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Shattered Galaxy (backpost)

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2009 @ 4:47am by

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Ulonov Home, Outside of Moscow, Earth
Timeline: 10 Years before Linta

Even though it was late August there was already a chill in the air, some of the trees on the way home had already started to change color. Leanne slowly walked home from the Library enjoying the cool breeze across her face. It was going to be her senior year, she wanted to get ready for it and move out of town. Her parents had been pushing her to go to medical school and become a doctor. She had worked last summer at the federation medical center in Moscow with her mother, more or less pushing papers and doing histories on patients. The whole process just seemed like a giant hassle. Kicking a rock down the road she started to daydream. "Maybe I could play lead violin in the Moscow Symphony?" as she walked she held up her arms like she was holding and spun around in the road, pretending she was on stage in Vienna, or London, or some other exotic locale. She smiled at the thought and continued walking down the road.

Leanne's home was a modest one story building with hardly any yard to speak of. As she approached the house something didn't feel right, the wind that was blowing seemed colder all of a sudden and she got a chill down her back. She walked up to the porch and opened the door, and nothing could have prepared her for the site that was in front of her. Her mother was sitting on the living room couch, her face red from crying, her mother looked up as Leanne walked up and began crying again. Leanne dropped her books and ran into the living room and sat next to her mother. It was then she saw the three Admirals standing in the room and she instantly understood what was going on.

Leanne looked at the Admiral's, two men and a woman and could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Everything was starting to come out of focus, a haze was starting to surround the room. This couldn't be happening. Her dad was supposed to be home in a few days, how could something happen! Besides the Bridge Sickbay was supposed to be the safest part of the ship!

"I'll talk to her. Here come out here with me Leanne." The female Admiral walked over to Leanne and helped her up off the couch. They slowly moved out to the porch and started walking down the road. while the other two admirals started to file some paperwork with Leanne's mother. Nothing seemed real, just a few moments ago the world was wonderful, now everything was black.

"Leanne, I'm Admiral Scarlet Menze." Scarlet put her arm around Leanne's shoulders. "What I'm going to tell you isn't going to be easy... Your father... well.." she tried to think of the best way to tell her. "Your father died saving patients under his care in sickbay."

Leanne looked up at Menze. "What happened? Why wasn't sickbay better protected... why.." She trailed off as she came to grips with what was just said.. your father died.

"The ship that he was stationed on was a Nova Class on a humanitarian mission. They never expected to be attacked." Menze looked over at Leanne "They attacked the ship and took most of the crew hostage. Sickbay was the last holdouts on the ship, your father and a few marines held it for six hours under constant attack. They where on the return leg of their mission and sickbay was filled with wounded and sick patients."

As they kept walking down the road, Leanne kept listening to what Menze related to her about happened on the ship. "When they stormed sickbay, your father protected the patients under his care." Scarlet stopped and looked right at Leanne, "Your father held them off long enough for us to get another ship there. He was a hero, he saved over a hundred people."

"THAT DOSEN'T BRING HIM BACK THOUGH!" Leanne's sadness turned to anger, "HOW COULD YOU SEND HIM OUT THERE ON A DEFENSELESS SHIP! HE WAS A SITTING DUCK!" Leanne sat down in the road and started to cry, her world was over.

Scarlet sat down next to Leanne in the road and hugged her. "Your father knew the risks, and he was doing his duty as a Starfleet officer. I know it doesn't make it hurt less but he is personally responsible for saving everyone in that sickbay." She reached into the small pack that she was carrying with her and produced a small box and handed it to Leanne. Leanne looked down at the box and slowly open it. Inside was a medal and her fathers commanders pips. "For his efforts on the Vostok your father was awarded the Starfleet award for Valor." Scarlet stood up and brushed off her uniform. "I know it hurts... and it is going to hurt for a long time, but you are going to have to stay strong dear."

Leanne looked up at Scarlet tears, still streaming down her face. "What do I do now... what... nothing seems to matter or make sense anymore..."

"Well" Scarlet knealt down to look at Leanne. "I'm sorry hun, but you are going to have to figure that out for yourself. If you ever need someone to talk to.. I am in command of Mars Research, look me up. I'll do anything I can for you dear." She leaned over and gave Leanne one last hug and headed back to the Ulonov home. She turned and looked back at Leanne one last time before heading inside.

"I... I..." she looked down at the case containing her fathers medal and pips. Leanne slowly picked herself up from the ground and stood in a daze. She headed back to her house where her mother and the Admirals were standing. Without saying a word she went to her room, closed the door, put her head on the pillow and cried herself to sleep.

-=1 year later=-

"NEXT!" the shuttle pilot looked at a data padd and yelled. "LEANNE ULONOVA" Leanne stood in line at the space dock with a duffel bag and papers. She was watching the random people moving in and around but snapped out of it when she heard her name. She moved up to the front of the line and handed the papers to him the dock master. The man looked at the papers, looked back up and Leanne and started to laugh. "You are going to the arse end of the galaxy sweetie... are you sure that you want to go there? There is nothing but perverts and dying people out there.. a cute little girl like you won't last two weeks out there.

Leanne hesitated for a moment, she still wasn't sure this was going to be the best decision. She decided to put up a hard facade to make herself feel better. "Whatever... let's get going.... the faster I get out of here and away from you the better." Leanne stepped onto the transport and put her duffel bag under her seat. She was being sent to a refugee colony on the outer fringes of the Federation. According to the recruiters at the FAO, a year out here was equal to 3 years in medical school. She watched as they buttoned up the shuttle and felt the engines start. Soon they where in earth orbit and preparing to warp out. She took one last look back at earth, thinking that this might be the last time that she may see it.


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