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Help is on the way

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2013 @ 8:46pm by

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: DS12::Main Engineering

Jar'Ho found himself in his office working through the assignments for the engineering teams. He had been sent to DS12 to conduct repairs on the Klingon vessels that cycled through the space station on a regular basis. His job was to relieve the pressure on the DS12 engineering teams. It had come as a surprise to Jar'Ho when shortly after arriving on the station, he had been appointed as the Chief Engineer. He knew better than to refuse the position or request reassignment. That would have brought dishonor upon his House and defeated the purpose of having him assigned to DS12, namely to build an alliance with Matlh. Jar'Ho had mentioned at the staff meeting that he would like to have some assistance in performing his duties, preferably a Starfleet officer. He had gotten assurances that one would be assigned as soon as possible. That was some time ago and he had all but given up on having a Starfleet officer to relieve his workload, so that he could go back to conducting inspections and repairs on Klingon vessels.

It had been a long trip for Cash, Starbase 313 was nowhere close to DS12. In truth, Cash didn't understand his reassignment. He had expected to serve at least another two years aboard 313, but Starfleet decided to send him to DS12 instead. As if there wasn't enough problems for him to deal with, he had been told that he would be reporting to a Klingon Chief Engineer. It would be one thing if the Klingon was Starfleet, but apparently DS12 didn't rate high enough to have a Starfleet Chief Engineer, such was life. He found himself standing outside the Chief Engineer's office, debating the protocol for reporting to a Klingon Chief Engineer. Cash decided when in doubt, fall back on training. He pushed the chime and waited.

Jar'Ho looked up when he heard the chime of the door. These Starfleet types were entirely too polite. On a Klingon vessel, if you needed to talk to someone, you entered and said your piece. He took a deep breath, then called out, "Enter."

Cash stepped through the door and walked up to Jar'Ho's desk. He stood at attention, "Lieutenant j.g Surmak Cashard reporting for duty, Sir."

Jar'Ho rolled his eyes. This was an overly formal introduction. Jar'Ho stood up and walked around his desk. He looked Cash over. "What do you want?"

A question appeared in Cash's eyes. "Sir?"

Jar'Ho thought for a moment as he tried to determine if his grasp of Federation languages was off. "Why are you here?"

Cash pulled a padd from his bag, "Sir, I have been assigned to DS12 by Starfleet as Assistant Chief Engineer."

Jar'Ho growled, "Okay. Have you worked on a space station before?"

Cash nodded, "Yes, Sir. I have been assigned exclusively to space stations since I graduated from the academy."

Finally, Starfleet was acting like they knew what they were doing. "Two things. First, you can get rid of the politeness. You don't need to call me Sir. If you have something to say, say it and get to the point. We don't have time for the niceties of the Federation."

"Yes, S..," Cash stopped himself before saying sir.

"Second, there are two priorities with maintaining this space station. There is space station engineering and there is vessel repair and maintenance. As you are experienced at space station engineering, that will be your primary responsibility."

"I will do my best."

"You better."


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