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Wayward Mystery

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2009 @ 12:52pm by Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

With a small pop the airlock released and then swung away allowing Beverly and her small entourage of Ensigns onto the less than inviting warship.
As they emerged from the airlock, several of the crew were standing nearby as well as a slight Klingon women with feirce eyes.
"Report", she asked of the crewmen infront of her.

T'Arjia straigtened up. "There appear to be at least two survivors, Captain. The ship is heavily damaged, but life support has been properly restored"

"Very well. Ensign Davian would you please go with Captain Jorvin and scout the lower levels for more survivors", she looked around at the younger man as she placed her orders in plain. "Ensign Jenkins I want you to work with Ensigns O'Brien and T'Arjia to see if you can get this boat moving. Mister Wesdon, I want you to look at the sensor logs on this boat too see if you can peice together who or indeed what attacked them".
Her orders were short, sharp and to the point. The only one she didn't mention was Leanne.

Moving aside from the gaggle of people, indicating that Leanne should follow her. "My condition is worsening Doctor. I can feel my control slipping".

"I was afraid of this happening. I have the medical team running some tests back on Genesis but that doesn't help you in the here and now." Leanne took out her tricorder and scanned Beverley. The virus was progressing at faster rate then she had projected. She looked up at Beverly and tried not to reveal the panic that was brewing behind her eyes. "Let's get the survivors down to their butcher shop of a sickbay, then I can see what kind of equipment they have.

Beverly nodded, not afraid to show her fear to the Doctor, but she couldn't allow her defences to fail infront of her crew, espeically two new officers.
"Very well Doctor. Please lead on".

**************** Lower Decks ****************

Jorvin looked at the Ensign and said "Alright Ensign come with me." Lets get these lower decks scouted out. He then headed off to the nearest ladder down to the lower decks, after Klingon ships dont have turbo lifts. Jorvin guided them down to the lower decks of the ship. "Start scanning for life signs over there" Jorvin indicated to the right. I will start over here. "Don't stray off to far.

Davian nodded as he followed the Captain through to the turbolift.

****************** Bridge *******************

Henk was on the bridge trying to find out how to fly the ship.
''Damn ship. reading klingon is a pain in the ass.''

As Thomas entered the dark bridge of the Klingon ship, he quickly noticed the tall man in red at the front hovering over a console. Heading over, he called out. "Ensign O'Brien?" When the man looked up from the jibberish in front of him, Thomas knew he had the right person. He extended his right arm as he made his way down a couple of steps and got within arms reach to the other officer. "Ensign Thomas Jenkins, I've been assigned as your new Assistant Chief, sir."

"OK, well I never thought of meeting my assistant here." Henk said with a weak smile.

Thomas shook the man's hand and nodded in agreement. "Can't say this is how I pictured it either, to be honest."

Having removed her EV suit, T'Arjia stood nearby, examining various readouts "It is quite logical, given the circumstances"

Thomas looked down at the reds and greens on the console and squinted slightly. "Actually, I might be of some help." He intertwined his fingers and pulled the palms of his hands back, cracking the joints. "May I?"

Henk stepped aside and looked at what Thomas did. Suddenly a green flash shot accross the screen. Henk swolled and looked across the empty bridge, hoping that nobody else saw that.

"I think that was an disruptor blast." Henk said slowly. "You said you knew what you where doing. Can you even read Klingon?"

The shorter of the two men raised an eyebrow at the flash across the screen. The weapons worked, thats good, right? "Well.. I wouldn't say I KNOW Klingon, but I had a lot of dealings with some less than impressive people when I was younger and more rebellious. I picked a lot of it up." He smiled, thinking back at the fun he had then - and maybe a few times since, though he wasn't about to admit it in front of two senior staff. "I'll admit some of the symbols mean nothing to me, but some of them do. If I had some time I might just be able to figure out some of the others." His face practically lit up and the possibility of being able to press some buttons.

"Just don't press anything else before you are sure what they mean." Henk said.

Thomas got up from the seat, using the console as leverage but being careful not to press any other buttons while he did. "Aye sir." First impressions. What a day.

"Leave the Sir."Henk said. "Only use it when there are superior officers present. For the rest, call me just Henk."

"Henk it is." Thomas replied, before going back to examining the console's alien patterns ..from a safe distance.

T'Arjia put away the tricorder she had been scanning with and stepped closer to the console and started to press a few buttons. "Klingon is one of the harder languages to break into, but once you understand the basic structure, it gets easier. Did you know that they don't have a word for any number higher than three?" She continued to let her hands dance across the display, bringing back online the sensor logs. "There. I have access tothe sensor data. It should now be a simple matter of matching it to the database to identify the attacker"

************** Computer Core ****************

Podi was engaged heavily in his work at the core. He had set up a brief work station and was carefully scanning the computer core. His sights were fixed on what he was doing, and the results being displayed to him. Suddenly, something cropped up he thought he had better take a better look at.

"Oh, hello." He muttered to himself. "What have we got here?" He took out his personal scanner device and quickly went over the problem area, the blue light illuminating the core and reflecting off of his face.

Podi switched off the device, took a few steps back and furrowed his brow. Scratching his chin, he considered for a moment. "What the Hell!"



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