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Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2013 @ 9:41am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Secured Crew Quarters, USS Steadfast

Once the O'Reily had left, Sussaria smiled and returned to her bunk, picking up the laser scalpel. She loved these Federation versions, so compact an powerful. She always tried to keep one in her toolkit and, since Starfleet was now going to prevail upon her to b begin assembling a new kit, it seemed only fitting that they get her started.

Opening one of the storage cabinets, she adjusted the scalpel to it's maximum power setting. Then, reaching inside, she carefully cut out a segment of one of the metal shelves. With smooth, confidant movements, she shaved off a slim piece from one side and shaped one of it's ends into a tool suitable for dismounting maintenance panels. She also created a crude but effective set of forceps and a pick-like tool.

She spent the next hour salvaging small components and other useful elements from the inactive systems in the walls of the room. She could never have pulled this off in a brig, but these were simply re-tasked crew quarters and not a hardened detention cell. She couldn't take as much as she'd like, but her garments contained a number of clever interior pockets and pouches so she could get a decent amount.

She would keep her word to the kind Doctor, but when they removed her from this ship, she would not remain in custody for long.


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