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Good Passing Trade

Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2013 @ 9:15pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Crystal Line

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Promenade DS12

The good ship 'Aurora' was safely and neatly tucked away in one of the hangar bays of DS12. Her cargo was unloaded and stored until Crystal and her cat Bonnington were ready to unpack and fit out the shop she was to call Metamorphosis. She wheeled their personal belongings on a trolley to their new shop in one of the units on the Promenade of DS12.

Bonnington complained by meowing very loudly when Crystal placed him in his cat carrier. He complained even more bitterly when he was checked out by the V.E.T. The V.E.T didn't seem to know a lot about cat behaviour Crystal thought, as he didn't escape Bonningtons vicious claws quick enough. A very short time later Bonners was declared fit by the V.E.T and free of any kind of flea known in the Starfleet animal database. Much to the delight of his human.

"Any problems, just bring him back in." The V.E.T told her as he used a dermal regenerator on his arm. He only hoped it wouldn't be in the near future, troublesome cat. He looked at Bonnington who being a cat had already lost interest in the V.E.T and was ignoring him by cleaning his paw. But Bonnington being Bonnington was ready and on the alert incase the V.E.T should try a different tactic.

The Promenade on Deep Space 12 was fairly busy with people coming and going and Crystal hoped that her shop would be among the ones here. With plenty of people buzzing about she felt sure that the shop would be successful. As she progressed along the promenade however the crowd thinned out and became quieter. Suddenly nagging doubts started to twist and turn inside her. She had a lot at steak in this venture.

For what seemed an interminable amount of time, which in fact was only a few minutes, she arrived at her shop but all was not as it seemed. For a start there was no sign above the front of the shop, as promised. And it looked, well it looked for all intense purposes dead, dark and unappealing. What was going on?

She sighed with irritation and shook her head. It was then she noticed someone in a Starfleet uniform standing outside the main door with a PADD in his hand, glancing around as if he was waiting for someone. Which indeed he was.

Ensign Thomas Stills, fresh out of Starfleet Academy and on his first tour of duty, had started his shift in quite a happy chirpy mood. However after checking out shop unit number 19
and getting it ready for its new owner his mood had somewhat changed. The unit hadn't been used for quite sometime and when Tom switched on the power everything was fine for a little while and then a relay blew and cut the power from two other shops as well as number 19.

When the relay was repaired a few hours later everything seemed fine but power couldn't be restored to number 19 and like many things on DS12 the cause as yet was unknown.

Knowing that the new owner was due anytime soon he wondered what he was going to do. Looking at the database, there where other units available but most not suitable for what the new owner had in mind. He reviewed what the shop Metamorphosis was all about and above all he really wanted to make a good impression. Suddenly he had found the perfect place for it.

Crystal pushed her air trolley up to the young man in a very determined way and prepared herself for some bad news. She'd dealt with bad news before, she could handle it.

The young Starfleet ensign had decided right there and then to offer up one of his best smiles when he noticed the lady pushing the trolley towards him. He thought that his smile might help soften the blow of the bad news he was about to deliver but also offered up hope as well. She looked old enough to be his Grandmother and she didn't look happy either.

"Pleased to meet you Ma'mm. I'm Ensign Tom Stills in charge of allocating units on the Promenade. I'm sorry to tell you but your unit er" Tom looked down at his PADD to check the name. "Metamorphosis, has had some problems and it will be a while before we can have it up and running for you."

"Nooooooo" replied Crystal irritably "Don't you realise that I... I have come a long way. I have stock ready and waiting to fill my shop. Ensign Stills..."

"I know Ma'mm I understand completely. What I can offer you, either temporary or permanently is another unit that's ready now. To be honest with you I think it would suit your needs better."

Crystal thought it would be better than nothing at all and only hoped that it was placed in a better position than the original one.

Someone wise told her that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

"Its down this way." Tom told her, interrupting her thoughts. "Its literally just become available. Its fitted out to a good standard. Trade is strong and the business before had an excellent track record in growing turnover and profits ."

"You sound like an estate agent." she remarked

Tom flashed another white smile as he led her back to the more busiest part of the Promenade. It has good potential and you'll be just two shops away from the Cafe Parisienne which is being renovated as we speak."

"Tell me dear boy, what happened to the last occupier of this shop?"

"He had to leave quite suddenly due to future family commitments."

They stopped outside an empty shop unit. She had to agree that it did look good. It had a fine central location and a good display space. Everything about it seemed good so far except for the sign above the shop. That would have to go of course.

'Joyfull. A Fine Flower Emporium.'

Tom opened the door and the lingering smell of flowers greeted her instantly as if it was embedded in its very core. Some perfumes Crystal recognised some she didn't but she took it as a good sign and that the shop was somehow welcoming her.

Tom prattled on about neutral colours and design but she hardly heard him at all. Instead Crystal wandered from area to area already planning what she was going to put where and how. A small kitchen area was to the back of the shop was enough to provide her with drinks either for herself or customers.

"....and of course your quarters come with the shop. You'll find them on the Habitat ring. So what do you think Mrs Line? Will it do for your shop?"

"I'll take it." Crystal replied smiling at the young man.

"I'm glad" he told her as he began to write on his PADD. " if you will just sign here, and here." He passed it over to her and two signatures later the shop was her's.


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