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Posted on Fri May 24th, 2013 @ 7:18am by Legate Vadrek

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Vadrek's quarters

Vadrek read the message for a third time. He still could not believe it. He had even gone so far as to decrypt it again in case he had used the wrong code. It was, he knew, a stupid gesture but he had to make it. Had he have gotten it wrong, the message would have been nonsense. As it stood, it was little better than that.

Gul Keshac was en route to Deep Space 12. It was bad enough that the wretched woman had been rehabilitated and was active again in Cardassian politics but that she should come here....

Vadrek had thought her dead and buried after the fiasco with the abduction of Commander Lam. Certainly that ignominious affair should have been the end of her. Life would have been so much simpler had that have been the case.

Why here? he asked himself. It made no sense. Well, actually it does, on so many levels, he was forced to admit. With Soraya Delrisa so central to the Romulan refugee relief, the site of the persecutor of her former commanding officer could have marked affects. As well, it would give Keshac an opportunity to see, first hand, the state of DS12 since Commander T’Rena’s departure.

Vadrek, who did not think a lot of Commander Harrison, did not fancy the thought of that. His opinion on the preparedness of DS12 to meet an attack was not high. Major Finn was trying hard to remedy the situation but had had too little time to make a great deal of difference. Vadrek’s efforts were centred on a peaceful return of DS12 to Cardassian control. He did not need someone like Keshac deciding that military force could do the job quicker and easier. It would damage the station leading to costly repairs and the allocation of raw materials which Cardassia could ill afford. Anyway, Finn struck him as the sort of man who would blow the station up rather than had it over.

There were far worse considerations though. Vadrek was still of the firm belief that Keshac was involved in one or other of the various separatist groups. Vadrek had seen confidential reports of a new group calling itself The Order of 12 operating in and around what the Federation had taken to calling the Gavarian Corridor. They appeared to be small and confined in their activity to that sector of space but that did not mean they were not forging links with other groups. Keshac’s sudden re-appearance could therefore be part of something far bigger.

On reflection, Vadrek doubted it. Keshac was inherently secretive. She liked to operate by herself, or with a small coterie of lackeys around her. Add to that an innate desire to keep all the glory to herself and you had someone disinclined to get involved in others’ plots.

Still, maybe I should have a quiet talk to our dear Commanding Officer and see if I can elicit some information.

That was not to say she did not think big; the kidnapping of Lam proved that. Only that.... Only that Gul Keshac did not get where she is by alienating people, Vadrek amended. She is very good at weaving people into her web then calling on them when the time is ripe. You’ve already found that out to your cost, Vadrek. You are a Detapa Councillor and the Legate to this station. None of that will protect you if you misstep in Keshac’s presence. She is active again which means she has regained standing among influential people on Cardassia Prime. Knowing Keshac, it is people who could bring your career down with but a single word. She was never one for half measures.

That still left the question of why here and why now? The obvious answer was the military manoeuvres along the border. Initially, Vadrek had dismissed them as so much sabre rattling, designed to pressure the Federation during negotiations for the return of Roark Nor; now known as Deep Space 12. Maybe he would have to reassess that opinion. It would not do to be hasty though. Keshac might not be the person of influence she once was. She might now be merely a pawn in some larger game. It was not unknown in the byzantine maze that was Cardassian politics.

Only time will tell. You can but prepare as best you can and cross your bridges only as you come to them.


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