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Taking the tour, Pt 1.5

Posted on Sat Jun 22nd, 2013 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Cafe Parisienne
Timeline: Moments after Tour point 1.0

Bannister shook his head. Jill had played him well. He hoped that was a good sign so far as he skills and not the future of their relationship as a whole. He finished his drink and, as the waitress looked his way, he raised the empty glass. She came back a moment later and gave him a full glass, "Here you go. One synthoholic Guinness."

He nodded, "Rather a sin and not as good as the real thing, but I am some what on duty. To be honest, I'd also prefer not to be sloshed my first day on station."

The waitress chuckled, "I understand, hun. The back is working on your order as we speak."

"You are a doll. Thank you," Wolfric said with a genuine smile. The waitress smiled back before retreating toward the bar. In the meantime, he quietly worked on his drink and watched the people for a while. After talking with Jillian, he was more curious about the crew and residents than ever. He wondered in an off handed matter what the next person or people he met would be like.

"Momma, can I have a cheese grilled?"

"Let's see what they have, first we have to get a table," Soraya said as her daughter dragged her into the café. As they were seated Annabella waved to a classmate nearby and announced to the server and several nearby patrons that she was a four-year.

Wolf looked up as a little girl and, he presumed, her mother took a seat at a table kitty corner to his own. He tried not to smile as she announced her age to anyone who would listen. A small smile spread across his face despite his efforts. The child's companion was a nice looking woman with dark hair and almost olive colored skin who wore a Medical/Sciences teal uniform. He watched them curiously, mostly out of the corner of his eye as he continued his people watching, though a glance went their way from time to time.

Annabella was quiet now as her mother spoke with the server. She relaxed her mind and let the emotions of those around her wash over her psyche; she felt the flush of warmth from a nearby couple on a first date followed by a crushing sense of loss as a woman scrolled through pictures of her recently deceased father. The sensations lapped at her mind like lazy waves and as she had not learned to control her empathy she simply endured them.

A new sensation crept toward her, this time humor coupled with curiosity. These were emotions she knew well. She turned towards the man seated nearby.

"Hello," she said. "What's your name?"

Wolf tilted his head somewhat, his somewhat rugged features softening a little more as the little girl came over to him and spoke. He said, "Hello yourself. My name's Wolfric, but most of my friends just call me Wolf. What's your name?"

"I'm Annabella. I'm a four year," the child replied, holding up four fingers to emphasize the point. "Your eyes are pretty, are you a wolf?" she added.

"Anna, please don't bother the gentleman," Soraya said. "I am sorry, she is quite... precocious," the doctor said, smiling apologetically at Wolfric.

"No trouble at all, ma'am," Wolf said respectfully even if he technically outranked her. He smiled at Anna, "And thank you Anna. No, I am not actually a wolf as in the animal. It's just easier to say than my full name."

He said, "It's very nice to meet you both." He then smiled at the girl before looking up at her mother, "Marshal Wolf Bannister, at your service ma'am."

"Doctor Soraya Delrisa," the CMO replied with a smile.

"Can I call you Wolf?" Annabella asked. She liked the warm feeling she got from him; it reminded her of Auntie Haqtaj. "Are you a doctor like mommy?"

"You may absolutely call me Wolf, if you like. And I am a Federation Marshal," he looked thoughtful for a second then added for Anna's benefit, "It's a lot like station security but instead of just a ship or a space station, my job is to protect the whole Federation."

He glanced at Soraya again, "Medical Doctor or.....?"

"The whole Federation, that's more than a hundred people!" Annabella exclaimed, wide eyed. A nearby couple chuckled.

Soraya smiled, shaking her head at her daughter's observation. "Yes, Marshal, I am actually the station CMO. Medical and Security have been working overtime with the Romulan refugees, I haven't gotten out much recently. I wasn't aware that Marshals had been stationed here, are you new to DS Twelve?" the doctor asked.

Wolf managed a lopsided grin, managing the conversations with mother and daughter pretty smoothly. Annabella was adorable and she was very easy to like it seemed. He wasn't the most experienced with young kids, but he'd been around a few. Only a few had the ability to really have the potential to get under his skin, and she was increasingly climbing to the top of his list.

"A lot more, Anna. Hundreds and hundreds of people," he said with a warmly amused sparkle in his eyes. With a wink to the young girl, Wolfric looked back to the doctor, "I just got here a little under two hours ago. I tend to pack light so it was a quick official hello to Commander Harrison, I moved my stuff to my quarters and decided to take the tour, as it were. I'm happy you got a little bit of a break. It's been a while since I had such pleasant company."

Bannister looked around briefly before asking a little pensively, "In fact, I was curious.....Are you intent on that table or would you care to join me?"

"It seems that one of us already has," Soraya said with a smile, "I'd love to." She stood up and seated herself across from Wolfric. Annabella stayed next to him.

"So what brought you way out here to our little station?" she asked.

"The recent....activity....At starbases 101 and 102 has gotten some folks on high in the Federation a bit worried. The smuggling from Rihansu into Federation territory has also ruffled their feathers. So, Federation Security decided they needed to send someone in that had a broader territorial scope, a more vast range of abilities to bind and loose in terms of dealing with the bad guys than most security officers have, and they wanted someone who'd worked closely with Klingons," Wolf explained. He grinned lopsidedly again, "I think that I figured out why on that last part, at least in part, when I checked in at security after meeting Mr. Harrison."

"You have worked with the Klingons? I did my internship on a small station near Boreth," the doctor said. "I must admit having experience with the Klingon people has been a benefit on this station."

"I fought along side a number of KDF units during the Dominion War. I even had a stint on one of their ships," he said with a bit of a glint in his eyes. "It was a crash course in Klingon etiquette in more than one way. Ended well enough. I survived the fight, a General gave me his personal Dk'tag and I spent a night long celebration with his crew and survived that more or less intact."

"I made a few friends, developed a taste for some of their foods and drinks, learned more about them, and became a better marine to boot," Wolf said. He blinked, "How thoughtless of me. I've already ordered my food. Would you both like something?" He glanced at Anna, "Grilled cheese, was it?"

"Grilled cheese!" she repeated with a grin. The server had rounded the table and placed the plate in front of the girl.

"We ordered just before my daughter accosted you," Soraya said. "She certainly doesn't have trouble making friends."

Wolfric smiled, pretty much charmed by the girl like few other kids her age could, and rather impressed with her mother. He started to wonder in an idle if a Marshal who held a fleet rank of Commander warranted getting treated by the CMO. If he had to deal with medical stuff, he'd prefer someone he knew and trusted. So far Soraya seemed to off to a good start on both.

He asked, "I hope noone would be squeemish about a burger with a side of gagh coming soon?"

"Ohhh gagh," Annabella cooed, dropping her sandwich. "Auntie Haqtaj makes me gagh when we have sleepovers," she added matter-of-factly.

Soraya saw Wolf's raised eyebrow. "Ambassador Haqtaj is kind enough to take care of Anna when I have to go off station. I raised her on several Klingon dishes, she especially loves bahgol," she said. Annabella nodded enthusiastically.

"Tell you what," he said with a wisp of a smile, "You do well with the grilled cheese, and you get some of my gagh as a treat for it. Care to try for that, Anna?"

"Yes Mr. Wolf," the girl said. She opened her mouth wide to take a big bite and was met with a look from her mother. She quickly added, "Thank you, Mr. Wolf."

He grinned at the doctor still rather impressed by both of them and hoped to get to know them better he asked, "Get anything for yourself?"

"Just some comfort food from my home back on Earth; its called esqueixada, its a grilled vegetable and fish salad. My mother used to make it every Saturday," Soraya said. "I remember opening the door and smelling the peppers and onions." She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. She slowly opened them again.

"It's my go-to meal after a particularly long shift. Esqueixada just makes everything seem right. Here's our food now, you must try it!" she said as the server delivered their entrees.

"I certainly would not be adverse to trying it. This happens to be one of my go to indulgences after a long trip," he said motioning to the rather well apportioned and decorated burger with side of wriggling gah. "The side isn't quite standard with a hamburger, I know, but as mentioned I did spend a bit of time with the KDF and, with my mother having been a chef, I tend to look and go for interesting combinations."

Annabella finished her sandwich, not really paying attention to what her mother or the nice Mr. Wolf were saying. Grownup stuff, talking about food and cooking. The feelings coming from him were warmer now, even... protective? The sensation was like a warm blanket; mama always felt like that and the only other person was Auntie. It was a wonderful feeling, and when she finished her last bite and smiled up at him he smiled back oh! the sensation felt like a hug. True to his word, Mr. Wolf put some of his gagh on her plate, and she thanked him again and enjoyed every bite.

"This was an unexpected pleasure, it was so nice talking to you Wolf," Soraya said as she and Annabella stood.

Bannister stood as well, a small smile on his face as he replied, "I have to admit, I am very pleasantly surprised myself. I sincerely hope we can do it again sometime soon."

Soraya glanced down at her daughter; the girl had liked him instantly.

"I'd like that," the doctor said with a warm smile.

"That sounds great," he replied with a sparkle in his eyes. He looked at Annabella with a grin and said, "And for you, I hope to share some more gagh before long as well."

Annabella nodded and waved shyly, then turned to follow her mother.

He watched them as they turned the corner and headed back out to the Promenade. He began to walk out himself with he noticed a pair of very dark eyes had popped back through the doorway.

Annabella touched Wolf gently on the hand and he bent over slightly to hear her whisper;

"Don't worry, she likes you too!"


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