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New Arrival

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2013 @ 10:39am by Major Michael Finn & 1st Lieutenant Samantha Leyton

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Runabout Pad #4, Deep Space 12


Major Michael Finn entered the recieving area for Runabout Pad #4. It was crowded, like everywhere else on this station. Here, however the crowd was transient and changing at least. A small team of station personnel operated the bay, but the rest were refugees coming in from the surrounding ships. Not just the runabouts the pad was designed for, but any ship that would fit on it. As he entered, they were just raising the last, a Romulan model Starfleet had designated the Charon Class. He wished he could get aboard. Intelligence reports suggested it was high capacity, long ranged and cloak equipped.

That wasn't an option just now, of course, but he made a note of it for future reference. Most of the ships delivering the refugees to the station had been civilian transports of a variety of designs and origins. This shuttle suggested a Romulan military vessel had arrived, and a good sized one most likely. He wondered what else it might be up to, Romulans being considerably more practical in thier policies about these kind of opportunities than his own masters.

He nodded at one of Haqtaj's Klngons. monitoring the bay. There should be at least two, he knew, but the station's security assets were stretched to the breaking point. He had submitted a request to the upper echelons for Marine support to address that issue, but it had not yet materialized.

He was here to meet one of his team members who hadn't come in with the rest due to the location of her previous ship: Samantha Leyton, Lieutenant JG. He had followed her progress with interest since she had appeared on the scene several years ago. Literally appeared on the scene in fact, having been the victim of a freak temporal displacement that had thrust her two-and-a-quarter centuries into her future to his present. He had been surprised initilally that she hadn't elected to join the Marines but, on reflection, it made sense. As much as he loved the Corps, it was a pale shadow of the MACO forces she had been a distinguished member of in her home time.

Those had been the days, he thought. In rare moments of fanciful reflection he sometimes imagined himself living in that time, when Terra understood and met the need for a strong, capable offensive military and ground fighting capability. That the Federation had survived as long as it had with it's anti-military attitudes was, in his mind, largely a matter of luck combined with the willingness of a relative few to sacrifice everythng to pick up the slack. The sick part was that many of those sacrifices, Marine and Fleeter both and more recently among the civilian population of the Federation, would not have been nessesary if a more realistic approach had been pursued. You'd have thought that the Dominion War would have finally driven home the lesson, but it hadn't.

The whine of the platform and the accompanying arrival announcement brought him out of his reverie. A Starfleet runabout this time, the one he'd been waiting for.

Leyton grabbed her duffel bag and slung it over her shoulder inside the runabout. The runabout's door slid open as Leyton approached and she stepped out onto the busy dock space. Immediately she tensed up at seeing a few romulans in what appeared to be civilian attire being led out of the cargo bay. "Filthy shits," Leyton spat in disgust. She then spotted a man in a military uniform with the rank of major eyeing her. She made her way in a brisk military pace. "I take it you're Major Flinn?" she spoke with her heavy southern US accent as she extended her hand.

Finn took the proffered hand in a strong, firm grip.

"I am." he replied, "And you are Lieutenant Leyton. Welcome aboard...your reputation preceeds you. Not fond of Romulans, I take it?"

"Fought 'em in the Earth-Romulan war, Major. Not fond of 'em would be puttin' it nicely."

Indicating the exit, he added, "Walk with me." and started out.

"Aye, Major," she replied, falling into step beside him.

"I understand your positon Lieutenant." Finn said, moving through the crowd again and leading her out of the bay, "But I'd advise being a little less public about it. This station has about 2,000 Romulan refugees aboard already and more coming in all the time."

Why are we taking care of these Romulans? Leyton wondered. She highly doubted they would have rushed to Earth's aid if it had been Earth that was destroyed. "Understood, major."

"What knd of experiance have you had with Klingons?" Finn asked, "Modern Klingons I mean...our allies."

The idea that the Federation and the Klingons weere allies was still a new concept to her. "Not much. Mostly read about them. Ya ask me, they're too violent and quick temper'd to be trusted in Starfleet."

"I assume you've read the briefing matrerials." Finn said, "Do you have any immediate questions?"

"Aye, Major. What will be mah specific role here?"

"You're here to be my adjutant." Finn replied, "Initially, your primary role will be liason to the station command structure, plugging in through the acting XO, Lieutenant Serge Maschnost. You should hook up with him and start establishing a a dynamic soonest."

"We're actually here to conduct a security survey of the area in the wake of Hobus. Unfortunately, when I arrived last week, I discovered that this station is in such sad shape I haven't even been able to get to anything else. Somehow a force of Imperial Klingons, mostly House Malth, has become the primary Security force here. That's got to change, soon. So your secondary role is to focus on assessing this station from a Security perspective and generate a proposal for a full replacement of the Klingon force with an in-house Starfleet Security detail capable of handling this facility. Try to avoid trouble with the Klingons in the meantime. They are a valuable resource once they are properly in their place and I have a reasonable relationship established with thier leader, Haqtaj Malth. If you have any problems or concerns with the Klingons, refer them to me."

"The most important thing to remember with Klingons is that hey respect strength and aggression. Back down from one and you're buying trouble."

Finn then took a few minutes to describe his initial encounter with Hajtaq.

Leyton chuckled as the major described his encounter. "Ah haven't been known ta back down from anyone yet, major. An' ah don't plan ta do so anytime soon."

"Let's hope not." Finn said.

The conversation had taken them to the area taken over by Finn's group. The two sentries snapped to attention, saluting with their rifles by aligning the weapons with their centerlines, then returning to port arms when Finn answered with a hand salute. He introduced Leyton to them and then led her into the compound.

"We converted an old ore-processing section here, so it's a bit Spartan and dirty." Finn continued, "We have two platoons here, rotating between security and stand-by duty. And the team for the Security assessment, which you'll meet later in the evening briefing. Your arrival has been announce and all your clearances are in place."

Stopping at the foot of a steep, pre-fab metal staircase climbing up into what appeared to be a large, angled ore bin, he added, "Here we are. Your quarters are third on the left up these stairs. We have field replicators set up a little farther down the concourse for basic food and equipment needs. No personal replicators in quarters I'm afraid. There's a networked, encrypted portable computer in your room though. Sync you personal PADD with it and you'll get all the necessary message traffic. Settle in, get the feel of the station and see about hooking up with Maschnost. Any questions or problems, see me. Understood?"

This station definitely wasn't your typical luxurious Federation station. "Understood, major."

"All right, carry on." Finn said, then tured and walked away.



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