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Getting Acquainted

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2013 @ 6:52pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Current

"Thank you," Soraya said as Wolfric poured the deep red wine into her empty glass.

They were seated beneath a large magnolia on a checkered blanket enjoying a sumptuous picnic in the Appalachians. Soraya's miniature dachshund Nero was lolling in the green grass, stopping occasionally to chase a butterfly or grasshopper. A string quartet played nearby. Annabella was in the Habitat, at a playdate with a friend.

Soraya took a drink of the wine, a luscious Rioja, as her eyes took in the whole scene. It was the loveliest first date the doctor had ever had; Wolfric had thought of everything.

She turned to him and smiled.

He grinned softly at her and, almost as if reading her mind, he said, "I was sorely torn between this and another setting. I thought this one was too good to resist."

The Marshall took a sip of his own wine as one of Nero's playful antics caught his attention, causing him to stifle a laugh. He was happier and more relaxed than he had been a long time. He had the company to thank for it he was sure.

"Now you've piqued my curiosity, what was the other one?" Soraya asked.

Wolf smiled and said, "On the beach of the Western Sea on Pacifica. I created a sunset setting with both moons rising full. A picnic blanket on the sand, butted up against the grass at the end of the beach with a driftwood camp fire on the ocean side. Perfect for fire roasting fish or a sea food boil, I suspect....If you like such things."

Soraya's eyes went wide. "Oh that sounds gorgeous too! I do love a fire on a cool night," she said softly. "But this is so beautiful, I could never choose," she said with a grin. She helped herself to a slice of pie and leaned back against the tree, next to Wolfric.

He laughed softly as he plucked a small fried drumstick out of the basket and leaned back against the tree as well, his shoulder touching hers as he nibbled contentedly. "We'll have to do that next time, I think. It's been a long time since I have been on a picnic. I can't think of better company or of many better settings."

The doctor blushed, giving him a playful nudge with her arm. "So what drew you to join Starfleet, Commander?" she asked, determined to change the subject.

With a thoughtful look, Wolf gently swirled the wine in his glass for a moment before he began. "Well, I was already doing cargo runs to and from Mars which I did not want to do for my whole life. I decided to sign up for the academy, which my parents had been nudging me to do anyhow. I graduated, there was the Dominion War....The rest is history, I suppose."

He tilted his head and gazed curiously at the doctor, "How about yourself?"

She sighed as memories of her family winery flowed back. "My parent's are both doctors, they met in medical school actually, but the rest of my father's family runs a winery in Tarragona, very near the coast. It is so beautiful Wolfric, the long rows of grape vines and the stream that runs through the hills... we grew up there, my brother's and sisters. Three of them run the winery now, I was the only one who followed my parents into medicine." She was rubbing Nero's tummy now; he stretched and yawned. She turned and smiled at Wolfric. "I wanted to travel, see the galaxy. After med school I joined Starfleet, and worked with a First Responder Unit attached to the Federation Marines. It was an experience like no other, I got so used to operating under fire I almost didn't know what to do with myself when I transferred to the Hernandez!" she said with a laugh.

Soraya had stopped rubbing Nero's belly and leaned back against the tree, so the dog decided to try Wolf. He put his front paws on Wolf's lap and tried shove his head under his hand. The doctor laughed again, "Subtle, isn't he?"

The man chuckled as he affectionately scritched the dog behind both ears before he gave the pooch a soft caress along the neck, "He certainly is a likeable sort....Plus he knows what he wants."

Delighted, the little dog climbed into Wolf's lap, stretching his neck to rest his head on Soraya's leg and looking up at her adoringly. She moved closer so he could enjoy two laps and the warm sunshine all at once. Seconds later he was asleep.

Bannister smiled as he comfortably watched the little dog settle on his lap, resting his head on his mistresses leg. He sobered and said softly, "I saw enough fire for a lifetime. I went from 2nd lieutenant to a marine brevet captain in a little over a year. I was a full blown major hardly a year later. My battalion was one of the most....utilized in the Corps. Our losses proved it."

"After he war, someone noticed I was good at tracking and chasing things down. Apparently someone also ratted me out for being justice oriented. The Marshal's service all but shanghai'd me with a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. The down side was I had to trade the oak leaf for three pips," he brushed a finger against his collar absently.

The ginger man brightened slightly and softly stroked the dogs belly before turning to look Soraya in the eyes, "I have to admit....Had I stayed in green, I'd likely not be here now. I'm starting to realize even more than before that it was likely the best decision I could have made."

Soraya opened her mouth to speak but no words came; she was lost in the gaze of his grey/green eyes. Her body subconsciously responded and she felt herself pulled towards him. She leaned closer and with an effort she averted her eyes down to sleeping Nero, then looked up at Wolfric again. She rested her hand lightly on his.

"I think it was a very good decision too," she said softly. "When we first met I never imagined that you could be so romantic," she added, smiling.

His head titled slightly as he listened. His lips quirked up a little and said softly, "It....seemed like a good idea at the time."

Wolfric hadn't really noticed that his very slight physical adjustment brought him a bit closer to the Doctor as well, lost in the conversation, cradling a sleeping dog in his lap as well as getting rather lost when he looked into her eyes. He felt her fingers curling lightly around his hand, saw the unspoken invitation in her smile. He smoothly closed the distance and kissed her.

Soraya sighed when he pulled back and caressed her cheek. She took a drink from her glass, then snuggled into Wolf's chest and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I can't imagine a more perfect day," she said softly. "You made everything... perfect."

"Soraya, I wish I knew what to say. You're effecting me like....Noone else I can think of. I've lost myself with you," he said in soft tones.

She turned her head up and held his eyes with hers for a moment. "I really like you too, Wolf," she said. With her free hand she stroked Nero's head and he sighed in canine contentment. "You've made yet another friend, I see," she said with a laugh.

Wolf cracked one of the few genuine smiles he allowed over the past few years and said, "I'm glad. I mean how could I say no to such a charmer?"
His gaze never left her rich brown eyes as he spoke, happily coming quite close to getting lost in them. He was rather glad Soraya's very sweet little girl was not here. If he was confused with his feelings, he'd hated to have baffled her.

The doctor couldn't turn away; the usually guarded woman found herself irresistibly drawn to Wolf. Despite the facts that she had a child, had worked with dozens of male Marines and lived on a well-populated space station, Soraya rarely dated. She was completely unprepared for this romantic mysterious stranger, and he had well and truly captivated her. She smiled slowly, feeling his hand on the small of her back, holding her gently to him.

"I could say the same about you," she said softly. Again a blush rose to her olive cheeks as the full impact of her words sank in.

A small smile formed on his lips and he tilted his head asking, "So, any ideas what we do about it?"

She smiled back. His eyes narrowed and his lips parted in anticipation as she drew closer, then his eyes flew open in surprise as he felt her pushing a bite of cake into his mouth. "I think you'll figure it out," Soraya said, then deliberately licked a bit of icing from the corner of his lip.

The law officer chuckled and shook his head before saying in a warm voice, "So that's how it is, is it?"

"Yes, Marshall," she answered, playfully popping a bite of cake into her own mouth.

He smiled as Nero, apparently being quite the intelligent pup found someplace out of the way to entertain himself. The quartet also seemed to have noticed the byplay and were strategically facing at angle so that they were facing away. He took advantage of the situation and took the doctor in his arms and things seemed to progress from there.....


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