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Posted on Sat May 25th, 2013 @ 3:45am by 1st Lieutenant Samantha Leyton

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Captain's Office

Harrison looked over the officer standing stiffly to attention in front of him. Yes, he thought, every inch the Marine. Major Finn will be very pleased with you if your ability matches your demeanour. From what he had read in her file, he fully expected that to be the case.

“The reason you are here, Lieutenant, is that an official complaint has been lodged with me.” He made a show of consulting the padd in front of him even though he knew exactly what it said. “You were heard to refer to Romulans in a distinctly derogatory fashion. You did so as you exited the runabout you arrived here on. That is not an auspicious start to your time here.”

"Romulans can't be trusted, sir. They're greedy, selfish, and will stab you in the back at the first opportunity."

“Lieutenant Leyton, the Romulans are our guests. Not matter what you or I or anyone might think about them, that is – and remains – paramount. They will be treated with respect. Do I make myself clear?”

Leyton disagreed and what she thought of other cultures was her business and not that of anyone else unless she acted upon them. She couldn't understand how Starfleet became so soft...likely the influence of Vulcans, she deduced. "Aye, sir."

He referred to the padd again. “Your record states that you were mentioned in dispatches on more than one occasion during the Earth-Romulan War. Let me state that that sits well with me. I come from a long line of naval officers: we acknowledge and respect bravery. However, the Earth-Romulan War is far in our past. The Romulans are not our allies but nor are they our enemies. I will, therefore, not allow anything to happen on this facility which could jeopardize the fragile peace which exists between us. I should also point out that negotiations are current taking place between the Federation and the new Romulan Provisional Government. If word was to get back to the Romulan negotiators that people on facilities offering succor to their displaced citizens hold those citizens in contempt and are known to utter racial slurs about them, it might derail the whole process.”

"Ah doubt the Romulans would have done us the same favor, but yes sir."

“You have your opinions; opinions which were, no doubt, shaped by your experiences. You will keep them to yourself. This is not a secure facility. It would be very easy for a word said in private to leak. It has been said that a lie will travel round the world before the truth gets its boots on. Here, the truth would still be looking under its bed for those boots.”

"Ah understand, sir, but ah cannot and will not turn a blind eye to the Romulans. Any one of those Romulans could be a Tal Shiar operative assigned to sabotage this station or steal information. If ah simply trust them to be innocent civilians, then ah failed mah duty."

“I did not ask you to trust them, Lieutenant, only to be polite and courteous. I have no doubt that there are Tal Shiar among our guests though, frankly, I doubt that is the worst of our problems. We are doing the best we can to accommodate them but resentment is not very far below the surface. You doubted the Star Empire would offer us the same generosity if Sol exploded and I think you are right. I also think that is one of the primary reasons the Federation is doing this; to show the Romulans that we are not like them.

“Many of the Romulans do not view our actions as generosity. They are a proud people; they view it as the Federation taking advantage of their misery. They see themselves as having been forcibly relocated by a government which has abandoned them to a place where they have become an under class.

“Already we have people grumbling about the lack of facilities and having to live with people they consider their social inferiors. And don’t even get them started on co-habitating with Remans! The longer they have to stay here though, the more the resentment will build. For all that they know there is no home to go back to, all many of them want to do is go home. I know Major Finn is concerned about security and I know he does not place much faith in my ability to provide it. Believe me, Lieutenant, I am as concerned as he is. I do not need someone who can not keep her mouth shut inflaming tensions which are already mounting.”

Romulans are spoiled, Leyton thought. They get Remans to fight their battles for them, preferring to do things in the shadow as opposed to open war. Leyton hated shadow work; to her it was a lazy and cowardly act.

“By all means keep a watchful eye over them. If you see anything suspicious or untoward, report it to Major Finn. Anything. But remember, for the most part these are innocent civilians; innocent of the crimes of their government and innocent of any crimes here until it can be proven otherwise.”

"Understood, sir." Leyton replied simply before being dismissed.


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