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Target Practice (backpost)

Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2009 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Starfleet Academy- Rifle Training Facility
Timeline: 18th of December, 2376, 0500

Several shots rang out upon a long field, only lit by the dimest of light. Each shot hit a target, except one, that shot belonged to Mike Lake.

"Hold your fire!" a Sergeant announced, glaring down from a small box of a room located on top of a tower that was situated behind the shooters. He made his way down from the box on a small elevator platform.

Each of the cadets gulped, the Sarge leaving his tower was a general indictor that someone had stuffed up bad; or it was the end of the lesson.

"Cadet Lake! On your feet now!" The skinny approaching man authoritively ordered.

Mike deactivated the phaser rifle that was resting already resting on a small barrier and slowly stood up "Sir?" he asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"Lake... what the hell."

"Sorry, sir?" Mike replied, again, trying to sound innocent; something that didn't wash with a Marine.

"You missed the target. Why? Its 20 meters away!" The Sergeant tugged at his collar and adjusted the sunglasses that did very little but aid his appearence as a tough bastard.

Mike put his hands behind his back "I must have miscalculated my shot, sir."

"Miscalculated... miscalculated? My god, man. We work on common sense and direction, not calculations!"

Most of the cadets chuckled at his failure, except a couple of the others, who had the same sort of lecture just before; they just rolled their eyes and tuned out.

"Lake. According to the record, you pointed the barrell of the rifle 1.9 centermeters away from the target, doesn't a dot on a rifle display do it for you?"

Mike nodded, realising what he had done wrong "I overcompensated."


"Well, as you probably know, I'm a pretty high achiever in the archery field, not that you care--"

"DAMN RIGHT!!" The Sarge barked down at Mike, covering his face with a few lunch crumbs "So, what the hell does your poncy arrow flinging have to do with it?" a small silence was accompanied by the small bout of the Sarge's flatus.

"Just the direction of the wind, you need to compensate for it--" Mike took a few steps back "Oh god, that stinks!"

The Sarge smacked Mike upside the head with his swagger stick.

Mike recoiled another few steps back "What the hell?!"

"Continue on, Mr Lake, as you were saying about your girly arrow shooting."

Mike flexed his face to get the feeling back "Well--" Mike sighed "Just don't worry about it, sir. I'll aim with the display using the dot."

The Sarge tapped the top of Mike's head with his swagger stick "You should have just done that before. Guess what, you go to the top of the class, you boob."

Mike walked away, his eyes fixed on the only female on the firing line, who was set up next to his shooting station. He focused back on his weapon for a moment before sitting down and getting it set back up again.

"Don't worry, Mike, I know how you feel." she said.

"Thanks, Eline." Mike said simply before going through his preshoot checks.

Once the Sarge had risen above his trainees on the tower, he shut himself in the box "Ready!"

The cadets all cocked their weapons and put their eyes to the scope.

"Aim!" The Sarge ordered. They all aligned their weapons.


Another volley was fired, Mike's shot hit this time. However, one of the more successful members of the training squad missed.
The Sarge didn't even flinch "Moran!" he screamed into the tannoy.

The cadet looked up at the tower, to see the Sarge waving his swagger stick around like a madman "Moran! Do you want me to come down their and teach you how to fire? Because I will; and you'll be the damn target, kid. I'll record it and you can watch it while you're recovering in the infirmary, if you make it that far."

He stepped on a small bug in his box and looked back up "I may as well come down there and beat you with my stick!"

"I think he'll be fine. People make mistakes, sir. You're special student as well."

"Wha-- GRRR... MR LAKE! Just be quiet!" He ordered "Lets go for another shot if we 'all make mistakes' as you say."

Mike looked to Stadi as to say 'what the hell?', knowing that if he said it, the veteran up in the nest over there would hear him.
She chuckled back.

"Stadi! This is a Marine training facility! even if you are a Starfleet officer; You will not laugh."

Mike stood up "What? Marines laugh."

"Are you deaf, Lake? Now you know, Cadet, y-I'd never do that, that is-you are wrong, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong." He waved his hands about for a moment, trying to figure out his words.
"Uh... Now, Mister Lake, I will see you in another place, and it won't be a pleasant place at all; in fact its a very unpleasant place."

"What 'place' are you talking about?" Stadi replied.

"Well, Stadi... its not a very nice place, not a very nice place at all, mark my, er...words on that, young lady."

"What?" Mike responded

"Ah, well, you-Its a place, its a horrible place. Er, n-you'll be standing up to your... chest... with bullants crawling all over your...your pretty face. Do you want that? No thank you very much indeed."

"And you say you'll do that to... us?" Stadi asked sarcasticly.

"No, I never said that. There you go again. You are putting my words in your mouth. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Now I'll see you in another place, not as pretty as this place, and, heh, then you'll be smirking on the other side of your...bullants, crawling, tiny toes, slithering venomous snakes, crawling. Heh, its a terrible place, not a pretty place as this. But I don't think that now, I don't think at all."

"You don't think?" Asked Stadi, comically puzzled.

"N-I never said that!" The sergeant barked back.

"My god. Lets just go." Mike muttered.

Stadi nodded in agreement. And they left the Sarge to his... whatever he was doing.

"Oi, get back here or I'll set the police dogs on you. Cos you can-erb, you-I'll-he'll scracth, scratch your back and he-I'll scratch my back!" The sergenat called after them. "And It'll be in a terrible place, not as nice as this one!" He added.


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