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Pain and suffering (backpost)

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2009 @ 4:55am by

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Refugee colony on Silvis IX
Timeline: 8 Years Before Linta

Leanne walked through the corridors, everyday it seemed like more people came while supplies dwindled, why in the hell did she decide to come out to this god forsaken rock, she didn't want to be home but this was the last place she expected to wind up when she signed up to come to the outer territories. So many people lined the infirmary with multiple different illnesses and she didn't know how to help them. How did her parents do it all these years, watching the suffering of the people? Her one year tour was almost up, she had her exit interview next week to decide if she was going to stay on or go back home. She had been considering going back and joining Starfleet medical like her parents, being in a sanitary medical center beat the hell out of this hole. Her thoughts where broken when a little Bolian girl ran by her and almost knocked her over, it unsettled her a bit thinking that she was growing up in this place around all of this death.

Arrianna, lying in her gurney, unable to move saw the arrival of the young women. She was pretty, too pretty to be working here.
Her body shuddered with another racking cough which opened up more of the brittle skin. Weeping down her delicate young features, tarnishing them, a yellow viscous fluid. The pain was becoming to much and the tears fell at the same time.
"Please help me", stretching her hand out to the young women. "Please", a pleading in her voice that chilled any who heard to the bone.

Leanne heard the woman call from the woman and turned around. She pulled out an aging tricorder and walked over to the woman on the bed. Judging by the progression of the disease and the cracking of the skin, the poor woman she didn't have very long to live, most of the people who had been infected with the disease didn't make it this long. Giving the woman a quick scan, most of her internals had shut down. Leanne put away her tricorder and carefully took the woman's hand. She tried to sound as upbeat and comforting as possible all considering. "Hi there, I'm Leanne. What is your name?"

"Your a terrible liar young lady", the smile on the older womens face crumbled away in a coughing fit, and more of the yellow viscous fluid escaped her mouth as she convulsed in the action.
Once it subsided she looked back around. "I don't know you, but I think I can trust you", deep emotion and the life of hardship pouring out, "You shouldn't be here. Let me die and then leave this place. This place is death".
Her grip on the younger womens arm increased, panic and frustration etching every inch of her weathered face. "Please just let me die".

Leanne could feel the tears starting to come to her eyes. The woman was in unbearable pain, she looked down in her medical pack and found one remaining vial of pain-supressent. She loaded it into a hypospray and injected the woman. "Everything is going to be ok, I promise." She put the hypo back into her pack and rubbed the womans hand. "I, I want to be here helping you... there isn't anywhere else that I would rather be." She smiled down at the woman, the amount of pain killer that she gave her was enough to essentially put her into a medical coma. She hated seeing people suffer.

"This place is hell. Hell and death wrapped in perfect intimate embrace". Each word was a strain on the older womens body, pain physically seem in her features and eyes. "This isn't gods Garden of Eden, its Satans halls of damnation. All the unworthy will perish".

Her eyes were no longer focusing, and the yellow viscous fluid was flowing more freely than before. Maybe to do with her exertions. "He has come for me".
Arianna was reaching out to something stood before her that only she could see. "I am now his for an eternity of suffering.........."

Her words tailed off as her eyes rolled up into her head and her body released its last rattleing breath. Her body went limp and it was all over. Her candle had been extinguished.

She had scene this happen several times before, normally she didn't let it bother her, people became sick, some got better, some didn't. But this time it was different. Maybe it was the way the woman wanted it just to end, or Leanne's utter helplessness to do do anything to cure her, not just ease her pain but to make her better. No one should have to suffer like that. Leanne reached up and carefully closed the woman's eyelids. She looked down and the lifeless body and started to cry. She pulled out her tricorder, scanned the body and entered a time of death into the data tag that was attached to the bed. There was nothing that she could do for her, she didn't know how to treat these people. The only thing she could do was to make them a little more comfortable and feed them the BS lines that she was trained to give them to "provide them the allusion of peace".

She walked away from the gurney and headed directly to her room. She slammed the door behind her, slowly slid down the door and broke down crying. She couldn't erase the old woman's eyes from her memory. Wiping the tears from her face, she stood up, looked around and started to pack up her belongings. In the morning she was going to head down to the space dock and head back to Earth. The dying words of the woman still echoed through her head. "You shouldn't be here. Let me die and then leave this place. This place is death" There was nothing she could do here to help these people, she wasn't a doctor, not yet at least...


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