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Posted on Wed Jul 3rd, 2013 @ 3:10pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Klingon embassy

Harrison entered the door and stood waiting to be recognised. Maybe the best way to approach a Klingon was a full-frontal assault but that was not his way. This was Starfleet and their were protocols to be observed.

The Klingon behind the desk in Starfleet uniform looked up and snapped to attention. “Sir! What can I do for you?”

Harrison was impressed. Would that all my crew gave me that level of courtesy! he thought.

“I wish to see your commanding officer, Madame Haqtaj.” Haqtaj Matlh was now Starfleet herself but to Harrison she would probably always be the Klingon Ambassador. “You would be Petty Officer Vartog, I presume.”

“I am, Sir. I have the privilege to be Madame Haqtaj’s adjutant.” Without taking his eyes off Harrison and seemingly without bending he reached for his appointments padd.

“Before you go looking, no I do not have an appointment. Matters rush before us and I need to speak to Madame...Lieutenant....” he corrected.... “Haqtaj urgently.”

Vartog pressed a button on his desk. “Commander Harrison wishes to see you, Madame,” Vartog announced.

Harrison noted the omission of the word ‘urgently’.

A stream of invectives can be heard across the comms but the general impression from Vartog's response was that Haqtaj would see him now. Harrison entered before she changed her mind.

The room was markedly different from when he had been last in here. All of the banners and house markings had been removed and Haqtaj had two large crates of her stuff. She was trying to stick a rolled banner into an already bulging container.

"The Council have decided, since I am serving as Security officer, that it would be a conflict of interests to have me as Ambassador on this station any longer and are sending a replacement. I am moving my stuff out. I don't know how long before the replacement arrives, so I will still fill the role until he/she does. In what capacity did you wish to see me?"

“Lieutenant Machnost had some words with me after the meeting,” he said without preamble. “It has raised matters which I need to discuss with you. Major Finn is dealing with defence of the station should we come under attack. Commander Burkeson is organising a mission to see what the Cardassians are up to. We now have a Federation Marshall on board who will take an active role in Commander Burkeson’s investigation. Lieutenant Mashnost is preparing contingency plans in the event of an attack and the need to evacuate.”

"Evacuate?" Haqtaj stopped what she was doing and considered. "It is not a strategy that I had considered, but makes sense. You have a large population of untrained personnel who cannot be expected to help in the station's defence. They are a liability in battle; may even lead to complications such as hostages and the like.

"He has not spoken to me about this yet. In fact he has not come to see me at all since taking the role of XO. If anything he has been avoiding me. No matter, I do not need his permission to do the job. I assume though, you want my assistance with the evacuation drills?"

“What I need from you, Lieutenant, is an appraisal of the situation with our guests. What would be their reaction to a Cardassian attack? I see many scenarios unfolding and none of them are pretty. I need you to tell me which are likely and which are just flights of my fancy.”

"Guests?" Haqtaj was confused for a moment, "Oh, the refugees. Well, I am afraid I am not privy to the relationship between Cardassians and Romulans any more than you... but..."

She hesitated as if considering something carefully, "There is a Romulan merchant still on the station. He is a shop owner, not a refugee. He may be able to give you better insight.

"As for evacuation, you have four bodies of people to consider. Firstly you have your own Federation civilians. They should be easy to manage and direct. My dealings with them to date has been surprisingly smooth and amiable. They seem to understand the precarious nature of our position. Then you have the Romulan Refugees. It may be worth sending an order to redirect or reduce the incoming flow of refugees. We don't want to get to a situation where all our escape ships are full of Romulans. If the Romulans are sensible, they will be quite happy to leave a station under attack. Let's face it, they have already fled one disaster.

"Next you have my people. They will be a little harder to dislodge, since they are not used to abandoning a position. However, if we were to initiate a tactical withdrawal it may be manageable. I would suggest they be removed only after the first two groups. Lastly you have your own security and military personnel. Security will do what you need, hold or withdraw. I cannot speak with confidence about Finn. He is hard headed and may pull a 'Nelson' on you."

"Generally, I concur with that. Draw up plans for a 'strategic withdrawal', though if it comes to that contingency, it will be Klingons and Starfleet together. I do not think there is a Klingon on this base will believe a strategic withdrawal is underway if Starfleet personnel are staying on board."

Haqtaj's eyes glinted, "I agree. Now if there is nothing more you want...." She hefted a box of very sharp and heavy metal objects into his arms, " can help me carry that over to the Security office."


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