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Trouble's Brewing

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2013 @ 4:15am by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Pardek

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: DS12

Every other day, there was another rumour. First, it was that the refugees were to be relocated to another world, then a space station, the latest was that they were to be split up. Pardek didn't know what to believe. In truth, he didn't think Starfleet and the Federation knew what they were going to do with the refugees. It was time that he attempted to meet with a Federation official to try to find out what the Federation's official position was. He found himself standing at the entrance to OPS waiting on the security officer to clear him.

Lissan was checking through a parts manifest on her PADD when she glanced up and noticed Pardek at the door. She walked up to greet him.

"Its ok, Jonesy," Lissan told the guard. "He's fine to come in."

Jonesy reluctantly stood to one side whilst eyeing up the stranger that walked in. "If you're sure, Lt."

"Hello Pardek. How are things at the shop and the Cafe Parisienne these days?"

Pardek looked Lissan over, "I have been hearing a lot of rumours. I decided that it was time to find out what is really about to happen."

Lissan thought that if he had been a Starfleet officer she would have no problem discussing it in a quiet area somewhere. She understood his concerns and worry. If the roles were reversed she would be asking the same question too.

She looked around her, the department was busy as usual with many people coming and going. She led him into her office and shut the door behind them. Then poured them both a coffee.

"Tell me what you know then perhaps I can help. But I warn you I probably only know as much as you do anyway."

Pardek sighed. He had hoped someone would know more than he, but he had to try. "I have heard of several rumours. The first one is that we, the Romulans, are to be relocated. There are several variations on that rumour. One is that we are to be separated and placed onto multiple federation worlds. Another is that we are to be moved en masse to another planet. Lastly, we are to be relocated to a derelict space station and left without supplies or other support."

"I have heard that the Romulans are to be relocated but as to where? I'm not really sure yet. Nothing has been set in stone but I'm sure that we'll hear something soon."

"The problem with soon, is that there is a lot of tension in the Romulan quarters, and until we have a definite plan, the tension will increase. My fellow citizens are becoming restless because of the unknown. If the plan were for this to be more than a temporary stop, then that would decrease the tension and increase the stability, but with this to only be a temporary stop, there is no incentive for people to form a community. Could you direct me to someone who would have a better idea of the plan?"

"The best one to ask would be the XO, Lieutenant Maschnost. He's more than likely to know more than me."

Pardek hoped that this wouldn't be more of the runaround that he seemed to be getting from everyone else. He let out a deep breath, "Then where would I find this Lieutenant Maschnost?"

Lissan tapped her comm badge. =^= Computer please locate Lt Maschnost =^=

Lt Serge Maschnost stood by the window to airlock 5. He breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction as he watched the Marine transports pull away from the station. Finn had been a terrifying visage, and that woman who was his 2IC was almost as scary. Now they were relocating which lifted a weight off Serge. With Finn gone he would be free to hide again and avoid any of the real inter-personal requirements of command. He had even been told the giant Klingon woman was leaving.

Not, he thought, that he has any issue with strong women. His mother was a very potent lady, with a tribe of children under an iron fist. It is just he didn't understand them. They weren't like his temporal mechanics equations; straight forward, predictable, comprehensive. They tended to be passionate, volatile and entirely unpredictable. Worse, they tended to like him. Serge just wasn't equipped for interpersonal dealings.

He was well aware he was not a command officer. He had only landed the post as XO of the station out of desperation. Soon a replacement XO would arrive and he would be free to return to his duties in the sciences, where his real passion was. The prospect was enlightening. He almost skipped back down the passage towards his soon-to-be-ex office.

He was pleasantly surprised to find a group of Operations officers already moving his stuff out. He waved at them in a friendly fashion as he approached.

"Emptying out the office for the new XO?" he asked casually.

"Yes Sir" replied Ensign Stills

"Takink all my stuff back to my office?" He asked casually pulling one of his physics awards from a box as it passed.

"Sir?" asked Tom a little puzzled "Were not moving this back to your office. I've been told to move it to your new office."

Serge replaced the award, picking up the nuance and not liking it, "New office?"

"Yes Sir." replied Tom "The new office for the C.O. Your new office as your the new C.O Sir you are entitled to a new office."

Tom didn't wait for any other remark from the C.O thinking it best to just carry on with what he was doing. No doubt everything would sort it self out and this new C.O would eventually unfreeze himself from the spot he was standing on.

Serge didn't move. His face didn't change it's amiable expression. However there was the faintest of smells of ammonia which now issued from him, and his pants were possibly a shade darker. His comm pin chirruped at just that moment.

"Commander Maschnost, there is a Romulan Merchant wishing to talk to you in the CO's office."

A strange thing happened. Serge suddenly smiled as if he has suddenly seen the joke. He nodded to himself and tapped his pin.

"Tell him, I am beink there as soon as I change my dress uniform."

Stepping quickly inside the XO office he replaced his standard blue science uniform with a trim red command uniform. It was all so obvious now that he thought about it.

As he dressed quickly he kept smiling. He had heard about this kind of thing and even taken part in the Kobyashi Maru exercise. This was obviously something of that kind. Some sort of training exercise on a holodeck. Of course he wasn't really in charge of a space station, that was just ridiculous. And, like the Kobyashi Maru, he was expected to fail. Somewhere people were monitoring him to see how he handled extreme failure.

He considered. Would it be this Romulan? Was he about to start a war with the Star Empire? Or maybe the Klingon Woman. Perhaps she would take offence and plunge the entire Federation into an intractable war, and that would show the test administrators something about his ability to handle command.

Now that he knew it was coming, only a question of where and how, it held no fear for him. He strode quickly and purposefully through the corridors now, greeting people he had been to nervous to speak to previously, knowing full well they were not real people, so it didn't matter.

When he arrived at the CO's office Pardek was standing outside, looking nonplussed about the wait. Serge strode straight up to him and shook his hand warmly, "Pardek, isn't it? So glad you are makink time to come here for a talk. How is your shop managink with the restriction in supply?"

Pardek observed this officer approach. He was obviously some underling, maybe a Yeoman that was the station commander's assistant. There was no way that Starfleet would entrust this young officer with a runabout, much less a space station. He arched an eyebrow. "My connections have managed to establish a relatively steady supply line, although that isn't why I've come to see the station commander. Could you tell him that I am here and there are urgent matters that I need to discuss with him?"

Serge spread his arms wide, "In the absence of Commander Harrison the role of CO is fallink to the actink CO."

He turned to the ensign behind the reception desk, "Hello Emily. Who is beink the actink CO at the moment?"

The young woman seems surprised and a little flustered to be the sudden attention of Serge's crystal blue eyes, "Er... you are, sir."

Serge turned back to the older Romulan, all smiles, "Well, it seems you are findink him. What a stroke of luck for us both, eh?"

"I see. Aren't you a little young to be a station commander, acting or otherwise?"

This seemed to amuse Serge no end, "Oh, I think you will be findink that Starfleet Officer Trainink is exceptional, ready to cower any ewentuality. It's not like I am about to be causink an interstellar incident that will thrust the Federation into a bitter war of attrition, is it?"

Pardek nodded. "Then I will address my issue with you. There have been rumors about what is to happen to the Romulan contingent on this space station. This has caused quite a bit of tension in our quarters. I decided that it was time to go to the authorities and find out. What is Starfleet planning to do with us?"

"Let us be stepink into the office and I will be findink out what I can for you, yes?" Serge indicated to the office.

He led the man in and indicated to a chair while he sat behind the desk and pulled up files with his own access code. Information he should not be privy to displayed in front of his eyes. Of course it would all be phoney data.

"Here we are, " He said shortly. "It is lookink like there are plans to redirect refugees away from the station and relocate the current body back into Romulan space. It seems there is beink a Galaxy Class on the way to transport them on mass to an undisclosed location. Is that helpful to you?"

Pardek's face showed the intensity of his feelings, "That doesn't tell us much more than we already know, that we are to be loaded aboard one ship and moved. I need to know where and what the long term plan is."

As if on cue, the comm panel on the desk beeped.

"Umm..commander?" It was Emily, at the outer desk, "There is a Lieutenant Commander Jacobs here to see you. She says she needs to meet with you as soon as possible, regarding the refugee issue."

Serge smiled, "How fortuitous. If you will be excusink me, Mr Pardek. I am havink some business with the Lt Cmdr to attend to. I will let you know as soon as I am havink somethink concrete that can be released to the public."

Karen entered the room at the receptionist's direction and introduced herself.

"Lieutenant Maschnost? I'm Lieutenant Commander Karen Jacobs. I've been assigned to begin coordinating organization of your overflow refugees into a convoy for transportation to the Qualor system, pursuant to thier re-patriation to the Romulan Empire."

Pardek interrupted, "Why are you pushing me out? This Commander seems to know what she's talking about and it is what I need to know." He looked Karen over and was more confident in her ability to solve his problems than Serge's. "Unless your intention is for the Romulan unrest on this station to increase."

An hour ago that would have worked on Serge but, as they say, an hour is a long time in politics.

"You are forgetink yourself, Mr Pardek. You are not beink here in any official capacity as a representatiwe of the Romulan gowernment or the refugees. You are, in fact, benink here under Ciwilian Trader's contract CTC-5326. As such we are beink under no compulsion to disclose to you any of the machinations of Starfleet, the Federation or our affiliates, ewen where they are of personal interest to you. Furthermore, threats of inciting insurrection can result in the immediate summary dismissal of license and your forcible expulsion from the station and deportation from Federation space."

He waited for his words to sink in, "Of course, if you feel you are beink treated with undue prejudice by the crew of this station, you are beink free to lodge a protest through the normal channels of gowernment, if you can find them. Until then I will ask you to wait outside till the Lt Cmdr and I have conducted business, please."

This lowly Lieutenant had the gall to send him away. Pardek glowered at him.

"It seems I was not beink clear," Serge cut him off. "I said 'please', when I actually meant, 'NOW'."

This young man was being impossible. Pardek looked at him, then turned and walked out the room.

Once the furious Romulan had stormed form the room, Serge turned his crystal blue eyes onto Karen, "Lt Cmdr Jacobs. Thank you for your patience. I am trustink that the flight was comfortable for you and your husband?"

“For me,” Karen replied. “No husband. Yes, thank you, I had a comfortable journey. But I did not come all this way to discuss the comfort levels of Starfleet vessels.”

"No husband?" Serge feigned surprise. "I am findink that difficult to be beliwink. I am apologisink for not hawink read your personnel file before your arriwal. Let me make it up to you. You are beink new to this station, so allow me to take you on a tour of some of the major attractions and eateries. Shall we say 18:00?"


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