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Exploring the Promenade

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2013 @ 11:16pm by Cathrin Molington Mrs & Pardek

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Promenade

Once Cathrin had located the new quarters for herself and her husband she decided that she was going to go and explore the promenade. When her husband had accepted the post as CMO of USS Steadfast and as a Doctor aboard DS12 she thought it would be fun to live onboard a space station.

Cathrin arrived on the Promenade, via the turbolift, and the first thing she noticed was Romulans. The transport had been full of Romulans and they were defiantly nearly the predominate specked roaming the shops and business of the promenade. Cathrin had decided that she needed to find herself something to do to keep herself busy while onboard the station. After all why should her husband be the only one meeting new and interesting people and species.

She started to browse the shops and business on the promenade. She passed a private detective agency with a bright lights sign above it. Cathrin wondered what character of people you got coming through the station if there was a need for a detective agency as well as standard Starfleet security. She continued around until she reached a cafe and decided she would stop for a Mint Tea and something to eat.

As she ended the cafe she noticed that it was very busy with people of all species. She sat down and waited for a waitress to take her order.

As she sat, she was aware of someone watching her and detected him approaching.

Cafe Parisienne was proving to be a good investment. His choice of serving Romulan, Klingon, Andorian and Earth food also seemed to be working. He was able to cater to the main populations on the station. He had already established some regular customers. Today business was booming. He noted that all his servers were occupied when he saw a new comer walk in and sit down. Pardek decided that this may be another contact to cultivate. He walked over to her table. "What brings you to my fine establishment, today?"

It took Cathrin a moment to realise that the she was being addressed. "Hello, I've just arrived on the station actually, my husband has been assigned as Chief Medical Officer of USS Steadfast" answered Cathrin. "I've just got settled into our quarters and I decided I would explore the Promenade. I was starting to feel hungry and so I decided to call in. What can you recommend?"

Pardek smiled, "There seems to be quite a few new crew getting assigned to the station. I am a relatively recent addition myself. As far as food choices go, We have quite a selection. For Romulan fare, I would recommend aafvun'in'hhui, it is a Romulan mollusk soup. If it's Klingon food that you would prefer, I would recommend the Taknar gizzard. Perhaps you might enjoy an Andorian tuber root. I have been told that my chef makes an excellent version. Finally, If you feel a little homesick or in need of Federation standard food, my chef can put together an old fashioned hamburger and fried potatoes."

Cathrin considered the dishes he had mentioned, she thought how ingenious it was to have a restaurant catering for so many different species especially on a station like Deep Space 12. "I think, I'll go with the Andorian Tuber root please," replied Cathrin "and a green leaf tea."

"I've been thinking about ways I can keep busy, some kind of job I can do, why my Husband is away on missions, have you any ideas?" asked Cathrin

Pardek raised an eyebrow. He wondered if this was an offer of some sort or an innocent question. "It would depend on your background and interests. On a space station, there is always quite a bit to do and things to captivate your interests."

"It's a very different life from on-board a Starship." replied Cathrin. She looked over the individual in front of her something told her that he may be more than just your average restaurant owner and entrepreneur.

"So what sort of things captivate your interests then, Mr Pardek?" asked Cathrin.

Pardek exhaled softly, "Knowledge interests me. Finding out what is about to happen before it happens. Being able to put the fore knowledge to work."

"Does the Station have a school?" asked Cathrin eagerly "I would imagine there needs to be somewhere for the children of the Starfleet Officers and what about all those Romulan refugees?"

Pardek's face darkened for a moment, but then he recovered. "I do not know about any Federation schools, but you are right, there should be some sort of school to at least give the children something productive to do. Perhaps you should ask someone in the Starfleet Hierarchy."

"I think it would be a welcome addition to the station," expressed Cathrin. "It would need support from some key members of the community to get it going." Cathrin watched Pardek carefully as she spoke.

"What is it you think this promenade needs most then, Mr Pardek?" asked Cathrin.

Pardek considered the question. "As you have mentioned, there are quite a few children running around the station. Perhaps, we could use some sort of an entertainment venue, something a little more family friendly than Qualko's."

"I think I'll see Commander Harrison about it?" said Cathrin. "Perhaps you could point me in the direction of the nearest turbolift," said Cathrin. She knew, from that moment on, that Pardek was going to be much needed contact in this new world in which she found herself. She made a note to bring her husband back here for dinner this evening.

Pardek pointed to the front door, "Go out the door and turn right, you will come to a corridor in approximately twenty-five point three meters, turn left into the corridor and there will be a turbolift seven point four meters further on your right."

"Thank you" said Cathrin as she handed over the required payment for her lunch and started to walk towards the turbolift. She decided that she would head for operations centre and ask for to see the Commander or make an appointment to see him. She was now determined that the station should have a school for all children on the station, if they wanted to attend.


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