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Setting up

Posted on Thu Sep 19th, 2013 @ 3:54am by Jeffrey Tambleton & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: MFS Kidd; close to Maxia Zeta
Timeline: A year ago

Forty odd light years and all I have for company is Jeffrey, bloody, Tambleton. Curse Mohune for banishing me here. It was all well and good for him to play the field but when I indulged myself...? Oh, then it was a different matter. “I have a reputation to uphold,” he said. “I am a pirate lord,” he said. “Pirate lords are meant to be lecherous. People expect it.” Curse him! I had a good thing going and he took it away. Now instead of the beauty of the Peloi moon, I’m stranded on a barren rock with no breathable atmosphere. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, they send out Jeffrey, bloody, Tambleton to run this new operation. So here we are, travelling up to Algira. It’ll take us over a month and then we have to come back again.

Kara Mohune slammed an empty mug onto the table in front of her. “Raktajino,” she yelled at the replicator. “Make it double strong this time.” She reached out and grabbed the steaming mug.

He’ll probably try to seduce me and, before this is over, I’ll probably be so bored and desperate that I’ll agree. Maybe I should just agree immediately and get it over and done with. No, Kara, you have some principles. Not many, granted, but some.

At that moment, Tambleton came onto the bridge. He smiled at Kara; she almost vomited. I’d have to be pretty desperate, she thought.

"Why, hello," he said smoothly. He turned to wink at a young Bolian on the bridge.

Kara watched the Bolian flinch. Someone with taste, at least, Kara thought. “Hello, Tambleton,” she said. “Everything running smoothly?” Except your libido, she added to herself.

The Bolian looked up. “Scans show nothing unusual,” she reported. Traveling at a cruising speed of Warp 6. You were right, Tam, the modifications you had made mean we’re faster than the equivalent Federation vessel.”

You were right, Tam, Kara mimicked sarcastically in her mind. Maybe I was wrong. Am I the only one who detests the man or do you just want him so you can get a quick promotion? I’ll have to watch you.

“We’ll be passing Dopteria in two hours,” the Bolian continued.

“My office, Kara,” Tambleton ordered.

This should be fun, Kara thought. Not.

Tambleton’s ready room

He sat down and watched her as she entered the room. She gave him an insolent look as she took a seat.

"So, what's your problem?" he asked.

“You are,” she replied testily. “I know I’m persona non grata in some quarters but I can handle this assignment. I don’t need you to hold my hand and I certainly don’t need you to run it. What was Mac thinking: that I’d turn on Moonfleet just because he no longer likes me? Once a Moonfleet, always a Moonfleet: isn’t that the motto? There’s work to be done and I’ll see to it.... Without your assistance.”

He grinned. "Well, like it or not, we're in this together. So you might as well like it."

Kara scowled. You smug bastard, she thought. It’s alright for you. You get all the credit with Mac. I get left with the scraps...if I’m lucky. “So,” she asked, “what did you want to see me about?”

"Just wanted to remind you whose baby this is."

“Oh, I don’t need reminding. Don’t worry, I’ll play nice.” She smiled sweetly. Until I get the opportunity to stick the boot in, she thought. And don’t worry, I’ll stick it in good and hard. “If that’s all....”

She rose without waiting for a reply.

"I appreciate that," he said slowly.

From the sarcastic note in Tambleton’s voice, Kara highly doubted that. She thought of a smart response. Actually, she thought of many smart responses. She dismissed them all. She was not about to rise to Tambleton’s baiting.

He smiled and gently caressed her face, "I really doubt we need to get nasty. Let's make this happen, darling."

It was all Kara could do not to visibly cringe. Not before Tambleton, she told herself forcefully. Don’t give him the satisfaction! And certainly not before his Bolian plaything, if that’s indeed what you are.

“Yes, let’s,” she replied. “Let’s go see these Ferengi then drop off the weapons and bring home the latinum. And let’s leave it at that, shall we?”

As she said the last sentence, she turned her head to face the Bolian. She gave the pilot the sweetest smile she could manage. He’s all yours, Kara thought, and you’re welcome to him. I hope you don’t catch anything...nasty.


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