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Getting settled

Posted on Sat Jul 13th, 2013 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: XO's office.
Timeline: present.

Pushing the call button on the xo's office doorway, and hearing the enter, and the door opening before him. Standing on the other side of the XO's desk, and saluting.

Lt Serge Maschnost flinched. The only person he was used to raising an arm to him was his father, and it usually came down in a beating. He was finding it hard to get used to the trappings of the authority he now carryied. He hesitantly returned the salute.

"Da?" he hazzarded, "You are beink...?"

"Lt Carstairs reporting for duty Sir"

Realisation dawned and Serge sat up in his chair, "Ah, Da! You are beink the flight commander of the fighter wessels."

As the XO began to scrable on his desk for the appropriate PAD, Jackson was able to observe him. The man was young, barely in his twenties, and of a similar frame to Jackson, though much shorter. He still wore the teal blue of science rather than the red of command uniform, and seemed rather out of place in any command.

However, Jackson reminded himself, this young man had a reputation. One did not rise so quickly in command without having something significant to offer. Word is that even the Klingons on the Station avoided him.

"Here we are," Serge said, pulling out an official orders PADD. "You have lots of recomendations under your name, I am rememberink. You were posted at a military base previously? Did you come in on the Sabre?

"Aye Sir, just got in. Was last posted on a marine starship with the best of the best."

"Oh, er... yes well," Serge prefabricated, "I am sure the military mutual comradery is appropriate."

Hearing the XO's words made him smile, "Yes Sir. I will be getting my men settled. I just wanted you to know that I had arrived, and will be liasoning with the marines and the operations department, Sir."

Serge nodded, "You are realising that this is a Comemrcial Station, not a military outpost. While we are beink appreciative of the efforts of Mr Finn in securing this area of space, or priorities are not conected to weaponry. I am hoping we can make use of your fighters for scouting and minor policing, rather than direct skirmishes."

After a moments consideration he sighed, "But I am sure there will be plenty of those as well. I wonder, Lieutenant, whther you would be open to some modification of the sensor arrays on some of your craft."

"Sensor arrays Sir? I dom't see a problem with that Sir, i will til lthe techies to get right on it"

"Specifically, I am looking at a vectral anaylsis of subspace telemetry streams through gravitational fields and their extremes in a singularity. Naturally the anaylsis would be done remotely and data collection would be passive rather than direct interaction with the sub-planar lines. It is specificaly lookig for the post redactive mapping of biplanar geometry within the fixed space-time state."

Serge looked at the man's expression. he was coming to recognise it slowly.

"I can get some of the initial work up for you if that would help?"

No change. He sighed, "Wery good Lt. Dismissed."


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