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Choices and Submissions

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2013 @ 6:52pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Officers Quarters, Marshal W. Bannister
Timeline: Evening

Wolf sat at the desk in his quarters and stared at the screen. His time on DS12 so far had been eventful. Meeting many of the senior staff....Meeting some of the community. Dates, conversations, target practice....And it wasn't entirely over yet. He'd heard of the rumors of the Romulans being routed to a different station. He was mulling over a discussion he'd had with more than one superior and comrades in the Marshal service. He decided with the changes going on that now might be as good a time as any to put it into play. With a few taps he added the references who supported his idea and saved the file. After that was complete, he submitted a request to meet with the station commander to make things official.

Captain’s Office

Harrison was attending to last minute details prior to leaving for the briefing on Deep Space 10 when he heard his combadge chirp.

“Harrison,” he said.

"Sir...There have been some things I've been talking to the UFP Marshal service about for a while. Now that I am stationed here, it's only good form to work with you on it as I have decided to move forward with executing the idea discussed. When you have a few moments of course," Wolfric said.

“I have a few moments,” Harrison replied. “Can you come to my office straight away?”

"I'll be there in a few moments, sir. Maybe 5 or 6 minutes," the Marshal replied. He looked in the mirror as he started to leave his quarters. With a shake of his head, he elected to stay dressed as he was with the uniform long coat and badge over a tasteful civilian tunic and essentially uniform slacks and boots. While he understood this was a formal meeting, it wasn't a formal affair. He didn't like having to walk around in front of civilians in full uniform. While he was Starfleet without a doubt, the fact he was a lawman needed to be enforced at least as much.

Bannister was as good as his word, arriving not five minutes later. Harrison took in the disreputable clothing which could best be described as almost a uniform. He was about to reprimand the Marshall when he reminded himself that the sort of work the man did probably required something other than spit and polish.

“Commander Bannister, it is good that you contacted me. There is something I need to discuss. It could have waited until I return but now would be good.”

With a nod, the Federation Marshal nodded, "You're the boss, Commander. What've you got?"

“You are no doubt apprised of the Cardassian ‘war games’ being staged along the border. Ambassador Vadrek assures me that they are no more than the military flexing its muscles and I am inclined to believe him...for the moment. However, other events are occurring which might be connected to these ‘games’. I am leaving shortly to attend a briefing on a dissident Cardassian group known at the Order of 12. They are operating in the Gavarian Corridor. I will be interested to find out if they are operating further afield or have links to other dissident groups.”

Wolfric nodded, "I've been appraised of most of this. How deeply do you want me to dig into it?"

“That is not why I wanted to speak to you; it is more by way of background. No doubt you have orders from your superiors and tasks which have been assigned to you. I want you to do something for me. While you are out in the field doing whatever it is you are doing, I want you to sniff around. I want to know where the Cardassians are getting their arms from and how they are funding the purchase of them.”

Bannister thought for a moment then nodded slowly, "I suspect that won't be a farther reach than most would think. I'll be glad to add that to my investigation I think. Did you have anything specific in mind?"

“Only the usual; I suspect the Ferengi. We are close to the Alliance here and it would only be a short hop across Federation space to run guns from Ferenginar to the Cardassians. I would not be at all surprised if they are sourcing arms from the Breen and shipping them on to the Cardassians. It is only a suspicion though; I have no hard evidence.”

"From what I have been told, I think your suspicions are worth looking into. I will take care of it," he replied

“When I return, we will visit this again. I do not expect a formal report. At this stage your thoughts and impressions will be sufficient. What I am looking for is an indication of where best to devote our resources should the ‘games’ be more than they seem.”

With a nod, Wolf added, "Most things aren't what they seem, I've found. You'll have an informal and unofficial briefing when I have something."

With another nod, he turned and started for the office door.

Bannister was almost out the door when Harrison thought of something else, something which he chided himself for almost forgetting. “Commander, there is one other thing. I would like you to find out what you can about one Gul Keshac. She has turned up across the border and that worries me. However, I would like you to keep this quiet. I do not want her getting spooked and going underground. I want her where I can see her. So this is purely between you and me. I would appreciate it if you did not mention it to anyone else, even your superiors.”

With a lopsided grin, Wolfric said, "Consider me on it, boss. It'll also be between us...Unless it's something I absolutely have to pass on, in which case I will let you know before anyone else, I promise."

He tilted his head slightly, "There is one other thing, if I may?"

“Yes, Commander.”

"First off, I want to let you know this is not a snap decision nor is it a topic I just came up with. It has been discussed a few times with my colleagues and superiors in the Marshal service. There has been one or two people who disagree but the majority feel the idea has merit. Again, since Deep Space 12 is my current home base, I feel it's only right to discuss it with you and ask for your blessing," Wolf said.

He took a breath before continuing, "As you are no doubt aware, my service started before and through the Dominion War was with the UFP Marine Corps. I trained, served and fought as a Marine. After the war, I was asked to join the Marshal service. My commission was transferred to operations as is standard procedure. I am proud to have the rank I have and my request does not effect the high level of respect Starfleet officers get both from those serving and the civilian folk. The majority of the people I have talked to agree however that restoration of my Marine rank in addition to the badge may have a greater impact on first impressions and on those engaged in criminal activity."

"It is also not without precedent. Task Force 9 had a Chief of Staff by the name of Corrus who commanded a Fleet ship and served in Starfleet wearing a red shirt and a Brigadier General's rank. With that said, and with a vast majority of approval with my other superiors as well as my fellow Marshal's, I would like to formally request your endorsement on my petition for my commission to remain with Operations and Security but with the Marine equivalent of my current rank as a Lieutenant Colonel," he finished with more formality.

“I will consider your request, Commander. I am aware that it is not without precedent but it is not a common practice either. You will have my reply by the time I return, if not sooner.”

Wolf nodded and stood at formal attention and said, "I sincerely appreciate that, Commander. I appreciate it. May I ask if there is anything else you have for me tonight?"

"No, Marshall. Dismissed."


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