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Taking the Tour Part 2 (or Someone old, someone new)

Posted on Thu Jun 27th, 2013 @ 3:29am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Part of the Team

Jrez had a short while to himself while experiments he was running pottered along. None would need attending for a half hour and if anything unexpected did happen, one of the junior crew would call. Café Parisienne had been calling for some time. Serge had spoken well of it though Jrez still wasn’t entirely sure which had taken his fancy more, the food or a waitress. With Serge, it was always hard to tell.

He saw Commander Delrisa leaving as he approached. He smiled at the doctor and reached out to tussle Annabella’s hair.
“I’m a four year,” the girl told him proudly and held up four fingers to confirm the statement. Jrez grinned Ah, to be young again.

Wolf grinned inwardly as he heard Anna's announcement again over the din. That little girl was a charmer. Her mother seemed something quite different in her own right however.

Jrez turned and walked through the door. The café wasn’t exactly a hive of activity but there was a pleasant hum of conversation which boded well for its future.

Looking around, he saw both Starfleet personnel and civilians enjoying their food. He breathed deeply. Scents of flavourings from many different cuisines came to him though nothing that was distinctly Trill. Klingon seemed to predominate but that came as no surprise; any restaurant seeking to forge a niche on this base would need to cater to its large resident Klingon population.

One scent made his eyes water but from nostalgia, not from it being especially pungent. Memories flooded back of a dish he had enjoyed and the person he had enjoyed eating it with. He promised himself he would order it, just not on this visit. Memories of Thalal still needed to be treated delicately.

As his eyes roved over the people sitting around something caught his attention but he could not say what. He let his eyes linger a bit longer as he looked around again. A wry grin came to his mouth. There was a man sitting in a corner; a man with the casual air of not taking an interest in anyone or anything. Jrez was not fooled; he had seen that assumed air many times before.

He walked over. “Business or pleasure,” he asked.

"Pleasure, mostly. I always like to test out an eating establishment or three when I visit some place new," Wolfric said casually.

“You’re a Federation Marshall,” Jrez said without rancour. “You’re here to eat but, if I don’t miss my guess, there’s more to it than just eating for you sitting here.”

Bannister realized that he was wearing a uniform overcoat with a badge on it, so that observation didn't bother him. The fact he had been caught professionally observing the crowd bothered him a bit. While the food was certainly better than average, he should have realized earlier that the previous company had distracted him.

"I also like know a little about the population that I will be working around. Places like this are one of the good windows to look into that population, I have found," Wolf replied

“I’ve met many of your kind before. My background is trade not Starfleet. I only joined after the Dominion War when suitable officers were hard to find. During the war, I ran merchant ships, supplying our troops. The Marshall service did a brisk trade in ensuring that only legitimate traders plied the trade routes. We were regularly boarded to check that we were carrying legitimate goods or weren’t smuggling arms or didn’t have spies and saboteurs hidden aboard.”

"I sincerely doubt it was anything personal. From what I understand, it was a common task for the Marshal service during the war since the Dominion was quite good about being sneaky," the Human told the Trill. "I say I understand that was the case as I joined the Federation Marine Corps when the war was looming. During the war I was mostly on the ground facing Jem'hadar or Cardassians or else stinging them with an interceptor class ship."

“I particularly remember Jonas Bractin,” Jrez said. “Or was it Jackson... Proctor.... Sorry, I don’t recall. I do remember that he was not a particularly nice person but...what’s that saying...‘straight as a die’. Even if I wanted to, I would not have tried to get anything past him. I knew – well knew might be a better choice of words – who tried. That’s why ‘tried’; they spent quite a while out of the merchant business. Tell me, is he still part of the service?”

"Bractin's not a familiar name. I think I know of a Jonas Jackson however. Never met him to my recollection, but he does have a reputation of being a little....Zealous about some aspects of his job," Wolf said, pausing to search for a word at one point, and he looked a bit disgusted saying it.

Jrez offered a wry grin. “Yes, zealous would sum him up. Thorough too. I gather the service has moved on then.”

"With regards to him, I do not know offhand," Wolf said, "We still do occasional customs inspections but there are standing orders that we be more diplomatic about our searches. Zealotry is generally frowned upon these days with the Marshal's service. Point of fact: Some merchant ships, more than one captained by people like you I am sure, saved my life and the lives of my friends more than once with supplies we were desperate for. With that in mind, I rather like the more lenient methods in most cases, if I may be honest."

The Marshal paused for a moment before adding, "My name's Bannister by the way. Wolfric Bannister."

Jrez held his hand out in the approved human fashion. “Pleased to meet you, Commander,” he said. “I’m Chief Akina Jrez. I’m one of the base’s scientists these days.

The human blinked quite outwardly, "Jrez? Interesting coincidence meeting you here, I would say. Commander Harrison suggested I speak to you, as a matter of fact. He suggested that you had talents for...coaxing better performance out of ships. I guess I can see where that comes from. If it is true, maybe we could talk about your help with my ship."

Jrez considered for only a moment. “I have a few experiments running but nothing that can’t wait. I’ll have to get Lieutenant Maschnost’s permission, of course, but... I don’t see any reason why I can’t have a look at your ship. Nothing illegal, you understand.” He did wonder that Harrison knew about his talents but that was a concern for another time.

"I quite understand. We'll get the permissions first and you can look her over. We can discuss any special touches you can offer after that fact when you have some better ideas of things that would be helpful and we can move from there," Wolf said thoughtfully.

Bannister managed to clean his plate during the lulls in the conversation and smile, "They can certainly fill some strange requests and make them taste wonderful here, can't they? Another reason I am glad I stopped here, I suppose."

The waitress came over to ask if he wanted desert, he declined before she offered his bill for which he extracted and offered a few slips of gold pressed latinum to cover the bill with a tip before standing. "Tell you what, when you have a bit of free time we can meet down in the appropriate bay to over the ship and see what service she might benefit from. Does that sound reasonable?"

“I think I can accommodate that,” Jrez replied. He made a quick motion to the waitress to linger as she was tidying up the used plates. “Which bay is your ship in?”

"12, at present," Bannister replied simply

“Then request it be moved to Hanger 15. Lieutenant Tri’Mar is not currently in residence but he maintains strict control over his subordinates, nonetheless. They’ll make sure it gets the best of service.”

"I will get that done promptly. I appreciate the information," the Marshal added.

Jrez requested a glass of orange and guava juice to take away. He could have had one replicated back at the lab but the juice was freshly squeezed here. He didn’t know where they managed to source guavas from and, quite frankly, he did not want to know. He was just thankful for this little luxury. He nodded to the marshal when the drink arrived then, reluctantly, went back to work.

Wolf watched the Trill saunter off with his drink, focusing on the last few bites of his burger after he wandered out of sight. He finished his drink, wiped his mouth and made his way out, nodding to the waitress having already paid out. He struck out back into the promenade and went to explore farther in his new home, not quite sure what he'd find next...


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