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Alternate Arrangements

Posted on Fri Nov 8th, 2013 @ 1:33am by Pardek & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Pardek found himself not overly happy with the Federation solution to the refugees. He decided to go to another power and seek his own solution. He looked across the table at Haqtaj. "Madam Ambassador, I am not happy with the Federation solution for relocating the Romulans."

Haqtaj rested back and the chair creaked alarmingly under her. She was wearing only her Klingon armour with none of the Starfleet trappings. Pardek's lunch invite, and his current address of her, was quite specifically targeted to indicate she was here as a member of the Klingon Empire and NOT a Starfleet officer.

She stabbed at the burnt meat on her plate. The Federation love overcooking dead food. It made her stomach turn but she had managed to din a few exceptions, such as Sashimi.

"There is very little about the Federation about which I am happy, Pardek," she answered finally pushing the burnt food away. "They are notorious for their parochial view of what is best for all under some Greater Good."

"Indeed, the Federation solution seems to be less concerned about the well being of my fellow Romulans and more about integrating them into Federation society. I am looking for a solution where we could maintain our identity as Romulans and not become just another subjugated race in the Federation mixing pot."

Haqtaj snorted. Neither Romulans or Klingons had any issues subjugating other races, but it rankled against her core beliefs for it to happen to them. This was the main reason that House Matlh had sided with House Durass during the Civil war. The reliance on the Federation, even to the extent of using them to Arbitrate Succession, was unacceptable.

"I would be reluctant to see the balance of power shift in favour of the Federation, even if it has a commensurate increase in my own people's power. A tri-fold power balance is far more stable than a two party system. Did you have some option in mind, or are we here for idle discussion?"

"My people are being removed from the station with only the clothes on our backs. Harrison told me that the Federation does not even know where we are to go or if we can even remain together. I am seeking an alternative where we can maintain our dignity rather than be herded off the station like sleep to a slaughter."

Haqtaj considered, "House Matlh has always been supportive of your people, Pardek, and no less so now. However, we do not have the vast fleets we had before the Dominion war. Normally they would not even be permitted to cross into Federation space."

"However, I am being recalled to Klingon Space, and with me most of the Klingons on this station. The Federation have given clearance for a large fleet of transport ships to be escorted through their space to this station to facilitate the removal of our people. I believe I could arrange for a few key Romulans to be included in the extraction, provided I can convince the Security Chief to look the other way at the right time."

Pardek nodded, "Yes, I could see that as an acceptable alternative."

"Can you get me a list of names?"

"Yes, I have some trusted associates that I would send with you. I will need to remain with the majority of the Romulans for political reasons. Is there a possibility that I could send some supplies with you, for my associates to bring to us wherever we end up?"

"But of course," Haqtaj inclined her head. "This is a little like when you pulled me out of Rura Terok. Only in that case I do not think I was able to bring a suitcase. Get me your list, and I will take as many people and goods as I can. If a few of them are refugees, who is to know?"


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