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A New Lien on Life

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2013 @ 1:28am by Pardek & Kralta

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: DS12::Promenade

On every ship, starbase and planet, there is someone who handles illicit affairs, an unofficial boss. Pardek knew that he needed additional financing to be successful. He also knew that he wouldn't be able to obtain it through regular channels. This left the underworld. Pardek found two likely candidates to seek out. Kralta and Mac Mohune. He decided to seek out Kralta first. It was the end of the day, so he closed his shop and set out to locate Kralta. The most likely place would be her shop, Kralta's Fine Consumables. Pardek stopped at the door and looked about to see if she was inside.

"Ahh, greetings sir!" Kralta purred, rising from the comfortable chair she had been curled up in in a rustle of fine, delicate fabrics. Setting the small portable computer tablet she had been working with, she glided gracefully across the shop toward Pardek.

"How may I assist you?" she asked.

Pardek considered his words carefully as he looked the Caitian over. "I have heard that you might be interested in investing in the future of Deep Space 12."

"Indeed." the Caitian replied, smiling while carefully avoiding showing her teeth, "I am very interested in the future of this community. What did you have in mind?"

"I have opened a small spice shop on the Promenade. It has become quite successful."

"I have noticed." Kralta replied, without elaboration.

"Since I have arrived, I have noticed the cuisine on this space station to be rather dull."

"Well...that depends on where you eat." Kralta said, "And with whom."

"I have also found a small restaurant, Cafe Parisienne, that could be had for the right price. Unfortunately, I am a little short on funding at the moment. Perhaps, you would be willing to invest in the venture."

"Perhaps indeed?" the Caitian said, "Please step into my office and we can discuss this in more detail."

Turning, she led Pardek into a hallway beyond a curtained arch marked "Private", in several languages, near the back of the main room. Just inside, two tough looking characters stood alertly, apparently to emphasis the message to those who were unable or unwilling to heed it.

Pardek followed Kralta down the hallway and took careful notice of the doors and lack of exits. If Kralta didn't want him to get out, he'd have a rough time for it. Like it or not he was going to be in all the way on this deal.

Continuing down the hall, she guided the Romulan into a small, sumptuously appointed room. The furniture was all low and soft, clearly designed to be reclined upon and shape itself to the configuration of the user's body and low tables held a variety of small art objects. Larger objects and paintings stood or hung around the room in various locations. Exotic scents filled the air and small dishes of various sorts of snacks and confections were scattered about.

"Please, have a seat." Kralta said, "Would you care for food or refreshment?"

He nodded, "Tarkalean tea."

"Of course." Kralta replied, "Please, be seated."

Descending into on of the furnishings, she wriggled sensuously until the flexible structure molded itself to her liking.

Pardek took the offered seat, then leaned forward. It wouldn't do to let himself relax too much in front of a potential investor.

"How much assistance were you thinking of?" she asked.

Meanwhile, an attractive Green Orion female appeared with an ornate tray holding a steaming cup and proffering it silently to Pardek.

Pardek took the offered cup. He inhaled the aroma of the tea, then took a sip as he composed his thoughts. "For 100 bars of gold pressed latinum, I am prepared to offer you a ten percent stake in the business."

"interesting." the Caitian replied, "And would this be a perpetual arrangement, or do you intend to pay it down? Also, we should consider a mutually beneficial vendor arrangement. You will need a wide variety of products on an ongoing basis to make an upscale eatery work. I am in a position to provide most, if not all of those needs. If you would be willing to consider an exclusive or first-option vendor relationship, perhaps you could keep more of your profits under our arrangement."

"In my experience, loans tend to be bad business choices. Yes, a loan can give a starting business the revenue it needs to launch, but then it becomes a burden to further success, whereas an investment means you have a stake in my success. Rather than knocking on my door, threatening to foreclose, etc when business is down, instead, most investors will spread the word about the business in an attempt to help the business succeed." Pardek paused and took a sip of his tea. "I would definitely be interested in a first-option vendor relationship. That would solve a large part of my supply problems."

"It sounds like we have the makings of an accord." Kralta said, "Do you wish to pursue this agreement officially or unofficially?"


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