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Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2013 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Crystal Line

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Promenade DS12

Personal log.

Well the day started off really good, and then got worse but got better again and its only my first day. Already I have dealt with a leaky toilet and a broken soap dispenser. Then one of the units on the Promenade had a power failure that affected two of the shops either side. I'd got a team working on them pretty quick and they restored power to the units either side of number 19. Would it power up? I ask myself. No it wouldn't. Leccy said that the problem was probably further back in one of the relays. He said he would put it on his list but didn't hold out much hope today and to top it all the new owner of 19 was due to arrive in the next few hours. Think Tom think. Whats the alternative? Find a solution"

'Joyfullness'. A Fine Flower Emporium, as it called itself, was nestled among the busiest shopping area of the promenade. It had a beautiful bow window that lent itself well to glossy colourful displays. Swathes of bright flowers often decorated the shop both inside and out. However that morning Joy was certainly not full of Joyfulness. A message had come through to her from her family and it had frightened her so much that she had suddenly decided to pack up and leave on the next transport out of DS12.

What ever it was no one could understand why she would want leave in such a hurry. All she would say that it was a family emergency.

Vivid and vibrant flowers and plants of all different hues suddenly popped up all around the Promenade. Joy couldn't take the flowers with her and so distributed around the shops.
It brought an almost theatrical staged appearance to an otherwise dull and grey area. Most people liked it and thought it a welcome change. Others let their allergies decide for them.

Before Joy left she made sure that the package was still well and truly hidden within the shop. She couldn't afford to take it with her, and would have to return for it sometime later in the future. She locked the shop with more than a few regrets and went to catch the transport.

Well I didn't expect that to happen so quickly. The flower shop has been vacated and is available now. Well that was an answer to a prayer. That doesn't happen everyday does it? Pleased, pleased so pleased now all I have to do is persuade the new owner that it would be a better unit for her shop. I'll get Leccy to check it out right now.

The florist shop checked out and apart from an overbearing perfume of flowers, Crystal seemed to like it. Tom arranged for her stock to be delivered the next morning. He'd done his best today he thought and made someone happy.


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