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Posted on Wed May 22nd, 2013 @ 3:05pm by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & 1st Lieutenant Samantha Leyton

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Station XO Offices

Serge was not looking forward to this.

He needed a new phrase. There hadn't been anything he had looked forward to about his role for weeks now, so there needed to be an extra level of not looking forwardness that could be applied to these types of situations. Unfortunately he was a Physicist, not a linguist. He settled for REALLY not looking forward to it.

Harrison had known waht he was doing, palming the job off onto him. Oh, yes. Now Harrison didn't have to deal with the giant Klingon woman, or the bone-jawed meat-head who would be acting as Finn's 2IC. Serge had no doubt that it would be the sort of person who had, during his accademy days, taken great pleassure in rearranging articles of Serge's undergarments while he was still waering them.

For Serge, barely twenty and only out of the academy for a couple of years, those memories were fresh.

He had practiced being stern and even tried yelling at his refelction in the mirror. He hadn't felt it was very convincing.

On the other side fo the commanders door however the faux tirade had a disturbing affect on the young ensign assigned to act as secretary for this shift. He had heard the stories about Lt Maschnost. According to Jrez he had, singlehandedly, shut down a Borg infection on SB 611 in less than an hour, on his first day of posting. He had been put straight to Lt. (jg) and continued up since. Now he had simply walked of the Honshu and into the role of XO. Even the Marines hadn't been able to oust him.

As if in response to these thoughts, the door from the corridor to the ensigns anteroom opened and in walked a woman in a security gold uniform.

Samantha Leyton looked around, spotting the ensign at the desk. Letting out a sigh, she approached the desk in a brisk pace. "I'm Lieutenant Leyton, here to report into the XO," she stated, sternly. She hated having to have to report to a half dozen people on this station. Would it had been better to just announce her arrival over the station's intercom system?

The ensign nodded to her, "Better you than me. He's been in a foul mood all day, yelling at people over the Comms I think. Watch him, ma'am. By all accounts he's a terror."

A smirk managed to cross her face. Were the inexperienced officers always so intimidated by loud voices. She moved and pressed the chime on the XO's door.

The chime sounded and Serge took a deep breath. He tried to quickly decide where to stand that would look the most business like and imposing. Behind the desk? Made him look like he was waiting. In front of the desk? Too eager. The window? Ah yes. The window staring into space like a wise leader considering the path to the future.

He stepped quickly to look out of the window and called, "Come!"

The door opened and Serge started talking before the newcomer could introduce himself. Still staring out of the window he said, "You are beink the new Marine Liaison, who I am supposed to be putting up with, correct? I want you to know I am knowink of your kind and you are beink..." Serge turned to address the Marine and completely lost control of what he was thinking... "a woman."

Leyton gauged the skinny man in front of her. This was the station's XO? He looked the same age as the ensign at the desk outside the office. "Yes, sir. Ah am a woman. Th' last time ah checked anyways."

"I... I mean... yes, of course. Of course you are beink woman," Serge tried to recover pulling himself up straight. "I am knowink that. You are thinkink, just because you are a marine Lieutenant I am thinkink you are not also being Femenine? Er... Not that Marines are not femenine."

Leyton was not impressed. 'A brain case I take it...hmmm, mother would've liked him."

Serge swollowed. This always happened. No matter how much he practiced in front of a mirror, he never knew how to talk to a girl properly. At times like this he would keep hearing his brother goad him and his mother scolding. 'Give the girl a seat, Serge.'

Serge suddenly stepped forward and grabbed for one of the two chairs that sat in front of the large desk.

"Please be havink a seat."

In the effort to step forward and pull the seat back in the same move without taking his eyes of Leyton, he managed to trip over the front of the chair, do a neat forward roll and land face first at her feet. Somewhere in his head his brother's laughter echoed.

Leyton now had to bite her lip to keep from bursting out laughing. She reached down and offered a hand to help Serge up. "Can ah help you, sir?"

Serge waved his hand vaguely and Sam grabbed it to haul him up. At that moment something very odd happened to Serge. As he rose his crystal blue eyes locked onto Sams and his mind cleared. He shook her hand firmly.

"It is beink an absolute pleasure to meet with you, Lieutenant. I am lookink forward to facilitating an effective conduit of interaction between the Marines and the Starfleet personnel. I trust your initial period of orientation is beink unproblematic?"

"Yes it has, sir," she said simply. She wasn't a department head but she would help to ensure there wasn't any trouble between the Marines and Starfleet. After all, she had some experience in dealing with tensions between two different departments before when MACO was first assigned to the NX Class Enterprise.

Suddenly Serge realized he was still holding Leyton's hand. He snatched his back with a sudden jerk, trying to step backwards at the same time and succeeding only in falling backwards over the chair that was still lying on the ground behind him.

Leyton failed to hold back a smile as she stepped forward and again offered a hand to him. "Take it easy, sir." She could tell when a man was nervous around a woman--she had known some such men in high school. "Just think of meh as an officer and less as a woman."

Serge stammered as he tried to extricate himself from the chair, "Oh, no, it is not beink that. I could not think of you any less feminine. Erm... Not that I am not thinking you are femenine. I mean, when I am thinkink of you, you are beink a fine woman. Not that I am thinkink of you..."

She finally grasped his flailing hand and as his rose his words cleared, "... I merely am meanink that it would be remis of me to treat you in a manner unbecoming of your rank and position, reguardless of the difficulties it may be presentink me due to my own anxieties and inexperience. I am trusting to your discretion in helpink me continue to maintain a good wisage for the sake of my role as executive officer. Obiwously if you were to find my manner distressing or inappropriate I could arrange for you to liaise through another member of staff. I am hopink however that these aberations in my behaviour will prove incosiquential in our dealings."

Again he pulled his hand away as if burnt, "...or ... or somethink."

Leyton sighed and hoped the station would have a new XO soon. The man may be a good scientist, but it took more than being smart to prove yourself as a competent leader. "Your secret is safe with meh sir."

Serge swallowed. He was feeling deeply unsettled now. Why couldn't you caclulate human interactions as easily as temporal instabilities.

"Was there anything else you are needink now, Lt Leyton?" he hazarded.

Leyton was half tempted to give the man a kiss and give him a heart attack--ridding the station of him. "No sir."

Serge simply swallowed and nodded, "Good. Dismissed."


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