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Trouble on the Promenade

Posted on Fri Oct 25th, 2013 @ 2:39am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Carrie Dalton

Location: The Promenade

Katie van Vooren came barrelling out of Café Parisienne and almost knocked Ensign Stills over.

“Ensign,” she said, flustered and trying desperately to maintain her balance while attempting to keep Stills upright. “Just the man I wanted to see. I have a freezer full of food which is going to go off if we don’t get power back soon.”

Tom Stills had enough to do with out having another problem to deal with. He tried not to show how he felt and remained calm, cool and collected. He offered a smile to Katie in the hope that it would calm her.

"I'll get it seen to it as soon as I can," replied Tom, adding the broken freezer to his ever growing list of things to repair. Lecky and her team will have their work cut out for them today, he thought. "I can't promise a time when, but what I suggest is that you use the food as quickly as you can."

Carrie Dalton strode across from the other side of the Promenade looking flustered.

"What's going on?" the blonde demanded. "Why don't I have any power to my shop? I can't work in the dark!"

Another smile. Tom turned towards her. "That's our main priority and there's a team working on it right now," he told her. "Hopefully it won't be too long before power is restored and then...."

“Lights?” Katie asked rudely. “Her precious dresses won’t disintegrate if there’s no light on them. All our food, however.... And no, Ensign, we can not conveniently use all that food. There’s too much of it. We purchase expensive items in bulk to keep costs down. If you like, we can keep only a small stock on hand but you’ll be paying a lot more for those lobster tails with caviar you so enjoy. Or maybe you can install an aquarium in one of the cargo bays so that the lobsters can swim around to their heart’s content. No? No, I thought not.”

Dalton shot the second woman a hot glare: "What about inconveniently use? How about donations or samples and such? You could easily recover the costs once everyone starts falling in love with those 'wonderful' lobster tails you're crying over."

At that moment, Cathrin Molington joined the growing group. “My students are conducting a delicate experiment. These power fluctuations are likely to ruin it.”

"As I said," continued Tom, unflustered, "we're working as fast as we can. It shouldn't be too long."

“Can’t we get emergency power or some sort of back-up?” Cathrin asked.

"I'll see what I can do for you by way of getting you some power. But you're just going to have to bear with us for a while longer. I know it's not the ideal situation."

Chief Jrez wandered over.

Tom glanced at him and thought that another problem was going to rear its ugly head. Apart from waiting to hear from Lecky, there wasn't much more he could do except provide a portable generator to keep the freezer going in the Café Parisienne and get Lecky to re-route some of it to the more important areas. The others would have to wait.

"What can I do for you Chief?" asked Tom. "Can I help you with anything?"

“Actually, no. I was going to offer my assistance to you. I had to tinker with the systems a few days ago when the ambient temperature reset to Cardassian standards. The problem is probably much the same.”

"Lieutenant zh’Zarath mentioned that space mice chewing through the wires could be to blame."

"Space mice?" the shop keeper paled, disliking anything that could scurry across the deck on tiny, cold feet. "They can chew through the wiring and live?" she added astonished.

“Well, Jrez replied, “I’d go for Cardassian voles myself. There’s still a black market in them for the fighting pits. I know Security tries to stop them coming in but I doubt they get every shipment.”

"We need a good effective catcher of mice and moles," said Tom.

"Well, good luck looking for volunteers," Dalton crossed her arms. "Personally I'd get a cat or borrow Doctor Delrisa's dog."

“Like I said,” Jrez said, trying to get the conversation back on track, “I thought I’d offer my assistance. I could help Mrs. Molington with....”

“Cathrin, please.”

I know someone who has a very large cat, thought Tom. I'll have to ask her.

Jrez nodded to the teacher. ‘I could help Cathrin with her experiment or I could help inspect the conduits....”

“The school acquired a cat recently,” Cathrin Molington said. “It came in on that Rigelian freighter.” She turned to Ensign Stills. “I’d be happy to lend her to you if you think it would make a difference.”

"I'll get back to you on that," replied Tom "I know someone who has a large cat already and she might loan him to me for a bit."

“The children will be disappointed but I think they’d take pride in seeing their new pet helping the station.”

“Good, then what’s the hold up?” Carrie asked pointedly.

“Ensign, you get the cat,” Jrez suggested. “I’ll start running a search for voles. We need to repair the broken power relays, of course, but there’s not much point if voles are just going to chew through somewhere else.”


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