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A Promenade on the Promenade

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2013 @ 1:57pm by Pardek

Mission: Part of the Team
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Harrison had nothing pressing on hand; nothing that couldn’t wait an hour or so. He decided that a walk along the Promenade was called for. He could do with the exercise; this sitting down all day was starting to make him soft. Anyway, it would be good to show his face on the station. He firmly believed that a good commander needed to be approachable. After all, this was far more than a home for Starfleet personnel. There was a sizable civilian population and it was growing as new businesses opened up. He should make time to visit the refugees but he was cognizant of the fact that they were still settling in and that they viewed him as Starfleet and therefore to be trusted only when such trust had been won. Until then, they were, for the most part, wary of him.

Even so, there were some Romulans whose friendship he sought to foster. One of those was on his itinerary for this walk, the merchant Pardek.

As he was passing Kralta’s Fine Consumables, he spotted an unknown face enter Café Parisienne. He brought up the list of recent arrivals in his mind. Ah, our new person in Ops, he thought. It took him a moment longer to put a name to the face.

Might as well start liaising with Romulans now, he thought. Maybe a cup of coffee would be in order. Let’s see if this ‘new and improved’ establishment is as good as it is touting itself to be.

He saw his quarry as soon as he passed through the door. “May I?” he asked, indicating the chair across from her.

Lt. s'Arriufvi replied with a polite smile. "Sure, Commander Harrison, take a seat."

“You would be Lieutenant s'Arriufvi,” he observed. “Forgive me asking but were any of your family caught in the Hobus incident?”

S'Arriufvi thought the question intrusive but, then again, maybe the noise in the cafe made her mishear. Was this human really asking her such a personal question?

Romulans are proud and arrogant people. S'Arriufvi probably wouldn't take too kindly to being asked such a question by a stranger. In this instance she decided that, as this was her new CO, it best to answer him.

"Yes, Commander. I had relative on Romulus. My mother's father was a Senator and a member of the Tal Shiar for over 20 years and my mother's mother was also a Senator in the Romulan Senate for over 20 years too. That was before the destruction of Romulus happened."

A waiter had approached while s'Arriufvi was answering but, seeing them deep in conversation, had politely stepped away. Harrison now called him over. “Coffee, please. Flat white, no sugar.” He looked to s'Arriufvi. “Can I get you anything, Lieutenant?”

"Coffee, Romulan Blend Number 37-Theta," s'Arriufvi replied. She smirked at the corner of her mouth as she said ordered off the menu; ''and steamed Romulan Jumbo Mollusks."

“We have a Romulan merchant started up on the Promenade; Pardek is his name. I am told that his stock is rather limited at the moment; he only has what was on his ship when Hobus exploded. Still, I believe it is all good quality. I was intending to pay a visit; would you care to join me when you've eaten?”

S'Arriufvi thought for a moment before answering. Yes, Commander, I will join you to pay a visit to this Romulan merchant." She smiled back. "I believe Romulan goods are all good quality too."

Harrison rose and waited politely while s'Arriufvi rose as well. Together they walked out the door.

Pardek's Emporium

Business had been brisk lately. Pardek was currently working on organizing his stock. If his deal with Kralta worked out, it would be the next step in his plans for expansion. He had already taken on several of the displaced Romulans to work in his shop. It was only a matter of time until phase one of his plan was complete. His current strategy involved patience, though. Empires that are built overnight tend to fall overnight. He would take his time and try not to become too heavily indebted to Kralta.

Harrison opened the door and heard a tinkling sound. Looking up, he saw a small bell attached so that the door knocked it when pushed. He smiled; it was a quaint, old fashioned touch that instantly had him liking this shop. He stood back, still grasping the door with one hand and ushered Lieutenant s'Arriufvi in with the other.

“Now, I am relying on your expertise here, Lieutenant,” he said. “I know nothing of Romulan condiments and I would not like to be led astray.”

He turned to a Romulan who had appeared from behind a counter. He did not think it was Pardek but he had never been good with faces. “The Lieutenant here has offered to assist me in a spot of shopping. I would be indebted to you if you could offer suggestions from your range of goods.”

S'Arriufvi walked over to the man. “Jolan'tru,” she said. “Are you new to this job? How well do you know the stock in this shop? What can you recommend to Commander Harrison as far as food choices go, please? Please, can you enlighten us on the Romulan condiments and goods in stock. What would you recommend for Romulan fare for Commander Harrison and I to buy?”

Hifveid looked over the Romulan in a Starfleet uniform. He paused before answering. "Slow down. I can only answer so many questions at once."

S'Arriufvi looked over one of the stands in the shop then at goods sitting on a shelf. "Why is the range of stock you sell in the shop still only small?"

"As you know, the destruction of Romulus has left things in a sort of disarray. Pardek arrived at this station with only the goods that he had managed to purchase before the...." He paused for a moment, then gathered himself, "....before the event. Pardek expects to expand his stock as...," Hifveid thought about the correct Federation phrase, " he is able to afford to do so. He is currently working to establish trading agreements to allow him to restock and expand."

S'Arriufvi turned to her CO. "I also would not like to be lead astray either, Commander Harrison." She turned back to Hifveid. "What is the quality of the goods you are selling?"

Hifveid appeared to be taken aback. "I assure you, Lieutenant, the quality of our goods is first rate."

The prompt and assured reply seemed to satisfy s'Arriufvi. "Can you also give some Romulan recipe suggestions please to try out; if that is OK with you?" she asked the young employee.

"As far as suggestions for recipes, Pardek doesn't carry a cookbook, although I will suggest that he may look towards stocking one in the future. I could give you one to create an Osol twist. It's a kind of confection that seems to translate well to Federation tastes."

“That sounds like a good place to start,” Harrison said. “Let’s go with that. If you could package up the necessary ingredients, my good man.... Don’t concern yourself with writing out the recipe right now. Send it to my padd when you have some spare time; that will do fine. Lieutenant, I think we have taken up enough of this young man’s time. I have some other places I would like to visit but, for now, I bid you adieu. Thank you for accompanying me, it has been pleasant.”

Hifveid set about packaging the ingredients. "Thank you, Commander."

S’Arriufvi smiled at Harrison. "I can assist you with making an Osol twist and a few other Romulan dishes that my mother used to make back on Draken IV...if that is OK with you, Commander Harrison."

Harrison thought it best to dodge that offer. “How much do I owe you?” he asked as the package was handed over.

Hifveid did a quick calculation in his head. "For this relatively small order, 20 slips of latinum."

“Tw....” It sounded a lot for a few ingredients. He shrugged. In all likelihood, Romulan condiments were hard to come by right now. Maybe when things stabilized and Pardek sourced regular supplies the prices would come down. He handed over his details.

"Do want to meet me in Café Parisienne for a cup of coffee and a chat to get know each other better?" s’Arriufvi asked as they left the shop.

This is becoming awkward, Harrison thought. It's one thing to accompany a junior officer on a quick shopping trip but quite another to consort with her. I know she's only trying to be friendly but there are limits. “Maybe some other time,” he replied noncommittally, while desperately hoping he was not offending her.

S'Arriufvi saw the consternation in Harrison's eyes. "Commander, you are not offending me at all, I was only trying be friendly to you. For Romulans, there are limits to fraternisation but I am unsure here on a Starfleet vessel. Maybe some other time. Jolan'tru,” she said.

S’Arriufvi walked down the Promenade, heading back to Ops to start her duty shift at the Operations console at 1500 hrs.


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