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Checking in with Home Base

Posted on Sun Jun 23rd, 2013 @ 9:10am by Jillian Forst

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Captain's Office

Harrison walked out of his office and across Ops to Comms. He leant close in to Lieutenant zh’Zarath. “Open a link to Starfleet Intelligence, please,” he ordered quietly.

"Aye commander." The lieutenant took a few moments to bring up the link.

Harrison waited while a secure link was established. “Patch it through to my office please, Lieutenant.”

"They are being a late on responding sir, I'll let you know when I've reached them." zh'Zarath watched as Harrison left ops. It wasn't everyday you had to get a hold of SI."

The answering chime came as he was still walking back to his desk. “Harrison,” he called.

“Putting you through to Starfleet Intelligence’” he heard in response; much too loudly for his liking. He looked back over his shoulder. The doors were closed and no-one in Ops was taking any notice.

He waited...and waited. Like any bureaucracy, Starfleet was in no hurry to do anything.

A rather gaunt looking man with a shaved head appeared on the screen, the gray trappings that were tell tale Starfleet Intelligence and Lieutenant Commander pips on his collar stood out from the featureless office on the screen.

“Lieutenant Commander Nelson Harrison,” he announced. “Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

"Commander is fine for now. I apologize for the wait. What can SI do for you Commander?" The man leaned forward a little bit studying the screen.

“Thank you. You are, by now, no doubt aware of the military build up along the Cardassian border. Legate Vardek, the Cardassian Ambassador on this station, has assured me that it is no more than exercises. I would like your assessment, please.”

"We can never know what The Cardassians are truly up to. Maybe an exercise, maybe something more, maybe trying to rattle the saber for the news reels back home. I personally think it is the later but Intel has not shown any aggression towards the Federation or the Fleet at this time. I hope that will fill your curiosity for the moment, Commander."

It did not but he let it slide for the moment. His mother always said it is easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar; this might be a time to see if she was right.

“Another matter has come to my attention of which you might not be aware,” he said instead. “Gul Keshac is active again.”

The Man picked up a pad and logged in this bit of information. "What information do you have on that incident Commander? Perhaps we can suss out some information from our channels that may shed some more light on the situation."

“It seems that her incarceration was shorter than expected,” Harrison noted sourly. “She has been seen aboard one of the ships taking part in the ‘exercises’. It is a matter of record that she wants DS12 returned to Cardassian control and is not particular about how she achieves that end.”

"That is troublesome indeed." The officer looked off screen for a moment then returned. "Have you identified her as a credible threat? Anything that can corroborate hostile action towards your station?"

“Legate Vardek has expressed concern that she will attempt to bring dissident groups together in common cause against the Federation. I share that concern. Therefore, I would like any intelligence you have on a group known as The Order of 12 and any other groups which might send feelers in my direction.”

The intelligence officers visage turned from pale to slightly darker at the request. "Vardek? Do you know for a fact that he is not feeding you disinformation?"

“No, I do not,” Harrison replied. “With Vardek, I think it safer not to assume anything. My predecessor thought him devious and I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise. However, he gave the information about Keshac freely and without a hint of wanting anything for it. My impression is that he is as keen to see Keshac’s wings clipped as I am.”

"Commander, we tend to take into consideration the views of our officers on the ground. As much as we like to be everywhere at once, we have been stretched a bit thin lately with the Romulans. I've never known a Cardassian to offer anything up without it being a calculated play, though. We'd like for you to pursue this a bit, I'm going to forward you over what information I can on current insurrection minded groups along the frontier." The officer hit a button on the side of the desk and sent the information over subspace.


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