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Exiting the Cafe

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2013 @ 12:39pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Outside the Cafe
Timeline: Heartbeats after Part 2

Wolfric smiled half way as he reviewed the previous events in his mind. Jillian's slipping out before paying had been an old trick....At the academy. He couldn't fault her too badly however. She wasn't hard to look at but she looked like she had skipped a meal a little too regularly. He also intended to use her as a resource, which he did not like doing but she was just the type he needed to dig into 101 and 102 in a way that would draw suspicion away from him toward...where he wanted. He hoped that it did not result in Jillian getting her lovely, albeit think, butt shot off. A little treat beforehand generally made someone a bit more inclined to be suckered into something like that.

He sighed a little. So far the Marshall service required a bit more of the cloak & dagger slight of hand than he expected when signing up. He might be using her as a pawn, but he aimed to make sure she was a damned well protected pawn.

The Marshal's thoughts then slid to a little girl and her mother. Anna had been a very sweet and outgoing little girl. He chuckled a bit at how fast she'd won his affections. It was impressive, even to him. Soraya, her mom, was also rather impressive. Very beautiful, charming, pleasant and quite frankly, she seemed genuinely nice. The fact that she filled out her teal and black uniform in a way that had caught Wolf's eye was of course not a factor (not in the forefront of his mind, anyhow).

Taking a deep breath, Wolfric started to walk with no destination in mind for the near future. His thoughts wandered, however the thought of phaser practice a little later did sound rather good to him at the moment.


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