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Profit Politics

Posted on Thu Sep 5th, 2013 @ 4:03am by Pardek & Kralta

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Kralta's Private Chambers

"Thank you for coming, Pardek," Kralta purred from her couch. "Please be seated. I am pleased to hear that our partnership has benefited you in these troubling business times. Would you like something to eat or drink?"

Pardek nodded at Kralta. He sat down. "I have become fond of your earth drink called coffee."

"I have come into possession of a fascinating piece of information that I was sure you would find interesting as well," she said. "As I'm sure you know, Starfleet has been systematically running the refugees through transporter units to document their identities and bio-signatures for a proper accounting and to identify any known criminals or intelligence agents in the group before taking further action. In the process of analyzing this mass of information, one of the doctors working on the project noted a remarkable genetic commonality among almost seventy percent of the refugees so far examined. Here is a copy of the report, though I suggest confining yourself to the summary for now, as the body is both extensive and extremely boring."

She handed over a PADD and waited while Pardek read.

"As you will have noted..." she resumed, "the conclusion the writer has presented is that this group has a common ethnicity somewhere between ten and twenty generations ago. But the truly fascinating part is that the vast panoply of Federation knowledge apparently does not contain any record of this seemingly widespread and non-Romulan ethnic spur. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this mystery."

Pardek wondered about how much Kralta really knew. He had seen the report and the conclusions were logical. He had heard stories about the Xatosans from his great grandfather. He wasn't surprised that he also had the Xatosan genes. "This is something interesting to consider. It is definitely worth investigating further."

"I am in the process of doing so, Pardek." Kralta said, with a mall but sharp twitch of her tail, "Are you familiar with this commonality and it's origins?"

Pardek nodded, "As you know, the histories are written by the victors, but my great grandfather taught about the Xatosan uprising. It always felt more like a fable than reality. The Xatosans had the gall to rebel against their Romulan betters and as a result the Romulan's destroyed their world and scattered the survivors among the stars as a lesson to those who dare to rebel against the Star Empire."

“Then I have another piece of information for you. I have heard that this is no mere coincidence. The Romulans knew exactly what they were doing when they sent the Xatosans here. They sent you as far away from Romulan space as possible. They are purging their society of Xatosans. Soon, none will be left in the Star Empire.”

"That is intriguing. Do you know if it is only those with the Xatosan bloodline or are they trying to rid themselves of all of the less than pure strains? Does the Federation know about this plot?"

“My information only concerns the Xatosans,” Kralta replied. “If it involves other ‘less pure’ bloodlines, I am not aware of it. That’s not to say it isn’t happening; only that I’m not aware of it. As for the Federation, I neither know nor care.”

Pardek nodded again. "Do you have any insight as to anything else of importance; for example, long term plans for how the Federation or Star Empire plans to deal with us?"

“I’m sorry, Pardek, I do not. I don’t think even the Federation knows. As to the Star Empire....” Kralta shook her head. “Pardek, they’ve washed their hands of you.”

There was the whistle of a station wide message.


Starfleet has ordered that all refugees are to leave Deep Space 12. You will be transported to a holding facility on Starbase 400. There you will be processed for relocation to permanent settlement close to the Romulan Star Empire.

Transports are on their way to Deep Space 12. They will arrive in two weeks with an estimated departure date of three weeks.

All refugees are to be ready to depart on the transports. No exceptions will be allowed.


Pardek looked at Kralta, "So it would seem. If you will pardon me, I have arrangements to make. I do not like the idea of being loaded aboard transports like cattle." Pardek stood and walked to the door.


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