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Steadfast Returns

Posted on Thu Apr 25th, 2013 @ 4:46am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson & Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Bridge, USS Steadfast

[Bridge, USS Steadfast]

"Entering the outskirts of the system, Captain."

"Thanks, Pat." Burkeson said, "Open me a channel to Commander Harrison, please. Direct, personal and encrypted."

There was a pause of several minutes, during which Burkeson reflected on the immediate future. Hopefully, he wouldn't be thrown back out before he'd had a chance to properly crew out the ship. They'd been lucky this could have been much worse.

"I have the Commander, Sir."

"Thanks Pat. Connect us please."

=^= “Mister Burkeson, a pleasure as always. I hear your fishing expedition yielded a nice haul. What can I do for you?” =^=

"Thank you, Commander." Burkeson said, "It's good to be back. We've taken an unusual prize, a smuggler ship that shows signs of C'hakalian drive technology. It's a pretty significant technological intelligence find, but I hesitate to bring it too close to the station. Not only for security reasons but also because, while we've done what we can to make it safe, C'hakalian ships have a reputation for blowing up when damaged or tampered with."

=^= “Agreed. What do you suggest?” =^=

"Well Sir, I did some reading of the system nav charts on the way back in and noticed there's an abandoned science station on one of the moons of the seventh planet. If another ship could meet us there with an engineering and security team, we could probably ground her near that station and bring it back online to study the ship. There's a lot of clutter there and, if we take precautions to shield the emissions properly, someone who doesn't go there looking for it would be unlikely to even notice the operation."

[Operations Center, DS 12]

Harrison turned away from the forward screen. The Science station was temporarily unoccupied so he looked to Ops instead.

Lissan walked up to the Commander. "It could work, Sir, but it does depend if the drive has been damaged or not. They'll need a shield generator powerful enough to do the job and I think I might be able to find the specs on the science station. There could be something on it we could use."

Harrison turned back to the view screen. “Do as you see necessary, Mister Burkeson. I will be sending out a shuttle with Ms zh’Zarath aboard. She has some ideas on how best to deal with the C'hakalian ship. I will also be relieving you of Mister O’Riely and Mister TriMar. I have more need of them here right now. A Klingon ship has requested docking privileges so Mister TriMar’s services might be required. As for Mister O’Riely, I am now convinced that he can better serve our guests face to face than over a comm link. The personal touch is required here, I think."

[Bridge, USS Steadfast]

"Aye Sir." Burkeson said, "I note that Discovery is in port. Could you spare her for a couple of hours? I need her tractors and sensors to lay this ship down safely."

=^= “I think we can indulge you that far, Mister Burkeson. I will dispatch the Discovery promptly.” =^=

"Thank you, Commander." Burkeson replied, "Steadfast out."


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