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Training For War

Posted on Thu Apr 4th, 2013 @ 7:38am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson
Edited on on Thu Apr 4th, 2013 @ 9:24am

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Bridge, USS Andromeda


"Captain, we have a priority message, eyes only to you, from Admiral Marcinko."

"Admiral Marcinko?" Captain Jerric Tyvone said aloud, then followed with, "I'll take it in my Ready Room."

Getting up, he handed off the bridge to the duty officer and repaired to his inner sanctum. The message alert was flashing on his screen when he sat down. He sighed. Admiral Alexis Marcinko was head of Starfleet Special Operations and, for an officer like himself who had ascended to the highest position he desired and done so for the express purpose of exploring the universe, a call from her was never good news. He hated the geo-political shadow games. was part of the job, so he activated his screen.

"Yes Admiral, what can I do for you."

"This is a courtesy call, Captain Tyvone. Andromeda has been selected for a rapid-deployment exercise with the Marines. Shortly, you will receive an official warning order for the assignment, whereupon you will embark the 4th battalion, 72nd Marines currently at Starbase 623..."

"A full battalion?" Jerric said without thinking, eyes widening. It was never a good idea to interrupt an Admiral, but this was a pretty unusual scenario. A full Marine battalion was rarely assembled as a mobile unit these days. Battalion HQs were usually the basis for all Marine operations in a sector. Fully assembled and reinforced for active operations, a battalion numbered about 3,000 personnel.

"That's correct, Captain." Marcinko continued, "Is that a problem?"

"Well, no of course Admiral." Tyvone said quickly, "It's just that we were preparing for an assignment to help evaluate the Hobus event."

"That assignment still stands, Captain." Marcinko said, "This is a rapid deployment exercise. Properly executed, it should take no more than ten days. Less if *well* executed. In addition to the Marine battalion, you will be embarking a Starfleet Corps of Engineers RED Group. You will take on these units and their equipment as rapidly as possible, then execute a per-determined racetrack course at maximum warp which will bring you back to the Draadloos system in five days. Just prior to arrival, you will receive a target destination within the system. You will deploy the Marines and engineers to the target area, where they will conduct a hostile environment FOB construction exercise. Once they are successfully deployed, Andromeda will be released from the exercise. Any questions?"

Jerric had many, of course, but none that would be productive at this point. The call, as the Admiral had stated, was a courtesy. Under standard exercise rules, he couldn't even discuss it with his XO until the official start time. His crew would be graded on the speed and efficiency of their work.

"No Ma'am." he said simply, "Thank you for the heads-up."

"My pleasure Captain. Marcinko out."

Once the screen went dark, Jerric buried his face in his hands, rubbing his temples. It was going to be a hell of a week.



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