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Finding a Rival

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2013 @ 1:22pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Current

Often it paid to be a fly on the wall. It was a casual way to observe from a distance without interruption or the pretence of a swift explanation. Aside from his informal tactic Nickolas O'Reily enjoying people watching, and the higher platforms on the Promenade offered many advantages points.
The number of Romulan refugees were thinning every day as they were relocated to the more comfortable Deeps Space Fourteen. Slowly the aging Roark Station was becoming less cramped, and already from his vantage point the counsellor could see some of the older, under hand tricks of the merchants were beginning to reappear.

He chuckled softly, shaking his head slowly.

Wolfric just finished talking with the Rihansu operations officer and his mind was fixed on the date with Soraya. It was uncommon for his attention to be so easily gotten, but the doctor had done so none the less. Wearing his gold uniform plus the gold striped long coat, he slowed and stopped near Lt. O'Reily. He tilted his head and came close to the teal uniformed officer.

"Good afternoon," Wolfric said in a friendly voice.

"Afternoon," Nick twisted to view over his shoulder. "Care to join me?"

"Sure. I can spare a few minutes, I suspect. Lieutenant....O'Reily isn't it," he asked looking thoughtful as he worked his memory for the right name. He was glad he routinely checked the bios of the senior staff before most assignments. They never told the whole story, however he did hate being completely out of the know as the saying went.

The counsellor nodded, "Well remembered Commander, though I have a feeling you're good with names."

Wolf smiled wryly and shrugged, "What can I say? I like to do my homework."

"Have you settled in? I know things have been rather turbulent with the Romulan refugees, I hope they didn't cause you any issues?"

"For the most part. Getting the chance TO settle in is a bit of a rarity for me these days, honestly. It's a novel experience that is taking a bit for me to get used to again. I have to admit that I have met some....interesting people so far," he said, Jillian came to mind a half second after Soraya as he spoke.

"I take you've not been able to stay in one place much?" Nick asked. "I'm sure you'll be fine, I've not been here many months myself and found the crew to be very welcoming." He chuckled lightly," You're quite right though, there are some interesting characters here, most of the civilian population are something entirely different to anything I've seen before. Then again, you have no need for merchants on starships."

"Seems like I spend more time than not on the Earp flying from one fugitive tracking assignment to another, chasing down smugglers here and there or prisoner transports from Starship whichever to Starbase whatever. I mostly layover on a starship or base for a night at best most times. It seems I got more social time during the war, if you'd believe it," the marshal said.

Nick's lips twitched at the mention of smugglers as he wondered what happened to Sussaria the Deltan they apprehended with the Steadfast. "Just think of this place as home and I'm sure you'll be fine. If, however there's anything I can do just give me a call alright?"

Wolfric nodded and said with a slight smile, "I'll do that." He blinked a couple of times before pulling an item out of his jacket pocket, studied it and put it back in the pocket. He grinned slightly and said, "Another first in a while. I have an actual, honest to the stars date in a little bit."

The counsellor brow arched, "A date?" he repeated, "Well best of luck, there's plenty of nice places to take her, I mean you're date." he added swiftly in case he'd offended. "You come across as a confident individual I'm sure you'll win them over in no time."

With a glint in his eyes, he replied, "I've already got the idea set to be honest. I think it's an ideal setting. I had another idea that seemed to fit her a bit better, but I don't wish to rush the good Doctor. She seems to be very special and I'd hate to loose a good opportunity by making the wrong move after all."

The raised brow twitched with surprise and annoyance while Nick's dark eyes flashed with fleeting jealousy. "Doctor Delrisa?" he inquired. "Your going on a date with Soraya?"

While Wolf was not telepathic or a counsellor, he worked with people a lot. He naturally watched people as sometimes it meant life or death in his line of work. He didn't think there was danger in this case but he recognized that treading a little more carefully might be in order.

Marshal Bannister nodded and said, "Annabelle elected to introduce herself while I was visiting the cafe. She is a very outgoing type, after all. Her mom came over to apologize for the intrusion. That lead to them joining me for lunch. Dr. Delrisa and I got along almost as well as Annabelle and I."

He shrugged and added, "After sharing a bit of gagh with Annabelle and conversation with Soraya, we went about our business. I later bumped into the doctor at the phaser range. I assisted with her technique a bit and the suggestion of a date came up. I found it hard to say no and well.....There we are."

Wolfric was eager about the date however he was using a well trained nonchalant facade and mentality for now. He felt being honest was warranted here but the last thing he wanted to was to cheese off the Chief Counselor...Or any of his comrades on the station, for that matter. He waited and hoped he made the right choice.

Nick turned away briefly as the Commander explained. Of course Annabelle would befriend him, she could befriend anything that could think for itself and make conversation...but Soraya asked him on a date? The thought stabbed him painfully in the chest, perhaps his subtle advances had been just that - too subtle, or maybe she wanted to be safe after the way her last relationship ended. He chewed his inner lip sulking on the prospect Soraya and he would be nothing more than colleagues and friends. The notion made him feel incredibly empty as is a flickering flame inside him had been snuffed out in an icy gale.

Biting down any rising ill comment Nick returned his gaze as Wolfric's tale began to wind down. His lips moved into tight smile with a cracking fa├žade, "She's a good women, Anna too. I hope you have a nice time together." he lied.

Wolf couldn't help but notice the change in the Counselor's face and body language at the end of his comments. The realization that he made a horrid mistake hit him hard. He regretted making his comments more than he ever expected. He nodded a little more lamely than intended.

Not sure how else to reply, Bannister said a little softer than before, "Yes, they both seem very special. And thank you. I appreciate it."

He couldn't stand the man's presence any longer, sinking deeper into dark thoughts Nick felt sick to the stomach and Wolf's stick sweet tact was testing his thinning patience. "It's been nice to meet you Commander but I must go, I have an apportionment presently."

Nodding, the Marshal replied, "I hope you have a good rest of the day, Counselor. It was nice meeting you as well. Perhaps we can talk more later."

Wolf felt a little conflicted. He wasn't the sort to back down and he was not ready to repent for his interest as he'd been alone for some time. The Doctor drew his attention in a way that bounded well beyond a casual encounter, which was something which had not happened in a while. Cheesing off one of his fellow officers, however, was not what he wanted. His postings Chief Counselor was higher on the list than most. He hoped there would be chances to mend things in the future but, for now, he realized that pushing would be a big mistake. Ending the conversation the best he could and hoping for the chance to mend things after a cool down seemed the better option at the moment.


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