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Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2013 @ 6:49pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Crystal Line

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: The Promenade

"What am I going to do with out you?" his sweet voice asked her.

She looked into his still startling blue eyes and lovingly stroked his paper thin cheek Her heart was breaking and she felt the familiar sting of tears once more at the corner of her eyes. Her throat felt tight with emotion, David was slipping away from her and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't breakdown, not now, she had to be strong, for both of them.

"You'll see me again one day." she told him "When my time comes you'll be there waiting for me."

Davids eyes held hers for as long as he could and when the light finally faded from them she was free to cry. She had lost her soul mate and the one true love of her life.


Somewhere a voice was calling, her name wasn't June it was Crystal.


More insistent this time, probing her mind and pulling her away from the one place she wanted to be.

"Wake up June."

Her eyes slowly opened from sleep, the dream still stayed with her but she knew it would eventually fade, as it had done so many times before. "How many times have I got to tell you, my name's not June naymore. It's Crystal, call me Crystal."

"This vessel is registered under David and June Line" replied the computer. "You are June Line"

"David is dead" she told the computer. No matter how many times she had said it. It still hurt so much to mention his name. "Its just June now but I have changed my name to Crystal." Damn computer she thought why did it have to be so defiant.

David, her husband, had been an engineer and had built the small craft she was now piloting. They had intended to travel and enjoy life and the ship was to cater for their every needs. They had only been out of the ship yards a few months when they discovered how ill David was. Their plans were put on hold and the 'Aurora' was put back into the hangar.

Six months later David died in her arms and it was another year before Crystal, or June as she used to be called, had got tired of the life she was leading. She was almost 70 when she decided to take the Aurora off planet and visit those places that she and David had planned to go to together. Her family weren't too pleased. They wanted her near and safe but June wanted more and was more determined than ever to keep being as independent as she could.

After much arguing and discussion among her family, June went anyway. A few weeks later June stopped off at Silvestra 5, the first planet on their list, known for its beauty and its friendly peaceful people. She stayed a while.

A year later here she was about to dock with DS12. With a new name, a new business venture and a new outlook on life.

A large ginger tabby cat pounced on her lap, and began to purr very loudly bringing her out of her reverie. He was an overly large earth cat with legs the size of young tree trunks. He had loved David too, he had been his cat but since Davids death he had never left her side.

"Bonnington" She smiled and stroked the top of his soft furry head "Were nearly at our new home my handsome. I wonder if there will be any space mice for you to catch."

Bonnington turned around twice on her lap and gave the view screen a cursory glance before sighing heavily and settling on her lap. Now as she was so close to the station she was beginning to get nervous and wondered if she was doing the right thing.

"Of course were doing the right thing aren't we Bonners?" she asked him.

Bonnington, just curled up in a furry ball and contentedly purred away. She took that as a signal to mean that everything would be just fine.


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