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Posted on Tue Jul 2nd, 2013 @ 3:32pm by Gul Keshac
Edited on on Wed Jul 3rd, 2013 @ 5:01pm

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current

For thirty long, ardours days I endured the hospitality of the Federation before the exchange came. Of course the restrictions of their honourable principles forbid them to use force against me attempting to gather information. I doubt they'd have the strength to carry out such tasks even if it were permission was granted. The Federation simply lacks the courage required to take another soul so deep into punishment they break, shattered like glass revealing ever last silver of information that has ever passed their earlobes.

Their lustre for evidence, their ability to chase shadows and rumours quickly took the prisoner exchange without hesitation. After all, in the game of numbers they enjoy playing they were gaining three of their own, pathetic, careless individuals we previously ensnared in exchange for myself.
The Federation's eagerness to save its own skin while probing it for anything of value hungered for the opportunity to use its "allies" in a semi legitimate cause.

I laugh at their actives. There so minor and trivia they cannot see which is marching toward them at an unstoppable pace. They cannot see the larger picture of which I am creating with my forces.

This time they'll be too late.

I am a Phoenix now, ready to burn my enemies into oblivion.


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