate the phrase from Klingon to Federation in his mind, "Like ejecting your Starfleet warp core. Does that make sense?"

"I see your point, Jar'Ho." Burkeson replied, "But the fact is that Steadfast has very limited capabilities for such research. She's a gunboat and little else. We had to do a basic survey to make sure the ship was safe to transport and that there were no additional suspects aboard, but now our only job is to get her back to DS 12 where she can be handed over to people with better facilities to study her."

Diplomacy wasn't really Jar'Ho's strong point. He looked directly at Burkeson, "Yes, I can shut down the engine of the ship, but it is unlikely, given it's unique power source, that it would be able to be turned back on. Or you can leave an engineering team aboard the ship and we can try to maintain the ship's integrity until the Steadfast can tow it back to DS12."

Burkeson considered the Klingon engineer's words carefully. Risk-reward was always an important balancing act. He had an obligation to protect his ship and crew, but this was also an important find and he had a reciprocal obligation to deliver it in the most useful condition possible.

Looking at his CoB, he said simply, "Chief?"

"I concur with Mr. Jar'Ho, Sir." Fraser said, "I didn't look at them myself, but I'm confidant that his assessment is sound. It fits what little we know about those systems. I'd say it's worth the risk."

"All right then gentlemen." Burkeson said, "Make it happen."




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