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The lie of the land

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2013 @ 1:13am by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Timeline: Back at last

Harrison stepped out of the airlock and onto Deep Space 12 for the first time in weeks.

Ah, it is good to be back, he thought.

No-one was there to meet him which suited him just fine. His crew and officers had more important things to be doing than a meet and greet.

He walked to the nearest turbolift. “Ops,” he instructed.


Lieutenant s'Arriufvi was at her console in Ops, running a couple of tests on the alignment of the lateral sensor array. After that, she intended running a Level 1 diagnostic on both Operations and Engineering systems all over the station.

Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath looked at the ever growing list of jobs to do that day on her PADD. Just when she thought she was getting somewhere near the end, someone would add a few more things to it. Her antennae were quivering in agitation.

Reports were coming in from some of the lower decks about a comm system failure which was probably due to the space mice chewing the wires. Some of the shops on the promenade were complaining of low power or power failure. Somewhere along the way she had to fit in an environmental systems check and that would take time.

"Ensign Stills, you and Lecky can go and check up on the problems they are having on the Promenade. It looks like you have made a good impression with them. They seem to like you over there and have asked for you personally."

"Yes ma'am," he replied "They're not a bad bunch when you get to know them. "We're expecting new shop owners in today. An auctioneers and antique shop is moving into number 27. Its a huge place, should prove interesting."

Serge was leaning against one of the panels having a laugh with one of the young women. He was a totally different person; confident, charming, erudite. Over the last few weeks he had met with everyone on the station and got to know them and their role. In his head he was pushing the holodeck to its extreme trying to find a clue as to where his failure was due to be. He glanced up and saw Harrison, smiled and waved.

"Commander Harrison! So good to have you back. I must say I have been enjoyink my role as CO but it is obviously time for the simulation to end now."

“Simulation?” Harrison replied. “What simulation? Is this something that was set up in my absence?”

Serge blinked, his grin faltering just a fraction, "The simultion.... the command role... There doesn't seem to be much point if you are back in command..."

He gestured around with his hand, "All of this. Although," and here he turned and winked at the young Ensign who had the good grace to blush expansively, "I must say there are many aspects of the program I will be missink."

“Lieutenant,” Harrison said calmly, “this is not the holosuite. You are not in a simulation. And before you ask: no, you are not dreaming. This is the real thing. In the absence of both a Commanding Officer and a First Officer, you have been in charge. I looking forward to seeing reports on how you fared.” Harrison smiled. “I think they will make for interesting reading.”

Serge swallowed, his face now frozen in a pale smile, "But... it has to be. I was telink Ambassador Haqtaj to shut up. And threw trader Pardek out of my office. I... I am havink a date with the Risan Delegation tonight, all three of them!"

“You told Lieutenant Haqtaj to shut up? Good, she needs that now and then. You threw Pardek out? I’m sure you had good reason. You have a meeting with three Risans? Then I suggest you go visit the barber then a shower.”


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