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Racing Honor

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2009 @ 6:30am by Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

Leanne materialized in a blue shimmer of light and immediately started to scan the area for survivors. From the first look of the area she didn't expect to find anyone still alive.

T'Arjia materialised along with the rest, pulling out her tricorder and hitting a couple of buttons

When Henk was completly transported, he looked around the interior of the Klinon ship. He flipped open his tricorder and began scanning.
"Life support is almost out." Henk said. "I can level it when I get to the bridge."

"Is there anyway that we can get it going from this area? I'm getting some faint lifesigns from that direction" She pointed towards what looked to be a ruined corridor, she wasn't really sure where they had been beamed into the ship. "We should really head over there." Leanne adjusted her tricorder a bit and refined the scans. "Yeah, definitley lifesigns in that direction."

Henk looked at the direction Leanne was looking at.
"If I'm correct there should be an console a few meters away. There we might access life support." Henk said. "Got an tour on a ship like this a few years ago. Don't ask how I got off."

Leanne started to head over towards where the signal was coming from. "I'm surprised that you made it off with all of your limbs attached." She pulled her phaser out just in case someone got the wrong idea. "Lets head out, if there is someone left to save over here I want to get them back to the runabout."

"Oh, I had al my limbs when I left. But I was drunk like no tomorrow. The hangover was killing me."
Henk stopped at the console and start working on life support. After a minute he shook his head.
"I got it to 50 %. But the rest is dead."

"50% is better then no percent I guess. Here help me move this wreckage, I'm getting the strongest lifesign from behind that door over here" Leanne stepped over some fallen debris to a doorway that had been jammed with thermal plating, and what looked to be some plasma conduits that had come loose during the fight. She moved some of the smaller pieces out of the way and tried to budge the big piece but it wasn't moving. She tried to poke her head through the door and could see the bodies of a few Klingons laying on the floor. "I can't get it to move Henk, give me a hand."

Henk walked away from the console in the hope that Podi could bring life support further up. He looked at the debris and picked up an large piece. He tried to pick up another piece but it was to heavy. He tried to drag it and that worked. After some minutes of hard work there was an gap in the debris where they could crawl through.
"We are good to go." Henk said

"I'll go first, I want to try and get in there to see what their status is. Besides I think it is going to be easier for me to get through." Leanne knealt down and slowly pulled herself through the wreckage in the door.

B'Atar stood ready, her Daq'Ta in hand, poised ready to strike as the souless ones broke their way through the non functioning door.
"Death before disshonour", she whispered to herself as she lunged forward catching the hand of the first invader.

Yanking it into the room, wielding the blade around, and then stopped flat footed. A human female with the medical blue uniform stood before, somewhat taken aback by the abrupt entrance.
"Explain why you are here", she snapped in the deep Klingon voice.

Leanne's head spun around as the Klingon ripped her from the doorway. She got her senses about her as she looked at the Klingon. "I, I, I'm Doctor Leanne Ulonova, USS. Genesis, we are responding to a distress signal from your ship. I I'm here to help." It was obvious that she was shaken from the events.

With a fire for combat her eyes darted around the room, focusing on the remaining team that enetered through the small gap in the doorway. "My crew?", the question was stilted, "Did they die with honour?".

T'Arjia stepped past the damaged bulkhead, flipping her tricorder closed. "They all died in battle. Not my prefered way to go, but an honourable death nonetheless" She walked across to the tactical station and glanced at the last informatio displayed. "Unfortunatly, we have yet to identify who is responsable. The only ones we can rule out are the Farengi and Nausicans"

Once again B'Atar's eyes flicked around the battered bridge, no sign of life from any of the other bridge officers. Disshonour would be hers once she returned to the Empire. "Do you know where the petaQ that did this to my ship fled too?".
As she moved around the broken bodies. She hovered over one by the tactical console "May your blood scream my mate".

"You can help us find the people who did this." Henk said. "I need acces to your sensor records."

Jorvin had beamed into the ships engine room. He made his way to the life support terminal an began to see what he could do. He set his assault rifle on the console next to him and pried off the cover for the life support. He was doing his best to get it back to full power when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see a massive Klingon, probably the chief engineer, swinging a large pipe at his head. Jorvin managed to dodge the blow from the Klingon and the following rapid blows. He ducked under the next swing and popped up and hit the Klingon square in the chest with a powerful kick. The Klingon went backwards and Jorvin kicked his hands knocking the pipe away. "Ok now that we are more evenly matched maybe we can talk this out instead of fighting."

The Klingon didn't seem to like that idea and charged head on into Jorvin.

Jorvin dodged the charge, stepped to the side and brought his foot down onto the back of the Klingons neck, knocking him unconsciencous. He then went back and finished bringing life support online and also brought emergency power up. "Jorvin to away team. Emergency power is back online. Watch your step it appears that some of the crew are un injured and un happy." He then bent down to make sure the Klingon at his feet was still breathing, he had hit him pretty hard.


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